Eine Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 31324


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It started suddenly, with no provocation. The familiar slippery & shimmery sensation started in my feet and started erupting all around the rest of my form making me moan my breath out in a stimulated hiss. I could feel it almost seemingly engulfing me with every gasp of breath I took as I walked down the street. I could feel myself changing, without willing it! I could feel my form starting to fold and warping with every step I took, swirling in an ecstatic melding of form, with shimmery black plastic forming where my legs and rotch had been seconds ago.

Panic and lust competed in my mind for a few seconds, the sensations were as fantastic as they had ever seen, but.. to.. simply.. release.. and.. spill.. would.. be.. soo.. inconvenient?. In delicious agony, I regained my control and, with a gasp, I managed to bring my transformation to a partial halt, but not before a few of the neighborhood drunks had seen me in my half changed state. Well, let them look at my incredible black plastic arse & legs (with cloven hooves instead of feet). I turned at them and smiled, blowing them a kiss through my pouty lips. With a lourish, I turned and walked away, walking with an exaggerated sway in my hips. Nice, I thought to myself. I’d gotten away from my watchers, and with as much dignity as possible.

Around the corner, I saw the club – right where she said it would be. I paused, fighting for breath. Being part transformed was so pleasurable, it sent that familiar wave of slipperiness tingling through my form. It was too long since I’d been like this for any length of time, and I’d forgotten what it was like to have to fight myself from just surrendering to it and pouring out in a slippery glob of animated plastic. I could feel myself changing once more – letting my body flow into a more comfortable half-melted shape with every bounce of my breasts and slice of my legs.

With my tongue clamped between my teeth in an attempt to control my recalcitrant body, I looked around, both with my eyes and the odd senses my body has when it’s changed. There was the main door to the club, with tonight’s’ entrees dressed in black and red plastic.

I’d fit in really well, but that wasn’t where I wanted to be. Around the corner, I saw an open door – beside the club, right where she said it would be. Half running, half flowing, I moved towards it, feeling the odd tactile sensation of the ground beneath my morphed legs. With each click of my hooves or slosh of plastic on the ground, I felt the hard metallic cracks in the asphalt, tasting the ground and the air with my semi-liquid senses in a way that cannot be explained.

I got to the doorway, and leaned against the wall. The second I relaxed, I could feel the temptation in me. That distant eerie voice that seemed to be so familiar now – my own personal demon. I looked at the floor, and at my feet. Through my senses, I could see my face looking down at my gelatinous legs from, and knew that I looked fantastic, if somewhat misshapen. Though thoroughly appropriately dressed for the club.

I damned myself for being a fool. I knew that I had should have resisted the temptation back down the street for using my powers vainly. Sprouting a set of knee high boots because I didn’t like the shoes I had had felt wonderful at the time – and even made me blend in with the women heading towards this club, but the knowledge that I was loosing control with every change I made should have made me take more care. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I lost it permanently and reverted to being a pool of aware and animated goo. Hmm. Not that that would be too bad, really, a voice said in my head. Just being there in a state of permanent ecstasy, coming again and again, sloshing and frothing – just like I used to?

No. I thought. Snapping myself out of it. I would control myself. I realized that my torso had sagged and my breasts were elongating – turning into stubby tentacles. I concentrated, pulling myself back into my normal pert form. Once again, I was a small brunette with a tight taut arse and round breasts. I looked at my legs. They stubbornly remained as black plastic hooves. Oh well, I though

That is why this simply had to succeed. I knew that my time was short, but this woman seemed to know what she was talking about – and she said that she’d be here at this club tonight of all times. I remembered her odd voice on the phone, a sort of honeyed voice with a cold edge in it, cutting those who fooled with her. She’d been crossed in the past, and ruined.

With a shake of my head, I regained control. I straitened my back and pushed the half hidden intercom buzzer beside the door. Almost immediately, it was answered with a woman’s voice – one that I didn’t recognize.

"Plastique doesn’t like to be kept waiting, Kelly. You’re late. Come up to the top floor in the lift."

With that, the door buzzed open. It was thick and made of heavy metal, but it moved silently when I touched it. I smirked to myself, a door isn’t going to keep the likes of me out of a place. I can just go through the water pipes, or an air vent, but? it had seemed wrong when I thought about it –especially when I was going to her for some help.

The lift inside the warehouse was an old cargo one – with the two wire mesh grids that you had to pull and close. I walked in, my hooves clicking on the floor, when I noticed something odd. The floor was made of perfectly smooth glass. Even through my semi-liquid forms senses I could sense nothing. How very odd. Stepping into the lift, I felt that everything had been scoured clean, even on the molecular level. The lift was old and juddery, but after a few seconds, I was on my way to the top of the building.

