A story together with drawing Nr. 31399

©2008 by Latex Circle


Shall I put it on? Laura asked with a friendly and exited smile. “If you really want” I said, “It must be your choice to change. Off course I like it. We have been discussing this many times, so please continue, it’s your wish .”

“Please give me one more kiss while I am still human”, she asked. I stepped into the pool and I kissed her. It felt strange. I loved her for almost 5 years know. Since the start of our intense relationship she had wonderful sexual fantasies.

In the beginning they were quite innocent, just putting on some latex for increasing the sexual pleasure. After a few years she couldn’t have any sex without latex. And then slowly it became almost an obsession for her. First she started to wear latex clothes underneath her daily ones, but bit by bit she showed more and more latex pieces to the outside world.

First only her legs, tightly covered in black shiny latex with a skirt above it and knee-high boots. Very sexy and I liked it. A few months later she started to let people see bits of her very tight latex body by wearing a transparent blouse.

Soon she started to where catsuits with only a loose fitting blouse on top of it, again with boots. Boots, at first knee high, then overkneeboots and finally she was wearing the whole day very tight latex crotchboots combined with the catsuit. I didn’t mind at all, it looked marvellous.

In house the conventional clothes went of and it was delightful seeing her in her latex outfit.

It didn’t took long before I had to go with her to the shop for masks and long gloves. We both enjoyed those shopping hours and especially the sexual pleasure afterwards.

She loved being totally covered in latex.

She lived with this material. At a certain moment she wasn’t ashamed anymore to show other people that she loved these clothes and went public on the street just in boots and a catsuit. She just wanted to share these feelings with the outer world.

Finally she started with latex corsets. At this point her fantasies became more and more extreme. First she wanted to have a wasp like look of her belly. It had to be tighter and tighter. Then she got fantasies about being a latex like insect, partly made of latex and partly insect. With insect like eyes and a mouth adapted for pleasure games, mainly for absorbing the male part. She wanted to have antennas on top of her head to experience the feeling of using them.

I had to get used to these fantasies, but as she told me more of what she wanted to be like, it wasn’t sexually unattractive.

At this moment she must have got in contact with Rob Laboratories through the internet. They could for fill her dreams. After a substantial amount of mails she was sure about it. She wanted to transform in her own fantasy. Rob Laboratories could supply a latex outfit which would reshape her human nature into a new species.

The package arrived by daily express. A main suit and a spare one as it was written down on the package list. It was difficult for her to wait till she informed all the persons she knew. Just simply letting the people know what she was going to do and that she would be different.

Her closest girlfriends understood her very well .

So today was the day it would happen.

She had to put it on and let herself down in a warm water pool. The metamorphose itself would take half an hour.

And now I was kissing her for the last time in her human nature. She slipped the mask around her head and the latex suit sealed itself around her.

The following half our a painful feeling inside me was growing if we would be separated forever. If I had lost her.

The effect of the metamorphose was astonishing. A whole new species came out of the pool. She, or do I have to say it, was perfect. My Laura !

She came towards me in her now no longer human body and started to kiss me again. This time with her insect like mouth. First her latex insect lips touched mine and then her latex tongue slowly slipped deep inside me. I was overwhelmed by the warm love she brought into me and I was astonished as gentle as her tongue was penetrated deeper and deeper into my body.

Two big insect like eyes watched hopeful to me.

It took only half an hour to change.


Latex Circle