A story together with drawing Nr. 31440

©2008 by Latex Circle

“Please don’t look at me like that” she said to me “But you are a beautiful fairy”

“I know, but I just don’t like it when you watch me if I am a total alien”, “Sorry but I’ve never seen a creature like you before”, “Human you mean, You see, I am not a creature, I am just a girl changed a bit into a Fairy”, “But, your beautiful boots, your wings, your naked body and what’s that, a dildo ?”, “I am sorry, I see a total stranger, coming towards me, gazing to me as a dull monkey asking stupid questions, can’t you at least introduce yourself to me as a gentleman to a lady” I stumbled “Yes of course sorry, sorry for being so impolite, Richard is my name”. She replied quickly “Richard Moron, which Richard, get a grip on yourself”. She raised and walked towards me. Her wings softly flutter. Her hair was long and beautiful, her breasts where stiff and partly covered with black chitin. Her overkneeboots were amazing. I couldn’t help it, I just stumbled again with the words coming out of my mouth “Richard Blake” I said as politely as I could. “That’s better”, she said “My name is Evelyn Trumble” and she put her hand forward. I wanted to give her a hand also. Quickly she redraw her hand, “I am sorry, but since when give men a hand to a lady, how impolite, You are allowed to gently kiss it”. Again she put her hand forward and I bowed a bit and kissed the extreme soft skin of her hand. She smelled wonderful. I couldn’t help it that my head changed into a red tomato. “Ah ! “, she said “at least you’ve got manners”.

“May I be so impolite to ask you a question” I said. “Of course” she answered, “but that doesn’t mean that I have to answer it”. “Sorry” I said, “But could you at least give me a chance”. “Continue” she waved with her hand inviting me to go on.


We had a good chat with each other for over half an hour. I was amazed about her elegance and being so soft and direct at the same time. She told me her amazing story of how she was changed into the fairy like being she was now. She had a very nice live and was proud on her task. That task concerned me a bit. To get enough energy she visited people to get some fluids from them. Male sperm was ok, but also the female juices produced during intense sexual pleasure. I told her that I could imagine that if I had the pleasure of having sex with her I wouldn’t resist at all. She liked that and liked my behaviour. She invited me to come along in her estate for the weekend and whoosh, she flew away.


I was really looking forward to the weekend. Friday afternoon I drove to her estate. Parked my car next to the manor surrounded by very nice gardens and knocked at the door. She herself opened the door and I was again astonished about her beauty. After a drink she showed me a bit around. We had a nice chit chat and finally we went upstairs the her special room which she prepared for a nice event as she promised me. The room itself was not unpleasant. The furniture as the bed itself was covered with latex and she asked me to undress myself and to put on a tight fitting latex catsuit. It totally enclosed me except my male strongly growing part.

I had to lay down on the bed. She put a tube in my mouth and covered me underneath a latex sheet. There was a hole in the sheet for the male, now very stiff, part. I heard her switching on a pump which turned out that I was laying on a vacuum bed.  Of course I couldn’t move when the air was gone. I was very exited what would follow, so I just laid not able to move at all.  After a few minutes the pump stopped. I expected that the sheets would slowly lift of by air, but nothing happened. I still couldn’t move. I was placed in vertical position and she started to suck on the only uncovered body part till an ejaculation was unavoidable. I was astonished about the pleasure this brought to me.


“I hope you like it” she whispered in my ear. I mumbled something like “Yes!” back to her. “Good” she said “I will keep you in your latex enclosure for some time and will harvest you sperm as often as possible. Do you agree with that”. I mumbled that this was perfectly ok. A sudden pain in my ass remembered me of my unmovable situation. She laughed a bit and pushed something even deeper in my ass. “Do you remember my dildo like part” she said, without expecting an answer, “Well I am injecting you now with a nice fluid. The first few weeks will be sexually very nice for you, because I need you to harvest, but after that, I promise you, you will change into a perfect drone. A male one if you behave, or I remember that you gazed at my boots, maybe a female one. She enjoyed this game clearly. I couldn’t help it, but the idea of the coming events made me again ready to be harvested.



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