As I neared the top of the shaft, I saw a tall busty blonde woman, clad in tight red PVC from head to toe, with a severe haircut pulled back in a ponytail. She looked like a bitch. And she acted like one, standing behind the wire grid at the top of the shaft.

"I am Maria", she unsmilingly said, calling down to me in the ascending lift, her voice sounding almost angry. "We spoke on the intercom. You are late, Kelly. We expected you 20 minutes ago." The lift stopped with a judder and she threw back the wire grids. She stepped into the lift. Her voice sunk to a whisper as she said "You’d better not be wasting our time". Then she looked at me from head to toe with her new perspective. When she saw my impossible feet her face broke into a strange smile and her attitude changed.

"Actually, it is good to see you. There are so few of us Kelly. Or perhaps I should call you? Gel?"

I looked up. She knew!? I could see it in her eyes, as she smiled at me, and nodded slightly. In a sultry whisper of "Follow me" she turned and walked swaying her hips alluringly, off with me following.

The room was large, obviously filling the bulk of the top floor, with, aside from the lift. I hovered at the edge, looking inside, unwilling to trust to what I saw. There were sofas dotted around, and a sunken pit in the center. Maria turned to me over her shoulder and scowled - "Get rid of the unnecessary stuff". When I looked bemused at her, she sighed and stamped her red stiletto boot. She retraced her steps back up to me – her boots making sharp click-click sounds on the polished floor and pinched my t-shirt, pulling me slightly into the room "This, Gel? You won’t need this. Get into something more comfortable"

I needed no second invite. With a smile, I stretched and flowed. My clothes sloughed off and I assumed the form my ex-master had preferred. I don’t know why, but it seemed to be appropriate, somehow. I was there, filling the room, a large jet-black mound of animated plastic. My impossible hooves, plastic arse and clit were gone, joined into a melded glob of shiny slug like plastic. My torso flowed into that of a buxom woman once more, swelling them out at impossible levels. It felt so goood to be able to relax once more, I moaned and sighed in gooey relief as I shook my long blonde hair out again. Christ, I could die for a fuck. Enough of this winsome willow act. I knew what I wanted – if she wanted to play at being a bitch, then two could do that.

I looked at Maria. She seemed startled somehow and was looking at me with a strange expression on her face. It looked like half-adoration, and half contempt. I could see that she was surprised at the speed of my transformation and was fighting herself, being slightly turned on from what she saw. Obviously large women in slippery black plastic were just her thing. "You’re not?", she hoarsely said– half to herself and half to me. I could see that her form was looking sticky and red, highly aroused and only just contained. I flowed away from the door to the lift and properly into the room she was in, closing the door behind me. She took a step back, surprised by my speed, as I swirled around her plastic stiletto heels, then worked up around her shimmering thighs as I got closer. With each swirl of my body, I tasted her substance and felt her form in intimate detail.

Oh yes. I could tell that she was on the edge. She’s been conditioned to this – always the looser, but what pleasure to be a looser. I could sense thin molecules frothing on the edge of her body – slight trembling twitches of her plastic form half wanting for release – just to join with me, surrender herself to me. She’d joined with people before? Tempting. I’d never imagined this possibility? all I’d wanted was sex, but. Well, it was just too much of a temptation.

I cooed to her. "Oh come on. A second ago, you were all powerful. What’s happened to you now? Cat got your tongue?" At this, almost half commanded, I exuded a thin tendril and started sensuously rubbing her breasts her whilst the rest of me gently lubricated her legs and crotch all over – as my master had so often requested me to do to others, whilst he watched. The thought turned me on even more. I hadn’t been a iving bodysuit for so long it was all that I could do to stop myself from coating her form there & then.

Her mouth trembled. "Oh?..I". Her eyes closed. I could see her arms were extending, drooping lower and lower –sagging like melting wax whilst her breasts were swelling and engorging, with her nipples straining at her fabric, until... One red glob dropped from her arm onto my slippery black base, then sank into me. I tasted it, feeling her presence inside me – her mind disjointed like a fraction of a shadow of herself within me. And then she was gone – her presence overwhelmed – swirled and subsumed like a drop in an ocean, yet still conscious, still aware, reveling in an ecstasy of freedom.

"Oh Shit!" we exclaimed together. I looked at her with a glint in my eyes. I’d never done that before. The joining was such a rush. I could feel her within me still, like a distant voice, or someone else’s memories. But. It was fantastic. The spasm of orgasm was nearly more than I could bear or imagine, and I felt my entire form shudder with pleasure, with my entire body going slippery with delight. I heard a distant moaning and realized that it was me, keening from an hundred throats that I had sprouted, without willing them >>.

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