Eine Geschichte von Lovecraft zu Bild Nr. 31231 und 31121


©2001 by Lovecraft


I’d always walked past the newly opened fetish club in town – always walked past it, never acknowledging that it was there, but always knowing, in my secret desires, that I wanted to go in & be introduced to the crowd. After several months of building up my courage and pretending to be a prude – disproving of people dressed in bizarre & erotic clothing, I decided to go for it – live dangerously, I told myself, after all, it was just a club with a lot of people dressed in silky erotic plastic that I knew, in the darkest corners of my mind, always turned me on. And besides, it would be a good night out.

That morning, I checked the dress code and found that, as long as it was shiny and erotic, I could get in. Not a problem. I’d got a black PVC basque in my wardrobe and they’d go well with the leggings I’d bought recently. Throw in a pair of thigh high stiletto boots and I’d get through any dress code.

The night of the party came and I stood in front of the mirror, looking at myself, decked out in shiny blackness, with a crooked grin on my face – thinking about how much of an impression I was going to make when I got in there. How dare I even think that I was a prude – I knew that I couldn’t resist the shimmer and gleam of plastic – especially when it made me this hot. I knew that things didn’t get really moving until much later in the evenings, so I waited until well after midnight to make my move to the club.

I got some very strange looks from the taxi-driver as he dropped me off. As I walked in, I felt really naughty – I knew that I didn’t have to turn the poor driver on so much by caressing my PVC clad breasts & moaning slightly until my nipples were hard and erect, as though I was screaming for a fuck. Still, it made the drive over memorable and it had entertained me, in a truly wicked way – which was the whole point of going to the fetish club tonight.

When I got there, was huge and heaving, with people wandering all around, wearing all sorts of incredible costumes, some so bizarre that it made me look boring, dressed all in black. I saw so many things that I never even imagined before - a woman who had heels that were so high, she walked on plastic spikes, a man dressed in form fitting black and yellow stripes, like a wasp, women with spikes all over their bodies, women wearing nothing at all, except liquid latex that had just been dried on them, and many many others. From the ceiling I saw that there were cages with men and women men chained to each other, or just rubbing themselves, turning themselves on.

As I was swept up with the newness and raw pleasure of it all, the music faded and an announcer came onto the microphone. In a triumphant shout, he announced "Ladies, Gentlemen and Deviants, it is my great pleasure to announce tonight’s star attraction: – Red and Black!" At this, the lights dimmed and a hush gathered in the crowd – a spotlight came on, showing a pit about 3 meters deep, beneath where the dance floor had been only moments before.

In strode two women – first, a beautiful blonde, dressed entirely in shimmering red plastic, standing almost 2 meters tall, with her thick heel boots on. She rubbed her hand over her crotch and plastic-encased tits as she bowed and blew kisses to the crowd. The other woman was dressed entirely in slippery black plastic and stiletto heels. Black had had her flame red hair pulled back in a severe ponytail. She had black lipstick and stared at Red intently, licking her lips with anticipation, slowly rocking from side to side, with a sultry knowing look on her face. Red looked at Black and blew her a lusty kiss, all the while moving with a fluid grace. At this, the crowd went wild with delight – roaring and cheering and blowing kisses back to them. I looked at the crowd, I could see all of them peering into the pit, waiting. They obviously knew what was going to happen next.

After the cheering had died down, the lights in the rest of the building dimmed down, leaving only the pit illuminated. A low humming filled the room from the sound system, and, in the spotlight, the two women started walking around each other, slowly rubbing their bodies with their hands, staring at nothing else in the entire room. It was as though the universe didn’t exist for them or anyone else – I found myself being drawn in, hypnotized, breathing shallowly, feeling the raw eroticism flowing from them, in wave after potent wave.

