Eine Geschichte von Cindy zu Bild Nr. 31328 und 31241a

  ©2004 by Cindy

Devil Wind

It was a restless night, sleep would not come, so she finally gave up and went outside to watch the drama in the sky high above her.
The full moon was a backdrop for the patterns of dark clouds the urgent wind was pushing swiftly across the sky. It was beautiful, but brought to her an immense sadness even she couldn't understand. Trying to become one with the night, she closed her eyes and stood with her arms outward letting the devil wind toss her hair and touch her body. As it swirled even faster she slowly raised her arms and enjoyed the sensation the chaotic warm air was giving her. She felt as if she, too were riding the wind just as the clouds were.

Abruptly it stopped. Her eyes flew open to see the cause of the sudden calm on such a turbulant night, and to her shock she was no longer in her backyard. No longer outside, even.

She was in a vessel of sorts, perhaps a starship surrounded by creatures who were looking at her intently. She could not lower her arms and upon looking found they were now bound above her head. One of the creatures approached her and with only a gesture forced her legs wide apart. He began to probe inside her with both his "arms."

Instead of horror and pain, what he was doing felt like nothing she'd ever felt before. She meant to scream, but instead moaned with pleasure. At this, he pulled his arms free and an amazingly long sexual organ began snaking towards her body and and buried itself inside her. It burrowed deeper than any man had ever been inside her body.

The others began chattering to each other and then all their organs began coming at her. She was sampled by at least twenty of them, sometimes two at once. The organs would burrow opposite directions inside her and she had never felt such sexual pleasure.

When they were finished, they led her to an opening in the ship that led directly to her own back yard. As she turned to look, all she could see was a glimmer of the ship as it blended in with the swift clouds. You can bet that the next time a hot wind is blowing she will be right back out there in case her friends return. She would never again be satisfied with a human lover.