Eine Geschichte von Gary zu Bild Nr. 31235


©2002 by Gary Driscoll





Stepping into her dimly lit bedroom, Anna felt exhausted from a long day’s work. Peeling off clothing as she made her way towards her large welcoming bed. One thought in Anna’s mind as she moved to the edge of the bed. Sleep, Anna needed to sleep for days it felt like. Her body sore and her head pounding with a headache from her ungrateful boss screaming at her again. A good nights sleep was what she felt would make it all go away for at least a few hours till she had to return to that slave driver boss and her wretched cubicle at the local newspaper.

Anna had been working 12-hour days the past 6 days to get an editorial story in by Friday’s print. Anna being the chief editor’s assistant was saddled with most of the dirty work nobody else wanted. Most days Anna felt she wasn’t even noticed when she would crawl into work, her hair disheveled and her clothes partly wrinkled from being in a whirlwind rush to be to work on time and having overslept again.

Today was it though, Anna had told her boss she needed time off, a sabbatical of sorts to rest and relax. Her boss, enraged, told her to take next week off but she had better have her little ass in to work early tomorrow morning. He raved about how big this story was she was working on and how it was to go to print and she better be there or not bother coming in at all anymore. Reluctantly she agreed knowing she could suffer through one more day so that she could be free of the damn place for a whole week after.

Collapsing down on the bed Anna felt the cool silk sheets caress her skin and fold around her as she began to drift off to sleep. From this new vantagepoint, Anna lay on her back sprawled on the bed half between sleep and consciousness. Anna glimpsed something perched in the corner. Clung to the wall where it met the ceiling. Eyes half open, Anna blinked and sat up on her elbow to give a better look. Wide-eyed Anna watched this insectoid looking creature leap from its corner perch to land over her.

About to scream Anna opened her mouth and before a sound could escape a thick black viscous fluid jetted out in a stream from the creatures’ mouth into hers. Gagging as the fluid spewed into her open mouth she made gargling sounds as she again tried to scream. The creature poised over her body reached out with it’s insect like legs and arms to pin Anna’s own arms and legs to the bed. Sticky pads emanating a black liquid from the tips of the insectoids arms and legs adhered her to the bed. Soon Anna felt herself struggling for air as the black ooze in her mouth began to seep down her throat. Unable to stop it, Anna swallowed as the creature shifted its lower abdomen quickly and stung her with a large sharp stinger that protruded from its hind section.

Anna swallowing the ooze that was spewed in her mouth screamed again as the sound broke through the thin layer of black fluid residue in her mouth. The creature extended a long probiscuous tongue towards Anna as she screamed, licking Anna’s face almost seductively before it extended wings from its insectoid back and leapt from her bed. Buzzing as if a giant bee, the creature flew to the open window in Anna’s second floor bedroom and flew out into the night. Clung to the bed Anna felt her vision blur and her stomach churning as she passed out.

Hours later, Anna sat bolt upright in her bed. Awake after having the most horrific dream of a large insectoid looking creature stinging her. Anna looked around the room; her heart still pounded from the adrenaline rush of the dream. Feeling a cool layer of sweat over her body as a breeze blew in from her open bedroom window. Had this really happened? Was there a creature in her room a few hours ago?

Anna looked down to see where she saw the creature sting her in what she thought was a dream. Just above her sex Anna could see a small puncture wound. It was raised around the entry mark and the raised skin looked purplish like a bruise. Anna began to panic. She swung her legs around the bed and onto the floor and tried to get up out of bed. Upon standing Anna felt an intense sensation rush through her sex as she felt a powerful orgasm rip through her.

Flopping back onto the bed Anna felt the slow ripples as her orgasm subsided and could feel the moisture dripping from her sex along her thighs. Looking down over her insect sting she now saw it had swollen more and the skin was now a glossy black color almost like shiny vinyl.

