Eine lange Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 31324
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<< Faster an faster my body surrendered as I released, drizzling myself into her, boiling away into her vast orgasmic blackness. I felt and saw her stretch and grow sucking me up inside her, returning to her colossal woman form, with thick soles and high heels on her boots. My trembling form was on fire, all around a wriggling messy plastic puddle on the floor, she was everywhere, and then I was? gone.

Inside her. I felt her controlling presence. I could feel my body subsumed within her. My essence, my form controlled, like a puppet. She breathed, stretching herself out in triumph once more. My form, trapped within her, obeyed me only slowly and reluctantly. She stretched herself, growing on her impossible legs even taller with her new substance. Inside, she gloated at me, leaving my mind untouched, but promising revenge for a cruel betrayal, after she had finished with Viscid, finished dealing with the traitor. I thrashed, I flailed, helplessly, occasionally exuding a few tendrils of inky plastic as I railed against her mind. This was unlike when I absorbed Maria. That had been a joining, a merging, whilst this was control, rigid and total, pure and simple. I knew of her intentions, and I could feel her mental presence bearing down on me, holding me in check. Limiting my actions, like the others she contained within her. Viscids mind clawed at our captor, causing spurting bubbles to appear on our shared surface. Plastique responded, harrying her mind, stripping it and commanding it into silence – forcing it to go to a quiet place deep within Plastiques form, leaving it only aware that she had once been something more, and letting it revel in the liquid joy that it now was. In a desperate effort, I coalesced myself, as Plastique had her attention on dealing with Viscid. I sprouted a torso, extending from Plastiques colossal being, and reached, with an impossibly long arm out towards the bottle.

Plastique looked at me, amused, backlit against the cities night sky, as strained towards the bottle. I could feel her attention turning to me, leaving Viscid cold and distant and beaten, her icy cold thoughts racing down our form, denying and usurping me, controlling me as Kelly had dealt with Marias disobedience. My hand was cold and felt wet and clammy. Small beads of shiny plastic controlled by no-one appeared on my tendril as my hand extended longer and longer out of our combined form.

I touched it with a shimmery black finger that had been extended wildly, and wrapped part of our syrupy combined form around the cork. Plastique smiled at me, unaware of my intentions, as my mind shielded me memories about Maria. Instead I showed her everything else, anything else. She was very interested in my senses, and I felt her concentrate on that as she searched though my mind.

With the information, she paused and smiled sweetly to me, my face a half-distorted lump on her form, with a lone tendril reaching out to the bottle, reveling in the incredible sensations my powers had just given her. I could feel her aware, for the first time of her existence of the taste of the floor, the metallic tang of every hair of the carpet and every shimmer of the lights from the window.

Then, with her control strengthened with every passing second, I clawed at the bottle cap, as Plastique finally powered down on my mind, sucking me deep within her. With melting fingers, I twisted it off, and flowed into the bottle, touching the other, highly compressed part of my body. As I touched myself, my separated minds cleanly and instantly rejoined. I recalled everything from both perspectives, both as a seething plastic blob trapped in the bottle, trying to escape and help my other part, and as a defeated entity, trapped within Plastique. There was no incongruity, no strangeness with this. I knew what I had to do.

My other part, now rejoined to me by a thin plastic tendril, shot out of the bottle, and jetted at Plastique, hitting her square between her breasts, throwing her bodily back against the window, causing it to shatter, and for her to totter in her high heeled shoes. In a gasp of unexpected pleasure, as I caused her to ripple, I pulled at her form, with my hands, tendrils and pseudopodia coiling around the broken framework and launched myself out of the window, before she had a chance to react, melt, flow and stick to the building.

With her balance compromised, and me throwing myself out of the 8th floor, either she would let me go, or we would fall together.

We fell.

Halfway down, we operated as a consensus and converted ourselves back into liquid. We hit the ground with a colossal splash, splattering everywhere in gobbets and chunks and quivering pools. We were thrown everywhere. Plastiques control over us was totally disrupted completely for a moment, as the intense wave of excruciating pleasure cascaded through our bodies. Her total absence of control allowed us, all of us trapped within her to remember what we were and who we were. Memories long suppressed came to the fore, as we struggled to remember what we were. Separate pools of slightly different colours & textures emerged, flowing together in odd shapes, gasping and struggling, conscious that they had been controlled and trapped, and now were free. Limbs and bodies sprouted and formed, whilst the vast creature that Plastique had been reformed.

The race was on to reconnect ourselves and become whole again. Bubbling fights erupted, as essence was contested over from competing minds. There was no time to waste. All of us knew and could feel the other minds and knew that Plastiques experience would help her, so none of us remained in our ecstatic gooey form.

Several pieces snapped off. I could feel that they were not as pure as they had been, we all probably had elements of Plastique and her victims within us, but they were able to function and think as an entity. Some of them were impossibly shaped, but all of us were not thinking coherently. They would probably form new beings, as I did when Kelly and Maria joined. A few were misshapen creatures, resembling plastic animals, with limbs at odd angles as they staggered and sloshed away, trying to find a new balance for their forms.

As I watched them, I saw Plastiques face reassemble from a central pool and I decided to leave. As Gel, I was the most complete and least contaminated of all of Plastiques components. This was, I assume, because I was one of the strongest there being recently formed, recently free, and, most importantly, only part absorbed. I coalesced myself, aware that I had to leave, before she totally re-emerged. I became a gelatinous pool and form towards the car park, seeing and hearing with my senses, voices from the club as people came to see what the noise was, whilst the remnants left or hid.

The bystanders walked up from the club – each of them dressed in bizarre fashions in order to get through the dress code at the door - to see what was happening, I saw one woman step into an oily puddle and then I noticed a shadow flowing up onto her. She had been dressed in PVC from head to toe, and gasped suddenly, turning to her companion to comment on how she suddenly felt sticky all over. I could see with my senses that her clothes looked slippery and oily in the light. In my liquid form, I recognized Viscids glisten and rippled in quiet pleasure to myself. It looks as though I was not the only one to learn of Plastiques plan when inside her. It was a good plan too, and it was nice to see it put to use on such a beautiful body.

Behind me, I saw, at the point of impact, Plastiques, partially distorted by that of a mans face on her chest. It appeared as though he too had been released too following her fall. He was loosing, though, and within seconds she had consumed him once more. She then stretched herself up to her height and with a proud face, walked regally back towards her club, ignoring the crowds around her. Diminished, but unbroken.

I was confident that I would see her again.