Eine Geschichte von Babycrownie zu Bild Nr. 11107

©2004 by Babycrownie

My Venus

Venus was standing in the living room! She was wearing black latex opera gloves and thigh-high black latex stockings. Turned slightly so I could see her exposed pert ass, one glossy black arm covered her gravity-defying breasts, and the other hid herself down low.

"Well, what do you think?” she asked. All I could do is reach into my jeans and readjust myself so my sudden excitement wouldn’t cause further embarrassing discomfort. "Oh, I see. So this is how you like it,” she added with a ‘Caught you!’ smile.

Actually her name is Tammy and she’s my wife. We’ve been married three years and this is our first vacation since our honeymoon. I thought it’d be romantic to go to a remote cabin in Canada for a little fishing and whatever else might come up. I really didn’t expect this, though.

"How . . . how’d you know?” I meekly eeked out.

"I saw they way you looked at those movies. I mean really, Matrix Revolutions is ok, but I know why you like to watch it over and over again. The same with Underworld, I saw how you couldn’t take your eyes off her outfit. I wondered if you’d look at me that way. I think I got my answer. Why don’t you finish putting away the groceries and join me in the bedroom?” Tammy turned and took a couple stiff steps then moaned and leaned on the wall.

"Honey, are you alright?” I asked and ran over to her. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous black shiny legs and hands. I touched her knee and ran my hand up her thigh. I reveled in the feel. I can’t believe I’m seeing, no feeling, no living this. I longed for her to touch my face with that shiny smooth hand. I started to tremble with nervous excitement.

"Oh, I got surprise for myself, too. It just makes it difficult to walk the way it wiggles with every step. You just better hurry, I might not be able to wait for you much longer.” She continued her torturous journey to the bedroom.

I moved to the car as fast as I could and threw all the cold stuff in the fridge, bag and all. I threw the rest on the kitchen floor. I ran to the bedroom like my butt was on fire. There she was laying on the bed. Tammy’s glove covered arms were rubbing her breasts and sides. Her rubber covered legs were pinned together while she was grinding her ass in the bed sheets.

"You better hurry,” she loudly sighed, "I . . .I just can’t wait any longer!” I leaned down and went to try to take her friends out. She was so warm and it felt very thick. She never felt quite this good before. I swirled around her causing her back to arch and gasp.

"Honey, did you take it out? I can’t find it.?

She grabbed her breasts with shiny black arms, panting, "I didn’t take them out.”

"What am I looking for?” I asked.

"The package . . . is on . . .the night stand.?

I leaned over and picked it up with my left hand, still searching / teasing with my right. The package said, "Latex Balls. For a total latex experience.?

"Where did you get these?”

"At the gift shop . . . in the main lodge. They had it in the back . . . in the adult section. I thought . . .‘Why not?’”

I tossed the package on the floor. I looked at my fingers and they were covered in a black goo. "Tammy, I think someone was playing a sick joke on you. They melted inside you. Are you sure they weren’t chocolate?” I sniffed then licked my fingers tentatively. It didn’t taste bad, but it wasn’t chocolate.

"I don’t give a shit what they’re made of! Keep searching! Maybe you can use your tongue, too.”

I reinserted my fingers to wet them then rubbed her clitoris with the black goo. I put them back in her warm inside and started licking her. It wasn’t long before those smooth, glossy, rubber covered hands were grabbing my face. "Don’t Stop!! Yes!! . . . Yes!! Unngghhh!! Yes!! OHHHHHH!!? Successs! I felt her body tremble as she held my face on her. "Quick! I want you inside me in 3 seconds!!? was her next command.

I lost no time removing my clothes and inserting my throbbing erection. She felt so warm and smooth I almost came right there. I turned around to stare at her new black rubber stockings. The sight of them and the feel as she wrapped them around my back was too much. I was overcome by the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced. I just laid on top of her, exhausted.

"Thank you,” I whispered.

"No, thank you,” my Venus replied.

