A story together with drawing Nr. 31461

©2007 by Latex Circle

“My name is Michelle and tonight I have the opportunity to interview Serile which has surprisingly volunteered to live a life as a noble slave, thanks to the newest technology. Truly owned by her husband.”


“Serile, you look astonished. Dressed in soft leather, combined with latex gloves, high leather boots and an unbelievable small corset. How does it feel to be like this”;

..... “Thank you Michelle, that you like it and I am honoured with this interview. It feels really great. It makes me more women then I ever felt before. The clothes are indeed great and feel very encouraging for my task. Especially the corset, you know, it’s so tight that I am wearing it day and night. It’s like it has become a part of my body. A nice job from the nanobots”

“Indeed it looks very tight, but what about the insect like antennas on your head, is it just because they look great or what do they do to you and how did this all start, with nanobots ???”;

..... “That are a lot of questions at the same time. Well it all first started with this new bio-antenna technique. By these antennas I could read the mind of my husband or my master, as I prefer to call him like this now. The bio-antennas growth are stimulated by nanobots, produced by my master. I am the first one on the world. It only works for women. Once they are in or on your body, for example, by just a friendly goodbye kiss on the skin of a person, the nanobots will pass and the growing process of the antennas will start. In my case it brought me to my final destination: being owned by my master.”

“But Serile, if I may be so impolite, to start about this subject, you have a metallic ring right trough your.. euh.., well lets say crotch, and it is public shown”;

..... “Yes why not, what is wrong showing your true believe and if he pulls me along with the leash attached to this ring, isn’t that unbelievable sexy. Especially in the beginning when you go for the first time public with it.

..... Isn’t this great!

.....At first it feels very shameful but it causes even a deeper respect for my master. It made me extremely special for him. So in a way his total responsibility for me is binding us stronger then ever before.”


“Aren’t your clothes a sort of slave uniform, especially when I look at your top, expressing you nipples in a very sensitive way but still impossible to touch them directly”.

.....“Good that you ask this to me. I really don’t know. I just had an unbelievable feeling that I had to wear this. Including the high heeled boots. Expressing my sensitive female side, protected but unable to hide something. Closed but open at the same time. And the ring binds everything together. Maybe in a way bound for slavery.”

..... It seems that you are also attracted to this situation, aren’t you.”

“Well no,… euhm, to be honest, maybe yes, well it looks very nice, but..

..... “Do you want to try it also ?”, she laughed.

At this moment her husband entered the room and politely asked to stop the interview because Serile had to join him to a scientific meeting of his company. “At this time?“ I asked him. “Yes, yes, very important, to study, together with my colleges, the ongoing reaction of the nanobots at the human body”. Serile smiled and winked to me.

“Thank you very much for this short interview Serile.”

..... “Wait Michelle” she said, and she gave me a friendly goodbye kiss.


The next morning I felt two little bulges on top of my head. I couldn’t keep my mind from my husbands and wasn’t it the first time that I asked him if he would still love me if I was just a tiny little bit his slave girl.


Two weeks later I was wearing wonderful long latex gloves, was dressed in an extremely tight corset completed with long crotch boots and a ring through my.. well, euhh, crotch ….. I was in a sexual way an attachment from the mind of my husband, which I now prefer to call him master, to fulfil all his needs.


We are now standing at the front door to go for the first time public to have a drink with friends…He is pulling shortly the leash. Nervous but anxious to leave I follow him.

Isn’t this great!


Latex Circle