The women approached each other, becoming, through some trick of the light, even shinier, as though their plastic costumes were glistening and wet, molten material poured onto their perfect forms. Black approached her opposite and ran a finger over Red’s body, causing Red to moan out loud with pleasure – you could see her become (if it were possible) even more aroused, with her nipples straining against the red plastic she was wearing. As Black traced around her body, she moved down towards Reds arse, and then withdrew her finger – and then, as she stepped back, deliberately licking it, as if tasting Red. For a second, I saw what looked to be a thin black filament had briefly stretched from Blacks hand to Red’s body,

It seemed as though the costumes were genuinely liquid. No wonder it was the climax of the night’s entertainment, I distantly thought to myself, obsessed as I was with watching them. But as I watched, I could see Blacks hand was stretched, elongated, where she had touched Red, sucking her impossibly long finger in her black lipped mouth Turning back to Red, I saw that there was a thin black streak on her body – starkly black against the brilliant red of her perfect arse. Red turned and looked at Black – seeming panting in ecstasy – and licked her lips, as though to say ‘Come on then’.

With a smirk on her lips, Black sauntered up to Red, her legs flowing and scissoring over the ground. I could see the hunger on her face, as though she wanted to consume all of Red, licking her all over as she devoured her, luscious red drop, by red drop. As she approached Red, she stretched out her hands, as though to make for Reds erect breasts, but, with a flick of her
body, Red spun around at the last minute and got herself behind Black, and drove her body into Blacks perfect arse.

For a second nothing happened – then Black started to moan like an animal, panting and gasping, eyes rolling in incredible pleasure. Reds arse slowly started to punch the air away from me, moving to the beat as she thrust again and again onto Black, grinding her body into Black. After what seemed like forever, Black let out a piercing gurgling moan that echoed around the room. Fighting against the sensations being ministered by Red, I saw Black reach behind herself and try to wedge her shiny black hands between Reds body pushed firmly up against her back and arse. As she reached, I saw something that almost made me cream myself with desire, in that pounding erotically charged atmosphere.

Blacks' arse and legs were slowly turning shiny and red in places – you could easily miss it when it started happening, but after a while, you could also see shiny black flecks appearing on her back as Red pushed her tits up against Blacks back, as she thrust again and again. Then, as I looked, I saw Black do something impossible – she turned her body 180 degrees round, so that she was facing Red, breast to breast, whilst her legs and arse were still rotated in the direction that Red was thrusting. I watched, amazed at this impossible action.

When Black did this, the crowd started chanting ‘Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya?’ almost whispering under their breath, in time with a deep and rhythmical beat from the sound-system. Red reached down, electrified by this change in posture, and ran a slick red hand over Blacks left breast, leaving a brilliant red streak on Blacks body. Black, with the fire of passion in her eyes, retaliated, stretching both her hands onto Reds breasts. With a sobbing gasp, both women screamed in joy, feeling each other entering their bodies.

As I watched, I could see that they were joining – every time they touched one another, parts of their bodies were left behind, to the control of their lusting counterpart. Now, it could be seen that they were loosing what control they had over their own forms – surrendering to each other in a glorious glistening orgasmic experience. I could see them slipping faster and faster into impossible forms, whilst their faces were close enough to be touching each other perched at the top of their wonderful form.

I could see that there was a conflict going on, shiny red patches were surrounded in a sea of black plastic for a few seconds, then there would be an eruption of brilliant red, forcing the blackness back. I could see the tension, the trembling control, the ecstasy in their eyes – the first one to surrender to the control and flow of the other would be consumed, dominated in their new form and so they fought hard and desperate, praying secretly for the other to win, to be able to beat them so that they could surrender to the control of the other.

The crowds murmuring chant was picking up tempo, rhythmically repeating again and again, going faster and faster in time with the music. The shiny bodies surrounding the pit seemed like pitiful shadows of the incredible creature laid out before us all. As the tempo of the music sped up, I could see Red and Black – for that is all that I knew them as – moving faster and faster, changing form to keep pace with the pulses.

