Eine Geschichte von K. zu Bild Nr. 31374

©2005 by K.

We were on our way home from NZ and had stopped over in one of the Pacific islands. We were here for four days. The first day Jo wanted to do some snorkelling so I said that I would get a canoe and paddle across to a small island about 100 yards off sure, to do some sun bathing. When I got to the island I found that the beach was sandy but covered with bits and peaces. I was just about to go back when I noticed another island about 100 yards further out. So I headed for that one. When I got there I found that I was out of sight of the main island so decided to take off my swimsuit to get an all over tan. As I walked up the beach I came across a log about 7 feet long with a large flower just at one end of it. The flower smelt wonderful so I through my towel over the log and sat on it to take in the smell. I felt so relaxed that I lay back on the log. The log was smooth and it was cool on my back so I lifted up my bum and pulled the towel away and dropped it on the sand. The feel of the cool smooth surface beneath me felt good and it seemed to be taking on my shape as I lay there. I must have drifted off to sleep and when I woke I found that my bottom had sunk into the log.

I was now sitting almost upright with the log up behind me and in front of me. There was a lovely smell coming from a knob which was just below my nose. I can’t explain why but I was quite happy about my situation. I should have got up and ran and all my reasoning told me too! The situation I found myself in made me so aroused I just sat there taking in the lovely smell until I found myself putting my tong out to see what it tasted like. It was giving off a thick syrupy substance which was totally intoxicating. The more I had the more turned on I got. I soon had the knob in my mouth sucking hard on it. The more I socked the bigger it got. I tried to push my hand down to rub my clit but the log or was it a plant was gripping me so tight I couldn’t get to it. It was then I felt something probing my clit. It started moving backwards and forwards then side to side it was driving me over the top. I was at the point of orgasm and it held me there for what seemed like hours. Then glorious release.

The thing in my mouth was squirting the thick syrup down my throat and I couldn’t get enough of it. Then I felt something entering my down below. It slowly parted my lips and moved in and out and each time it went in it penetrated me further and further. I now had a penis in both ends of me and I was in heaven. It wasn’t long before I exploded into another orgasm that just went on and on. After what seemed like hour I feel asleep through extortion. When I woke up I was lying on top of the plant or log and I had been there for about 6 hours. I got up and went straight back to my room and hoped that Jo had not missed me. All that evening and through the night I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. Had it all been a dream? In the end I could only think that it must have been. After all what happened was not possible. Possible or not I had made up my mind to go back tomorrow.

In the morning I persuaded Jo that I didn’t mind if he had another day snorkelling.

He said O K and he said that my tan was a funny colour he said that it had a greenish tint to it. I said that it must be the sun tan lotion and gave him a smile. I couldn’t wait for him to be off so I could get back to my plant and have sex with it.
After what seemed an eternity I found myself back on the island.

As I walked no ran up the beach I noticed a log the same as my one but it was standing upright. I went over to it and there looked like there was a pair of arms and leg shaped into it in just the way I would have been when I was making love to my plant. How strange I thought and how strange that I thought that I had been make love to it. I went over to my plant took my swimming togs off and got on to it.

I know that I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing but if there were the smallest chance I was not dreaming then I wanted some more.

I leaned forward took a deep breath of the flower. Then laid back and hoped against hope that I wasn’t just dreaming last time.

The small of the penis under my noise woke me up. I looked around and there was no question I was awake and this was not a dream. I took the penis into my mouth and started sucking it I pushed my face as far forward as I could to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. I was already at the point of orgasm when I then felt the back and the front of the plant coming together with me in-between and as it did the penis in my mouth grow longer and I had no chose but to swallow it. That was when my first orgasm started. As it started to subside my clit began to be stimulated and the orgasm continued. When after what seemed like hours that started to slow the penis entered me. It seemed as if I was in the state of endless orgasm. There was nowhere on earth that I would rather be then where I was now and I never wanted it to end.

Some hours later I woke up and made my way back to my room. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and could it be true that there was a girl inside the other plant that I had come across. If so what did I have to do to be like her? I now wanted more then anything to be trapped in my plant to be in a state of endless orgasm.

I couldn’t wait until morning. It was our last day tomorrow and I didn’t think I could live with out my plant. When it got light I slipped out of bed so I would not wake up Jo. Then I made my way back to the island being careful that nobody saw me. I stood in front of the other plant and I was sure I could just make out the shape of some body trapped inside. I went over to my plant and found that the flower was dying. Did this mean it was all over and I would never experience it again? Or was it that the flower had served its prepuce. After all I was standing in front of it hoping to be trapped forever.

I was shaking as I took my cloths off and got on top of the plant. As I sat there my bottom began to sink into it straight away. This was all happening too fast. The front and back came up and as it did the penis began to form as it got closer to me.

As the front and back came together round me the penis was pushed into my mouth. I put my arm round the front of my plant and pulled it as hard as I could towards me. I then lifted my legs and griped it as tight as I could.

I was rewarded by the front and back of the plant coming together all around my. It closed over my head and my arms and legs.

There I was completely encased with in my plant. I was in heaven. It was at this point that I felt the penis moving past my lips into my throat then down my throat and I could feel it in my stomach. I don’t know how but I was breathing quit normally.

I was again at the point of orgasm when the penis entered me down below.

This time it entered me much deeper then I have ever been entered before.

My orgasm started and I don’t know when it will end. I just hope I will never see the day. I am still me. I can not move at all I still think as much as one can in a permanent state of orgasm. If I could get my old life back I would choose to stay where I am.

I do sleep but as soon as I wake I start another orgasm. The plant in feeding me and slowly I am becoming it. We are one....