Eine Geschichte von Rubberboy
Area 51
  By Rubberboy 7451

AREA 51;Vicki’s revenge.

I stepped into the darkness on my new insect legs, funny how it seems so.. natural. The changes to my body & mind were now nearly complete.

I was led into a large underground chamber about 200 human yards across. Below me, hundreds of drones scurried about performing the tasks to keep the hive alive. I stretched my wings wide & leapt off the ledge I was standing on, flying down to the ground below.

On the floor around me were large pods, A human man was sedatly led to one of the pods, The middle of the pod split & the human got inside. The sides of the pod sealed up & changed colour as the shell hardened. Nearby, a pod was splitting open, from inside emerged a small, squat bipedal drone with 4 arms, two large bulbous eye’s & completely black in colour. The drone immidiatly scurried off to join the other drones.

A larger version of what I had become walked up to me on spindly legs, a large abdomen held off the ground effortlessly. The mandabiles clicked to me in my new language, "Welcome little one, here you will be destined to become part of a great change. We will become the ruling species on this planet! The pathetic humans will become subjigated to our will, they will join us or they will perish!!"

I suddenly became aware of how the race of insectoid’s I had joined had come to be here. In the late 1940’s, a spaceship had landed near here & the Galem, as we were called, had settled underground in this vast cavern they had created. All of the offspring raised since then were once human. This was ware many abductees ended up, the men as drones & the females the ruling species.

I replied to the queen, "I want that bastard that done this to me to know the pleasure of being a drone, I want him to serve us!"

"Relax, youngone, he will soon know his empty life as a human will come to a end as he serves us till the end of his days" The queen responded.

I became aware of a commotion coming towards us, I saw it was a man, the very man who was responsible for my change of life. I walked towards him. Two drones held him in a vice like grip with their pincer like hands.

I put my pincers on either side of his head & spoke to him directly into his brain.

‘Hello again, thank you for giving me this wonderous gift!"

"Who.oo arre youu? What arre youu?…"he stammered,terrified eyes looking up at me.

"I was once a human called Vicki Spencer, You remember, you sent me here. Now it is time for you to join us" I replied.


The long stinger that tipped my abdomen reached & extended behind him. I jabbed the stinger forward, stinging him in the base of the neck.

He started to struggle less as the powerful venom I had injected into him took effect. Two drones carried over a pod & placed it on the ground beside him, the pod split open & the two drones holding him still struggling weakly forced him inside. His last concious view as a man was of me as the pod sealed up…… .

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