She turned on her side. I wrapped one arm around her stomach. She laid her arm on my arm and we intertwined her rubber fingers with mine. I pushed my legs up against her smooth latex stockings, smiled a big, BIG smile, and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

As always I woke up from our nap first. I got up and went to the bathroom. Being groggy, I just sat down. After I was done, I noticed I was still aroused down there. I looked down and noticed the black goo dried on hard. It was on my fingers, too. I guess I’ll have to take a shower. As usual Tammy doesn’t even stir. I take another long look at her and smile. She is so beautiful laying there with those glossy legs and gloves. I should have trusted her with my fetish earlier, but this is so cool now. I get in the shower and notice I’m still aroused. I try to soap up my hands first, but the goo wont come off. I scrub and scrub, but the more I scrub the more my fingers hurt. I looked at my fingers and I realized the goo wasn’t coming off. I looked down and I noticed my penis and balls were all black and I was now hairless. What the hell was going on?! I touched myself, even though I’m now longer aroused, I still had a boner that wouldn’t quit. It’s also very sensitive to the touch. The thought of it was turning me on again even though this is totally wrong. I quickly get out of the shower and I start to freak again. What about my tongue; I was licking that crap. Much to my horror, I see a black tongue, but it also has little nubs, like giant swollen taste buds. What the Hell is happing to me?!!

"Tammy! Tammy!! Wake up!” I yelled in a hushed voice. "Something Isn’t right here!”

She rolled over to look at me. "What?” she said with an annoyed yawn. That is when I saw her. Her whole crotch was now completely covered in the black goo and totally hairless. It was all there in black shiny glory, calling my name. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I had to have her right there. The sick fetish that dwelled inside me took over and consequences be damned.

"Oh, nothing. I just want you so bad right now.” I didn’t want anything to stop me now.

"Really. Do I get anything out of it?” She laughed.

"Oh, I think you will be surprised,” I covered. I went back to the bed and sat on her belly and started to play with her new black crotch. All I could do was stare at it. It felt rubbery and smooth to the touch, like it was made of latex. I rubbed her again and heard a little squeak I think it is made of rubber. I don’t care how wrong it seemed, I wanted her more than ever now. I inserted my fingers again and the lubricated her with them then went back in.

"Yeah right there. Keep doing that,” Tammy chimed in. I was wiggling two my fingers inside her looking for her G-spot. "Mmmm. More!” I inserted a third finger and continued the search. "Mmmm. More!” I somehow got a fourth finger in there. It seemed to have widened more than usual. I’ve never used my whole hand before. "Yes, good, yes,” I heard behind me. I was beginning to wonder if I could get my whole fist inside her. I tucked in my thumb and the opening gave way. I now had my whole fist in there and my fingers were wildly trying to find her G-spot. "I don’t know what you’re doing but, don’t stop!” she commanded. "Come here!” Tammy grabbed my butt and positioned me in her mouth.

"Ohhh, Tammy! Don’t stop!? I leaned down and started to lick her with my nubbed tongue. She just about bucked me out of the bed!

"Mmmughhhhhh!! Mmmughhhhh!!? Then she came again. She then was sucking like a mad woman.

"I’m about to,” I warned.

"Donn’ cahrr!? was the response I was looking for. I started trembling then came and kept coming. She never did that before.

I got off her and gave her a passionate kiss. "I’m not sure how much fishing we are going to get in this week.”

"I can’t imagine it’ll be too much,” she said with a smile. "Now hold me.” I wasn’t tired, but I did want to hold her a while. I spooned her again and soon fell fast asleep.

Chapter 3

I couldn’t believe what a saw when I woke up! Tammy’s head looked like it had a black helmet on with a long ponytail coming out the top back! I backed away to see her whole backside is now covered by the shiny black of latex. I ran my hand down her pretty angel wings, down her back, to her now shiny rubbery ass.

"Mmm. Yeah rub my back don’t stop.” She said half asleep.