Along with the color change the area affected had grown a few inches up towards her navel and a few inches down towards her sex. Anna had no idea what to make of all of this and though it must be some kind of allergic reaction to the sting and decided she had to get out of bed and call for an ambulance.

Struggling Anna stood up once more as her sex dripped down her thighs. Amazed at how incredibly turned on she was by just walking to the phone. The pressure of the blackish wound pressed down with gravity as she stood. Anna felt something shifting from beneath her skin as she looked down. The blackish skin was moving down slowly as if a thick fluid was beneath the skin and was sliding down towards her sex as she stood.

The sensation as it approached her sex was unbelievable as another orgasm ripped through her and sent another rush of juices down her thighs. Anna noticed with her orgasm a grayish discoloration this time as her juices dripped along her thighs. Not sure why Anna reached down and ran a finger along her sex and dipped it into this grayish liquid seeping from her sex. Bringing it to her noise it smelled like the PVC thigh high boots she had bought a few weeks ago for her now ex-boyfriends enjoyment. He loved kink and she found that sliding the PVC thigh high boots over her shaven smooth legs turned her on as well.

An idea formed in her mind as Anna turned away from the phone and went to her dresser and pulled out the pair of PVC thigh high boots. Knowing she should call for help, Anna could not help but feel so horny and wanted to feel another climax like she has just felt. Stepping into the thigh high boots Anna slid them over her legs and up her juicy thighs. Her fingers smearing the grayish juice as she drew a finger to her mouth and tasted the liquid. With a devilish grin she sucked on her fingers loving the sweet taste of her juices.

Anna had not noticed as she lapped her sweet nectar from her fingers that the glossy black skin raised around her sting point had swelled and moved down to encompass her sex. Anna turned from the dresser only to feel another mind shattering orgasm rip through her again as it pulled her to the floor, her legs shaking and weak. Lying on her bedroom floor, Anna lifted her head to look down at her body as she watched her nipples swell with excitement as her sex burned with desire.

Reaching down Anna stroked her fingers along the length of her sex seeing the blackish skin now enveloped it. Anna knew this swelling was spreading and she needed medical attention but it just felt to damn good. Her other hand cupped her breast and began to fondle the nipple so swollen and sensitive. Tilting back her head, Anna moaned out as she pulled and teased her nipple locked in a building orgasm once more.

Anna pulled on her sensitive nipple more and looked down again to see a black liquid was oozing from each nipple. Amazed, Anna watched her nipple grow as she held in between her fingers and increase in sensitivity. Both nipples now about 4 inches long as the fluid hardened into a shiny black appendage. Writhing on the floor Anna watched her new appendages grow from her aroused nipples and slid both hands over her sex to caress another orgasm. No longer able to stop Anna cried knowing she was turning into something hideous like the thing that stung her. As she began to cry her vision blurred and glossed over as she felt her tears pooling and drip from her eyes.

Unable to see what was happening, Anna’s eyes dripped the same black fluid her nipples had and it was now encasing her head. The fluid over her eyes bubbling out into two large mounds over her eyes as Anna could now see a long needle like object extend from her nose, looking like a mosquito’s proboscis. Anna Moaned again as she felt her arms hugged tight to her body press in impossibly closer as her fingers became coated in black liquid as it oozed from her orgasming sex.

Anna could see through her new large bulbous eyes that her hands were dissolving in this black ooze and hardening against her sex as she climaxed several times more. Her now large tentacle like appendages protruded out from her nipple writhing in the air sensing out as she watched her sex and hands form into a hard insectoid looking shell.

Moaning out with one last orgasm Anna felt her stomach muscles clench and contract hard and she watched a large long needle sharp stinger extend from her ass. Anna felt her back sweating against the carpet become sticky and gelatinous and she tensed her shoulders and felts wings pull out from her back underneath her. Anna knew now what was happening and all she began to think about was how good it would feel to sting her bastard boss and watch him writhe and scream as she had.