Eine Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 31324
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<< Maria blushed. "I went through the fountain for a while whilst waiting for her. I thought that you wouldn’t mind. I’ve not been able to melt and flow for so long, and it was such a release, Mistress"

"The fountain I can excuse, Maria. What I object to is the unapproved change in your shape Maria." Her slippery black form looked all aroused as she fluidly bent down with a dominant glint in her eye. "You are not in the form that I commanded, bitch. You are not what I commanded you to be. The hooves Maria, are very sexy, but? "

"Oh SHIT!" Gel thought. Shaping Marias body was easy, but separating into two bodies is not easy at all, especially when being dominated by a 12-foot tall plastic bitch.

"I thought that you might like them, Mistress" Gel blurted.

"There you go again, Maria, thinking for yourself again and interrupting me" Plastique snapped with a sudden change of temper. Her body shimmered into a semi-liquid state and a black tendril extended out into a corner, returning a second later with a bottle. "Get back into your bottle until you’ve learned your lesson, bitch. Don’t you forget who’s in charge here, or I’ll turn you back into flesh, permanently"

Almost unbidden, Gel reacted, as Maria always had, automatically softening and elongating – pooling on the floor and then stretching towards the bottle held in Plastiques hand. In thin rivers, her body flowed up Plastiques arm and into the bottle compressing herself, causing her mistresses body to quiver and shake in delight.

Gel’s other part, watching with her senses hidden in the other room, reacted, flowing over the floor to touch Plastique. She knew from Maria that, with Plastique distracted, she could speak directly to Plastiques body using her senses and new memories. The trapped mind of Viscid was still there, still alive, desperate to get out. Plastique had not yet had time to devour her. In instant conversation, a deal was struck, and civil war erupted in Plastiques form.

With a sudden gasp of pleasure, Plastique dropped the bottle, and Gel looked, trapped and helpless inside her bottle – constrained by Plastiques old command and Marias spirit of obedience, as a three-way fight raged. Every time she tried to force the stopper out of the bottle, to free herself her hands simply melted into slippery mush, again, an old and over-riding command from Plastique.

In the room was a huge creature, split cleanly into two, one side proud and regal with Plastique reverting to her familiar slick black plastic form, with a ponytail and black lips. Exuding from her torso was a grayish/black oily form – one that had a woman’s shape, but dripped and slopped as it moved. With a dozen flailing tendrils, it ripped and clawed at her captor in betrayal and frustration, whilst a giant red and black snake with a woman’s body wrapped herself around the pair of them.

The forms thrashed and flailed with each other, each trying to absorb the other, all the while, trying to not be absorbed. Arms and tails gripped at each other. Plastic foamed and slapped on each other, as all of them lusted and groaned at the sensations the others were producing. Each of them struggled to not get aroused whilst they tried to arouse their competitors. Viscid flowed alluringly between Plastiques breasts, and sloshed her all too liquid form, distracting her with waves of pleasure, whilst arousing caresses were made on Plastique as Gel stretched around her and tried to absorb the monstrously large woman.

Groaning in an agony of ecstasy, stalemate endured. All three women creatures balanced against each other, gasping and moaning with every slap and foam of plastic on plastic. Plastique was the larger and most experienced, but she was not only fighting both within
her own body, whilst dealing with a new contender, she had also just fought a prolonged fight in the arena. Groaning, the pleasure reached climactic levels. Soon she would break, soon. She was unable to hold this attack off for longer and she could feel her recently acquired form dripping away as Viscid gained control. She could feel Gels new molecules inside her, trying to distract her, never quite absorbing her, but always there with the temptation that it could happen.

How much was there of her? Gel thought to herself. She was so large too large and too powerful – there was simply too much of her to absorb, like drinking the ocean. If I was large from becoming Gel, then Plastique was colossal. There always seemed to be more of her, no matter how much I consumed. The sensations she was producing was too much, too intense. I couldn’t keep consuming her at this rate. Her viscous form swamped us in vast waves, and we could see her face regal and haughty staring down at us, now back in control once more, with Viscid now loosing, surrendering to the agony of ecstasy, looping and swirling and rejoining Plastique, surrendering to her control again.

With the swirls of pleasure rippling through my body, I was manipulated by her using her experience to full effect against me, I could feel ourselves joining. Now and then, I felt an odd memory of familiarity. I had done this before as Maria, loosing myself deep within Plastique, but she was always in control – never before had I been so aggressive. Occasionally, there were tastes of Viscid, and I felt the other fragmented memories & minds trapped, waiting deep within her form. All the while, deep within me, the parts of my body that I controlled, I felt her essence that I had absorbed corrupting me, making me feel sensuous, rippling and caressing my fluid form, causing me to loose control, betraying me from inside. I felt her memories, piecemeal inside me and I saw through fragmented glimpses, why she was acquiring our fantastic kind. I saw the secret meetings with the directors of Fantasy Fabrics, to create a series of garments that would be for sale on the open market.

Each one of them would be endowed with a small part of her vast form, mixed with other ‘malleable’ plastic. These would be incredibly comfortable and able to temporarily morph the person who was wearing her clothes. Meanwhile, all of them would be small part of the vast and growing Plastique entity when they wore her and were changed by her. But whilst they would allow her to see and experience every caress they had, it would be distant, remote, muted. She needed the powers that Kelly had mentioned on the phone. She needed my ability to taste and see from my body the same senses in such clarity. She needed her powers to make it even better for herself.

It was a rush as I hung on, my hands and arms now mere swirls around Plastiques colossal breasts, whilst my lower body was simply engulfed & absorbed in her form. It was too much, too intense, trying to absorb her and caress her and use her new memories all at once. I saw the tests she made. I saw the different shapes and materials that she chose to mix with and become, and used her slippery mixed-semi-substance to form different things. There were times when she had exuded part of her form to create bodices, leggings, bras, and boots. She remembered volunteers from the club downstairs being taken up, and fitted with them, as gifts for their incredible clothes when they came into the club. When they were wearing the gifts, they borrowed some of her powers, and stretched themselves into impossible forms. The number of times she had heard and felt –distantly, oh painfully distantly – the gasps of pleasure as women had swelled their breasts, or stretched their legs and arses was innumerable. And it always turned her on.

It was so tempting. To release, and let her win, to become part of thousands of women, all experiencing a slice of magic in their lives. I couldn’t think though. My nipples hurt, as I unwillingly condensed myself there. I remembered defeat after defeat when I, as Maria, had been consumed by Plastique. First as humiliation, later as joyous release. But, I knew and could see that, with my addition, she would be large enough to cope with the industrial melting process and be able to join and join with the hundreds of gallons of inanimate plastic goo that the clothes were to be made from. I saw her imagination, gallon after gallon of living plastic, stretching and swirling sensuouslythrough miles and miles of pipes, all controlled by her mind. With my senses too, she would be able to experience every detail of what she was, eventually separated into hundreds, if not thousands, of animated shapes, all of them buying a piece of Plastique.

But we would be held by her, not be part of her. She could take us and do what she willed with her engorged body. I had to resist, I had to fight, I had to dominate her. I sudden shock, I came. First once, feeling my torso being acquired by her, then faster, more and more of me, simply sundering and surrendering. I resisted, but it was it was too much. My breasts felt like they were on fire, my nipples were at the point where I could scream with pleasure, pushed hard and taut into her, feeling her slurrying around my every curve and sway.>>

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