Suddenly alarmed again I crouched up to her to look at her front. Not forgetting to keep rubbing, Tammy was even more stunning than before. Her black helmet ran down below her chin and her neck was totally black. Her gloves now seemed to be attached to her body. They ran up her shoulders and connected at her neck. Tammy’s belly was now rubberized, too, and ran up under her breasts and formed a reverse widows peak between them. Her breasts were still flesh, but the nipples were now jet black too, like the rest of her body. Her stockings were now attached to her and connected seamlessly with her new latex bottom. She now had individual toes covered in rubber skin. She was now my ultimate vision of fetish beauty, but how? It must have been from me when she sucked me down! Does she even realize what she has become?

Wait! What about me?! My penis is still stuck in the erect position, and it has grown in girth and length! My right hand up to my wrist is now latex, too. It’s like I don’t have any joints in my hand. I have 360 degrees of motion anywhere in my fingers and wrist! To top it all off, everything that’s rubbery on me is covered in little semi-hard nubs! I’m somehow becoming her ultimate fetish toy!

"Tammy, Tammy, don’t be alarmed but look at yourself.” I was stuck somewhere between total panic and total lust.

"Shit! What the hell happened?!”

"I don’t know, but somehow you became my ultimate fantasy.”

"And what was I before?!”

"The next best thing. I swear!!”

"Look at me!! What the am I, rubber?!”

"Calm down, here just close your eyes and tell me what you feel.? I started to gently caress her sides above her hips. Rubbing in small circles.

"Ooh, your right hand feels extra good.” Tammy opened her eyes. What the Hell happened to your hand?”

"I think I’m becoming your fantasy.”

"Umm, I don’t think that’s what I had in mind.” She got up and walked to the mirror. "So this is your ‘Ultimate Fantasy’, huh?” She continued to pose and rotate in front of the mirror. She looked mortified and amazed at the same time. Her feelings were in total conflict. She reached down and grabbed her breasts and rubbed her newly black nipples. Then she touch her new crotch and quivered slightly. "Ok if this is how you like me, then lay down on the bed. Now!”

Uncertain of what was instore, I just complied and laid back down. Tammy climbed on top of me and sat right down and sucked me into her warm wetness. She started grinding me with a slow, relentless motion. I can’t believe what I’m experiencing! This total rubber vixen is so erotically beautiful, feels so incredibly soft and smooth, and she’s mine! My Venus leaned forward and her rubber tits were rubbing mine. I grabbed it and started licking it with my bumpy tongue. Tammy escalated her thrusts and I started sucking harder and harder, my tongue swirling around her slippery tit. Then it happened; something started coming out. It tasted the same as when I licked my finger. I didn’t care, I just kept sucking. I knew now, this is how I’m going to fully become her erotic vision. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I exploded into her. I grabbed her as hard as I could and held her rubbery mass on top of me.

Adrenaline started to flow. What’s going to happen to me now. I started to twitch nervously again, but the sight of Tammy’s latex body filled me with excited anticipation. "Well, let’s see what your fate is, my dear,” she laughed.

My mouth started to warm up and tingling spread to my cheek then soon my whole head. It felt just like a major head-rush. I reached up to touch my face, and I saw the black rubbery skin flowing up my right arm. I was being senually squeezed everwhere the latex became my new skin! All my body hair seemed to just disappear. I didn’t know where, but I don’t care either. My head is now bald I feel encased in an eroctic glossy prison. I develop a small 6 pack and my pecks enlarge slightly. I now feel my legs are now being sensually squeezed. I rub my legs back and forth on the sheets and languish in the new sensations I am feeling. One question pops into my head.

"Why did my face get covered and yours didn’t, Tammy?” She looked down in embarassment. "It’s ok, I promise I wont be mad,” I reassure her.

"I always had this fantasy of going to a Halloween party, and no.”

"No, no. It’s ok. I promise not to get mad.”

"It’s just a stupid fantasy. Go to the party and grab an anonymous guy and have my way with him.” Her face turned red. "I’m sorry. It’s just a fantasy, I’d never do it for real. I love you too much, but the thought of it, well you know.”

"Believe me, I know.”

"Well what the Hell do we do now?” Tammy asked.

"I don’t know, but why don’t you roll over. I think I have some unfinished business with you.”