A story together with drawing Nr. 31347

©2007 by Latex Circle

This was amazing news for humanity. After many years of research our team was able to solve a missing link. Plants have been evaluating during millions of years. Higher animals have been evaluating during millions of years. We discovered that insects are a species which fits between plants and animals. So we discovered that they are forming a group witch is a genetic link between plants and higher animals.

Our research group discovered how to transfer insect genes into human cells and regrouping the DNA strings inside the living cells forming a new species which was partly human, partly insect and partly plant. By doing so a new and stronger species could be formed having untouchable DNA for the known viruses. By researching the reaction from this body a possible new shield could be build against virus attacks. By rebuilding this new DNA towards the original DNA string a RNA string was injected to reverse the process. With test on rats it worked perfectly.


My wife and I where both two of the partners in the group and because our children where outgrown she volunteered for the transformation . She was convinced of the importance of the research. The knowledge to reverse the process was in my hands, so a better combination nobody could wish.

Press releases had been doing a marvelous job. A lot of attention from television, newspaper and of course the most important ones: the scientific papers. Together with the direction we decided to put the transformation live on internet.


My wife wasn’t shy when we decided that she should be dressed in tight fitting latex leggings , together with extreme long gloves and a short body. Just some minimal protection for the body. She was laying down in a glass cell on a thin sheet of latex which covered very fertile and soft ground. The injection of the genes was done in front of the internet cameras. She looked just pretty and sensitive, ready for the transformation to be started with red blushes on her cheeks from the excitement. To be honest, she just looked sexy and I was proud on her.


While everybody was watching the process started. First of all her face was changing. Her eyes became insect like. Then there was clearly activity underneath her in the soil because while her body was shaking just a bit, strange bodies appeared, strongly connected to the fertile soil with a sort of latex. At this moment also the latex gloves on her hands started to dissolve and insect like tentacles appeared. The reaction from wife was above every expectation. She was sure liking it. In front of the cameras she started to touch herself in a extreme sensual way with her just rebuild hands. I expected a lot, but to see my purely scientific orientated wife displaying her sexual joy in front of the world, I hardly could bare. Then her feet started to change and out of her ass a sort of tail appeared, getting longer and longer. She certainly liked it because she was touching herself and playing with her sensuality. When this wasn’t embarrassing enough her nipples started to transform into sensitive antennas to bring herself to a new higher level of sexual joy. Partly insect partly human, partly plant and partly dressed in latex and having intense sex with herself, I decided that this was enough. I stepped into the room to bring her to her sense and remind her of acting like a scientist. What wouldn’t the world think of our reputation. I bowed over to here to whisper this into her ears, away from the microphones and cameras. Suddenly I felt a deep pain in my back and saw her tail sticking into me. At the same time my mind was one with hers .”A hive.., yes of course I have to transform also, to breed with you, yes off course, yes of course my Queen…”


The rest of the team, as also the people who where watching, saw just in a quarter of an hour also an amazing transformation of a male human species and having intense sex with his insect like partner.


“Euh…., guys”, the just promoted (15 minutes ago) new team leader of the research group said, “Who has knowledge to transfer them back”. Everybody pointed to the new species inside the cell.  


The cameras where still doing a great job…


Latex Circle