Eine Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 31324
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<< Wave after wave of pleasure spread over me, and I detected her alien presence in me, with her form now touching me, dropping gobbet after beautiful scarlet gobbet of her essence into me. With each drop, I could feel myself looking coherence more and more, and saw her face too melt and droop, like wax, pooling and lowing before it was consumed.

As I melted into goo, I saw and touched and tasted her through my eldritch senses whilst my body consuming hers. I had a hundred tongues all licking and lapping her, drinking has as she lost control and melted into liquid. I could feel her curious molecules melting writing and twirling inside me, with her mind forming a dull alien presence within me, like patches of misty redness appearing on & within my body. These patches responded slowly to my minds commands, like numb skin, but still within my bodys’ control. Still within the swirling foaming ecstasy.

With a bubbling roar, she capitulated, there in the room. Her taut breasts, straining against her plastic coating had already swollen to bursting point, suddenly popped, splashing us both in her red essence as her entire form entered me wholesale, as though she had willingly surrendered & joined me. The sensation of her presence caused me to simply loose control and together we deliquesced into seething plastic.

Time passed. I cannot say how long, for I was spread out in pools and trickles and patches, with my senses and consciousness spread and disjointed. I could feel and see and taste in a hundred different directions as I lay there scattered in pools across the floor and in splashes on the wall. Then I noticed a stirring happened in me, and Maria’s face and head stretched, extended from a red patch of my being. A sly smile was on her lips and I could feel her thoughts within me.

First the red patches tried to leave me, by turning into liquid and separating themselves, but I stopped that, reabsorbing her every gob, and enjoying it with every passing movement. Then she tried to squirt herself out of my form, jetting pools of red plastic on the wall and floor. These were harder to catch, but every time she did that, I either managed solidify them forcing them to stay as part of my form, or I quickly rejoined them back to me, extending a tentacle and resubmerging them within me – again, causing us to shake, jelly-like in pleasure.

Her shiny upper body leaned up to me, a tendril exuded from a large red patch on our shared form. A look of annoyance was now on her face – "This isn’t funny, let me go" she snapped. Her pouting lips were thin and enticing. I rebuilt my face and torso once more, and leaned back up the wall, rejoining myself together looking at her, feeling her thrashing about within me. Her mind was clear and sharp - with stolen memories coming into my mind, showing me everything from her perspective.

A gurgling plea came from her lips. "Release me, dammit". Her hands and arms sprouted and slapped me, trying to push me away. It was pathetic, really. There she was, this woman, this creature, trapped, like an insect in amber within me, begging me, begging me with my own body, to release her. If I did that, I would be less. Each time she touched me, I just turned into liquid once more, and reabsorbed her limbs, sticking them to me once more.

She tried everything, sprouting limbs everywhere. It must have looked like some form of exotic mud wrestling to an observer. I had slippery red hands and legs flowing and sprouting and trying to grab onto my semi-liquid blackness. And every time, I simply absorbed the blows, and enjoyed the slap of plastic on plastic, bringing me closer to orgasm.

I could see her, and feel her, as my form sprouted insane arms and legs, trying to valiantly push herself or pull herself away from me, out of me. "Please" she whispered, her voice now with a scared edge to it. Silently, I enjoyed the caresses her limbs made, as she strained against our viscid liquid form. Now and then, she would grab hold of a door handle and pull with all her might – her strength stolen from our new form. As she pulled, her hands would stretch and slip, leaving tendrils of plastic on the door handles, as her hand rejoined my plastic mass.

And I was massive. I had more than doubled my size since she had joined me, and now I fully filled the room, even ignoring the thrashing and straining red limbs that I possessed. "This isn’t fair" a voice whispered at me from her head, "let me go". Pitiful. I rose up, forming my old slippery black half-melted form, though much more colossal, with my neck stretched down impossibly to avoid it being spread along the ceiling. With a grin, I swirled myself, easily moving her limbs around, until they were where my crotch would have been.

She had a look of fright in her eyes, as I exuded my extended neck down to meet her. ?No?, I said, and then, with a malicious glee in my mind, I shrank and absorbed her, feeling the red patches release their mind and control into me. With a moan, her hands and tendrils and legs went away, until all she was, was a distended red plastic neck, with a face. "Please" she gurgled as I removed her mouth, forcing her to look silently at me – nothing more than a shiny red sphere with a pair of frantically darting eyes as she sank into my form, spreading and swathing, entering to where my crotch should have been.

"Oh." We rippled. Confused, orgasming again and again and again, dissolving once more into swirling plastic. Together. We could feel our memories thrown together. Our minds opened themselves to me/us. Together a new consensus was made, and the creatures that had been Maria and Kelly, were now one. We had been Kelly. We had been Maria. Now there was only us. What a rush. As an orgasm, it dwarfed everything that we had experienced before, whilst the confusing flood of memories mixed and blurred into each other.

