Eine Geschichte von K. zu Bild Nr. 31237

©2005 by K.

We had been married for 25 years and my wife had just been through the menopause. She had totally gone off sex so I had been looking for something that would turn her on. I heard about a plant that gave off a substance that drove woman made for sex. Apparently they had been all but wiped out because when they were fully grown they would entice a human to become part of it. If a person tasted this substance they would become addicted to it .To such an extent that they would willingly become one with the plant when the plant was big enough to encompass them. The plant would feed the person and hold them in a state of orgasm and the plant would feed off the person waste products. Once enveloped by a plant it was not possible to remove the person with out killing them.

Several plants had been found in South America. A tribe of natives cared for them and almost worshiped them. I found out about all of this from a very good friend. He has been on trekking holidays all over the world. He had a big adventure in South America where he met this tribe.

He managed to get the natives to give him a seed of the plant after a lot of haggling. He had been trying to grow it but without success. He then asked if I would like to have a go. I must say that I do not have green fingers but I jumped at it. I planted it in a pot mixed with some of my wait products to put it as nice as I can, and within a week it had started to show signs of life.

I couldn't believe my luck. In a month it stood about 2 inches high. It was like a stump with one large leaf coming out from the back of it. The leaf hung over at the top and the tip of the leaf dripped this sticky liquid.

I know that we shouldn't but in the end we gave in and tasted it. We couldn't believe the effect that it had on us. If was fantastic! Sex with each other had never been as good as this. We collected it and dipped our finger in it and sucked it when ever we fancied it. This was happening more and more.

So we were randy most if the time we were at home. The only problem was that you had to give the plant human excrement and it was only human that it could live on. Maybe that is what my friend had been doing wrong. He was by now off on another adventure for a year or so. He wasn't sure when he would be back.

All went well for the first year or so. We kept it in the conservatory and I had been feeding it every day instead of once a week. Our lives revolved around the blessed plant we just couldn't get enough of it. We were both totally hooked on it and could see that given the opportunity we would be quite happy to become one with it. I had not noted how big it had been getting and I didn't know how often my wife had been at it during the day when I was at work.

Until one day I found her in the conservatory naked and rubbing herself off in front of the plant. As I went in I was hit by an overwhelming smell and it wasn't long before I had my clothes off and was joining in. All of a sudden we both came over very dizzy. I feel back into a chair and she fell back into the plant. She fell right in the middle of the stump with the top of the leaf going over her head and the part that dripped its nectar was just in front of her face. I tried to get up but didn't have the strength to. I just lay there helpless to do anything.

She must have been in the same state because she didn't attempt to get up. I watched in horror or may be in envy as a bubble started to form just above the nectar tube. It was as if the weight of her body on the stump was pushing flowed through the leaf and forming the bubble. The bubble got bigger until it enclosed her head. This seemed to give her strength as she began to wiggle her bottom down into the stump. This had the affect of making the bubble grow much more quickly.

In no time the bubble was down to her knees. She then started to caress her clit. I hadn't noticed before but a phallic shaped thing had formed between her legs. Her hand knocked against it so she got hold of it and guided it into her most private part.

About eight or so inches down the shaft there was what looked like a sucker round it and when it reached her body it seemed to seal itself to her. As she had been working the penis into herself another one had formed where the nectar had been coming from. She guided this into her mouth and that also had a sealer on it which sealed itself to her mouth.

The whole plant seemed to pulsate as she was now reaching an orgasm. The bubble that enclosed her was getting thicker and thicker till she slowly disappeared from my view. She had become one with the plant. I watched as the plant and my wife began there life of sex together.

From that point on the plant didn't produce any more nectar and I was left with out my wife or my fix. I carried on looking after it. After all, although it had taken my wife she was still alive. It had gone through my mind that may be this was also the way that the plant reproduced. I seemed to be right because some months later a seedling started to appear next to it. I very carefully looked after it.

Soon it was 2 in high and growing fast. I started collecting the nectar and soon found myself in that permanent state of arousal. My wife's plant continued to spend most of the day pulsating. So I guess she was having a good time.

A year passed and one day I went into the conservatory and the smell hit me. My stomach turned over as I know that this was the moment. I had no time to think. If I stay where I was I would be lost. This was what I had been working towards for over a year but now I had second thoughts. I started to take my clothes off and began to stroke myself. I stood with my back to the plant and with out hesitation sat in the middle of it.

So here I am the bubble is forming over my head. I want to get away but I cannot move. The bubble is over my eyes, now my nose I smell the most fantastic smell. I wiggle my bum into the stump and try to push as hard as I can down on it.

The bubble races down my body. I am in heaven as it closes over my feet. I reach down and push my dick into the tube that is waiting for me. I get hold of the penis and put it in my mouth. My hands are resting on my legs when it gets dark and I cannot move as the inside of the bubble contacts with my skin. I begin to come as my whole body goes into orgasm.

I hope this never ends.....