I saw them change into impossible forms: legs, with heels almost a meter in length then hooves, tentacles, swirling, morphing, joining and flowing in eerie combinations of shiny red and black plastic. As I watched, I saw breasts flow over the form, glistening and wet, expanding and contracting, hands were exuded, caressing their body, before being absorbed by newly formed mouths that engulfed them as soon as they were created. I saw flippers and tendrils and cunts and tongues, all made of plastic, chase each other across their body, flowing faster and more chaotically with each passing second.

I watched on, feeling my heart race, my pussy wet with desire, my nipples hard against my basque, panting for breath as I neared an orgasm myself, caused just by the wondrous, mystical sight, the alcohol and the rhythmical pounding of the music. I could see the concentration on the faces of the women in the pit, joined as they were in domination games, by using their own bodies against their opponents.

You could tell that they were loosing their ability to think in the foaming pleasure that they were becoming – you could see it in what they were and how they were moving. Red was becoming less and less coherent – as I watched, I could see that her face was distorting, becoming joined in the foaming mélange that was the rest of their body, whilst Black still had her head up tight, looking imperious, with her flame red hair still done in her pert ponytail. She too was under strain, occasionally, she would roll her eyes, or make a sobbing gasp of air.

I could see the sick dancers sink down and spread over the floor, their legs and human shapes being almost totally lost in the forms they were becoming. Their breathing could be heard over the music and chanting, coming from a hundred pairs of lips sprouted all over their body, chasing each other over their form. On Red’s face, her lips trembled, with the exertion of stopping herself simply release and spill over the floor – and be swept up by Black. A bubbling rippling gurgling sound was heard, a voice whispering "give in, come in me" caressing the contestants and watchers desires. I would have sold my soul at that point to be in the pit then, to feel those sensations, that fluidity of perfect form.

Red’s hair could be seen to be darkening, becoming shiny and black and she could be seen gasping - panting faster and faster- trying to hold on, her face becoming more & more shiny, loosing its consistency. I could make out insane forms on their body, growing more and more prevalent in the frothing, seething form. As the swirling grew faster and faster, I could make out hints of Reds face, in their mixed form, with other juxtapositions, discreet body parts jumbled up – tentacles spurting out to sprout eyes inside mouths, becoming spikes, tongues, joining with other different coloured forms, then falling back to the whole, being reabsorbed and then repeating the whole process. I could hear, over the chanting of the crowd, the frothy slap of plastic on plastic and an insensate, dull moaning fill the air, as though a colossal scream was being heard from far away

As I watched, I saw black eruptions swirling all over their body, then a panting ragged roar – a scream of pure orgasm that started in Red’s throat, but was swept away as her face, in a brief flick of panic, dissolved into a hundred throats, swept into their swarming body. There was stretching and rippling and a scream of terror from the throats as Red was absorbed into the glistening mass - controlled and subsumed utterly by Black. With a sobbing scream of triumph, Black announced her victory to the crowd, roaring in ecstasy as she orgasmed again and again in her new form, loosing control herself into a spreading foaming mass that spread gently over the pit floor.

After a brief second, of frothing and twisting in the pit, the viscous material drew itself together and the victorious new form stood, regaining control, stretching up, becoming a single perfectly shaped 3 meter tall woman, with enormous pert breasts, dressed in a slippery red and black plastic marbled PVC suit (that still swirled with red and black patterns chasing each other in slow motion) with huge heels.

In arrogant supremacy, Blacks face stared down at us all, her flame-red hair and black lipstick still untouched – the perfect and ultimate dominatrix. We, as lowly insects, in the silence that echoed over the club since she had screamed in triumph and descended into foaming ecstasy, bowed before her, feeling humble in the presence of such powerful beauty. Then, as she left the pit, in towering strides, the crowd erupted into a frenzy of screaming and cheering.

But I watched her leave, exhausted with as I was from her conquest. I could feel the ache of my body inside my plastic clothes, knowing that I had come again and again in empathy with the goddess when she had surrendered to liquidity. In that instant, I wanted nothing more than to be in that pit myself – as either victor or as vanquished.