Eine Geschichte von Latex Circle zu Bild Nr. 31350

  ©2004 by Latex Circle

Laying down on the bed in my hotel room I was tired of working. The whole day standing on an exhibition of medical products trying to promote new material for a company called Medical Latex Inc. I was a good looking girl dressed up very well and together with another girl, called Jane, we were paid well for this work.
We were able to interest a lot of people in a new sort of latex they were bringing out on the market for medical use. The product could treat damaged skin-tissue. It was permeable for air to stimulate the recovery of damaged skin parts. For marketing purposes they had also made some balloons from this amazing product. I took a bunch of these balloons to my hotel room which I shared with Jane.

To let some fresh air into the room Jane opened a window. While I released my feet from the high heeled shoes Jane put out here knee high boots and laid herself also down on the big double bed. She was wearing beautiful glossy stockings and I asked here if they were sitting tight. Starting to talk about stockings and wearing tight clothes I told her my interest in wearing latex. Jane smiled and started to open up her blouse. Surprisingly a latex corset appeared and I started to smile also.
As a game I touched her stockings and starting to go up towards here corset when she slightly forced my hand towards her pussy. This unexpected pleasure went on by letting my fingers entering here most precious part. She vibrated and I was becoming more and more wet myself. She asked me if I brought some latex clothes when I remembered those balloons from the exhibition.

Horney as we were, we were anxious to cover our bodies with these latex products. First Jane asked me to put one inside her pussy. It felt very slippery and by putting it in, with my full hand entering deep into her vagina, we both noticed that it attached itself to the body around her vagina. Jane became very exited about this: really a second skin from latex! Without thinking of the further consequences she pushed also a balloon with here fist into my pussy. Laying down now totally undressed on the bed having a lot of fun and feeling amazed about this result we started to put each others legs folded into balloons. This felled great, the material melted really into our skin as if it became part of us.

Jane pulled me a balloon over my head, lowered it slowly down across my eyes and nose. I could breathe through this material!. This was really great. Jane progressed carefully till my whole head was inside a balloon. This was what I always dreamed about. It feeled so good that I covered Janes head also in a balloon. We touched each others tits and latex covered body parts, sweating around on each other. Jane was the first who wanted her arms also folded and be put into balloons.

I helped here and now she was totally helpless laying there making lovely sounds inside here new latex protection. Just for fantasy I put a rope onto her balloon in her pussy and I did the same to myself and said to her that we were no longer normal girls but inflatable girls. To wet to think clear I managed it to put my arms also into two balloons not realizing how to get out. Somebody will come for help if we scream loud enough and will discover our sexual play and love for latex.

We must have fallen in sleep exhausted from sex, still covered in these latex balloons. When I woke up I feeled strange and very light. I noticed that inside my body something had changed. As if my body was filled up with air. Looking to Jane through my latex covering, I saw that the latex had became fully a part of her and that she was in the same strange position as I was. Shocked and strangely attracted to the idea that our body and the latex had become one. It was my latex which I was looking through. Really, I fantasized a lot about this but now it was reality.

Pure ecstasy glow into my head and I saw that Jane became aware about here position also. Extremely attracted to Jane and to our new entity we started as far as possible to sexual play with each other. We wanted to be balloons, latex balloons. A slight breeze came into the room through the open window and Jane and I found ourselves floating in the air as if we were made of air. We were taken away by the wind with an extremely nice soft feeling. Through the open window, away from all daily problems, just as a pair of balloons drifting slowly in the sun during a lazy summer afternoon, high and free in the sky.

Latex Circle