We remembered our triumph of absorbing and the despair of dissolution. We remembered our masters death, and our mistresses acquisition in revenge against our former boyfriend. We remember our first transformation both as the cheerleader casting a spell giving us a fantasy body, but also by being absorbed by living skin in act of revenge. We remembered living in a bottle for months, and hiding on the streets waiting for our master to return. We remembered being taught control by our mistress and separating ourselves into different pieces of clothes to get into a bondage club. We remembered everything, as well as the plan that Maria and Plastique had laid out for us, when we were separate.

Well, two could play at that…

First I needed a new body in an attempt to define myself. I tried my old trick of trying to assert old familiar shapes, but competing patterns emerged, with my first attempt becoming a peculiar mishmash consisting of a tall two headed buxom woman with no legs, and arms ending in stiletto hooves (what was it with the hooves? I though to myself). I looked at myself, seeing Maria’s and Kelly’s faces blinking at each other in my mind. No. Another attempt. I had to be creative. I would have pieces from each, and arrange them properly.

I blurred. I could feel myself change, swirling into a new form. My new body opened its eyes. I was huge, a long snakes body with black hair and woman’s torso and head. I was no longer either Maria or Kelly, I was? Gel would do, I suppose. I was powerful – a lot more than I had been before. I was more than the sum of my parts. I remembered the entire room and their contents, (and remembered using them too), but I still seemed to be more of Kelly than Maria. I suppose that it was because I/we had absorbed Maria, instead of the other way around.

But now I knew that Plastique was going to offer me. A job in the club, a fight in the arena, promising me, as she had promised the other ones, release afterwards and a new fight next week. In addition, I would be trained to use my powers better – after all, I couldn’t go in the ring if I simply melted into goo after 10 seconds, could I?. But I knew what had happened, how she had lured the other ones in, and then? I would be part of her. Well, that was not the way it was going to happen.

I knew that she would be back soon from absorbing another victim – some woman whose masters fantasy had been sticky oily sex. She’d gotten the name "Viscid" from him, presumably. I’d never wanted to fuck an oil slick, but hey, what ever turned you on. I smiled wryly to myself – we were hardly in a position to complain. I remember Kelly only wanting to get a decent set of breasts when she’d cast the spell on her and look what had happened to her / me! Turning into a gelatinous creature that had driven him wild was not what I had expected, but it was certainly a ‘life changing event’.

The thought of Kelly’s old memories had put me into a reverie, thinking of gelatinous sex. Christ he loved it when I turned semi-transparent and squidged myself up to him and had my breasts swell up. I shook my head, and tried to stop the sensuous sticky feeling in my chest – longing to feel him again. Back to work. She was in the arena now, fighting – I remember Maria thinking that Viscid would be a fairly easy fight, and yet another victory for her, she would be back soon.

I had Marias memories and I had a plan.


Plastique glithed up the tube, connecting the lower basement to the penthouse suite. At the top, her form emerged, pooling out into a tank in the room. Oh. What a beautiful body she had now, yet another one to her collection. Oh, those adverts in the newspaper had been a brilliant idea. Inside, still raw, still sullen was the mind of her most recent victim. Viscid was a pleasant little arse, but she had nothing special –aside from her powers. Even now, she could feel her thrashing inside her, asking to be let out. Now and then, little multicolored oily ripples chased themselves around her sheer black coating – as though she was greasy and unclean.

But the sensations that were waiting for her were so much better that those that she’d experienced in the arena. Here she would consume this mind – not join with it, but simply consume it, dominate it totally. It was an experience that always left her in a good mood. She’d done it before and it always left her feeling good.

But something wasn’t right. He slave was normally here and should be here to tell her of the most recent arrival. She sludged around the tank, and fashioned a head from a silky black wave. "Maria", she called, "come to me".

Maria, clad in her glistening red form walked into the room, head held high.

"You look different, my dear, and highly aroused". Plastique cooed. "What was our latest fledgling like and where is she?"

"She was a wannabe, mistress. Nothing more than that. She’d seen the stories on TV, picked up the paper, and was wasting my time. You did say that I could be a bitch, Mistress, so I was. I sent her away back down the elevator"

She paused, a frown rippling over her face. "That’s very interesting Maria. I thought that she sounded genuine. She even mentioned trouble in controlling her powers".

"She was ordinary, dressed like a PVC clad mannequin, but nothing unique. Not like us, mistress".

"And yet you look so aroused" Plastique sloshed her colossal bulk out of her tank and flowed together, forming a titanic 12 foot woman, clad in plastic. After a second of distraction, she opened her eyes, letting the pleasurable sensations of her sudden movement fade away. "Look at you. So red and so different" >>

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