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To serve you

"Please, could you undress yourself and put these latex boots on” John asked. "Ok, no problem”, I said, used to be covered in a tight latex catsuit, boots and gloves. I liked wearing this type of boots and my husband Peter, which was looking, loved it when I was dressed in that wonderful material, especially when I was dressed in latex when other people could see me wearing it.
We were in the botanical gardenhouse of the director of my husband. He and his wife, John and Eve, invited us for a visit on this Friday evening, and we enjoyed their estate and gardens. John wanted to discuss my husband promotion in a more private surrounding.

Both were good looking and Eve had a waist diameter which was unbelievable, to be jealous on. Anxious to know how she got this extremely small sized middle and how to keep it like that, John and Eve invited us in the botanical garden. They explained the powerful working of a strange looking latex like plant and how they had to treated it with great care and love. "Especially the love is important and very nice”, Eve said. Curious as I am, I asked Eve to tell more about it. "I can tell you a lot, but I believe it is better that you experience it by yourself” she said with a kind smile.

Well, so there I was standing only dressed in these latex boots. My husband smiled to me and whispered that this was quite important for his promotion that I followed their instructions carefully. I laughed back at my husband and said that, seeing the red gloss on his face and his twinkling eyes, it was also good for his libido.

"Please, make yourself comfortable to step carefully between those leaves and follow the plants action and your feelings” Eve said. Strange, I thought, a plant which can move. I looked at Peter, he laughed at me and said that it looked that I will be absorbed by the plant and transformed into a fantastic creature out of space. I laughed back to him, but was shocked when suddenly the plant starts to penetrate my vagina and back at the same time. John and Eve where looking exited. "The plant needs love, Silvana”, Eve said, "Give it to it”

Peter just stood there and watched. First I panicked a bit, but feeling the strange plant inside me and the others looking at me was quite exciting. I decided to play the game with them and I couldn’t resist to touch myself in a sensitive way. The plant responded to this and started to encapsulating my legs. A sort of mask came down which certainly had the intention to cover my head. There where two holes in the biggest leaves where I could slide my hands and arms in. Under stimulating words from Peter I pushed my arms slowly in these slimy gaps, which felt wonderful.

It really sucked away my will to resist. My arms until my shoulders where almost one with this fantastic plant when it started to cover my head and still free body parts. When it closed down over me, a nice intense warm feeling started to glow inside of me. If I was injected from the inside with warm latex. Curling from that strange and exiting feeling I felt myself slipping away in a transformation which felt so soft and wonderful as if I my entire body was being transformed into latex. I couldn’t withstand coming to a sexual climax.

I was brought back to my senses again by the voice of Eve, whispering in my ear to wake up, I start to realize that something wonderful had happened. I opened my eyes and saw Peter standing with open mouth gazing at me as if he saw a miracle. Looking at the dimension of the bump in his trousers, it must look like a sexual miracle. I started to look at myself and touched my soft body. Amazing, it all felled really like latex. My breasts where latex, my legs, arms and even my head felled like latex.

"Silvana, welcome to the Association of latex girls? John said. "Please follow my wife for the appropriate dressing?.
I was astonished, my waist was unbelievable small, just the same as Eve’s. I felt indeed if I was existing out of pure latex. Only my head had still a skin color but the rest was shiny black. The latex boots were now part of me and it looked if I was wearing tight latex gloves, so beautiful.

When I start to walk away with Eve I heard John saying to Peter "Well, Peter, as agreed, you have got your promotion and your wife will be in optimal shape and function as you wanted her to be, so you can fixate on your work better then before and she will understand it and take care after you” "Take care after you as if she is only thinking about you without spilling time on herself or asking you to do so. She is now your doll as you wanted her to be, 100% made of fine pure latex. She will do whatever you want her to do. And you Peter, you are now from my company and in that company you will serve me, or did you think your wife is transformed for free, Peter”. "Just for your fun”. "I think the outside world doesn’t have to know what your are messed up into, with your fantasies”. I saw that Peter was shocked and become white in his face.

I was part of a deal! I was astonished, but at the same time I felled so pity for Peter that he had to work forever for John’s company from now on. I felled so pity, that I promised myself to do whatever I could do to help him, to support him, to put myself aside, to serve him and I felled a warm glow coming into my new latex body. Eve noticed these feelings and gave me here arm, and said "That’s what we are made for”. Together we walked away. Both being just like a latex doll, but intense happy.

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