A story together with drawing Nr. 21301

©2007 by K.

I had been buying PVC underwear for a couple of years when I received an email from the site that I had been buying them from. It said that they had found a new form of PVC and as I was an old customer wanted me to try it out for them.

It went on to say that they had made a cat suit and there was no zip to get it on, but it was made big and once on it would shrink to become skin thigh. There was no mention on how to get it off! They said that they had made the cat suit for me and they had already put it in the post to me.

I email them to ask how to get it off. They replied that it was not meant to be taken off and in fact once it was on it could not be removed as it would melt into the skin and become part of the wearer. I didn’t know what they were thinking of as if I was going to put something on that became part of me never to come off.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the cat suit and being unable to get it off. The fact that it was on it’s way to me frightened the life out of me. I couldn’t sleep that night and when I did sleep I dreamed of wearing the suit. I have always dreamed of this happening to me but know that it was not possible. If this is all true I was really frightened as I know that if I had it in my hands I would end up putting it on, and I may have dreamed of this but it is different when I know it can happen. They new exactly what they were doing when they put it in the post to me! They new that I was already addicted to the stuff.

It arrived the next day and although I wanted to put it on there and then I just left it on the side I was frightened to open it! In the end I could not stop my self and I slowly unpack the parcel. It was heaver then normal PVC but it felt and smelt just wonderful.

It was only big in the top part so you could get into it from the neck. I thought that if I only put it on up to my waist I would be OK.

So I got undressed and slid my legs one by one into the cat suit. It was so smooth and silky. It was quite tight on my legs and as I drew it over my bum it felt wonderful. The neck was round my waist as I had planed, but I wanted to slip my arms into it so much so that I found myself pushing my hands inside the neck and down into the arms.

I slowly worked it up as my arm went further into the sleeves, it was very tight at this point and I thought that it might split. Then I came to my senses! But it was up to my shoulder all I had to do was lift my arms above my head and it would be on.

I then tried to pull it down and as I turned round I court sight of myself in the mirror! and boy did it look good. I was now stuck I couldn’t get it off and I was frightened to lift my arms and be in it forever.

As I stood there looking in the mirror I could see and feel the cat suit getting smaller and as it did the neck of it was slowly sliding over my shoulders and shrinking into place round my neck. So there I was, as I had feared wearing the cat suit. I must say it felt great, but that wasn’t the end of it.

The neck didn’t stop there it started to grow up over my head and face until it formed a bubble over my head I could see through it and breath but I don’t know how. Then the arms grow over my hand and the legs over my feet, until I was completely sealed inside of it. I would never see any part of my skin again.

I was in heaven.