Eine Geschichte von Her Master zu Bild Nr. 31589

  ©2013 by Her Master

Was it a real fight? Did she fight with all she had? Did she really want to win the fight? she wasn't
sure at all. Even though she didn't really know, if it was a real fight, she exactly knows the moment
she lost the chance to win.

It was the moment, when her naked butt touched the lifelike warm and tender blossom. It felt like
sitting down on the comfortable lap of a lover. Overwhelmed by this sudden tender feeling, she
forgot to resist and struggle only for a few seconds. But this was sufficient to loose at all, ...
It all began with an "innocent" casual meeting. She was one of two women in her botanic-researchteam
of 6 members. Both of them, are women of the type, that only gays can resist. And they both
knew about the influence, they had on the other four members. Beside this they were attracted by
them too. Hence it wasn't the first time, they met to practice all the interesting things that are hidden
from children.

They almost always had their special "after-work-party" in the flat of the colleague, who resides
nearest to the laboratory. So it was this time. They all stripped naked. To get the guys even more hot
she put on her thigh-long boots. Then they all went to the playroom. The room looked almost the
same as everytime. Only the two very large boxes weren't there before. Both of the women saw the
boxes, but didn't mind them. They all had their fun and thrill through soft bondage and vanilla
practices. In the bondage passages the women are mostly strapped spread-eagle and had no choice
but let it happen to get sucked off. Because they had their very own pleasure of this, they only
struggle and resist a little, more role-play than real. Beside this, they both wouldn't have a chance if
it would be real.

Hence they let it happen and few moments later found themselves strapped spread-eagle, side by
side. Both guess that there was something different this time, because they never were strapped
the same time before. But now they were both defenseless and couldn't help each other.
It went even worse as she recognized that she and her "companion in misfortune" were left alone
and the two boxes were unpacked.
In the two boxes were plants she hasn't seen before. The owner of the flat put all the packaging
aside and found a sheet of paper with usage-instructions. He began to read:
Caution !!!
– Use this plant only, if you are very sure, to give up your former live and become an infertile
in human kind, but always hot nymph.
– You won't be able to bear some children anymore, but you will bear little plants like this
over and over again
– For yourself it will be heaven on earth. And if he or she likes it, for your partner too.
– After the process has started, you can't stop it anymore. You won't be able to think much
about anything else than sex.
– Your life will exist almost only of sleeping, eating and having sex. You won't be able to do
your job anymore, unless you are already in the earths oldest profession
– You need to rely on your partner. He will need to take care of you as he would need to take
care of a schoolchild.
– ...
– Place the plant pot on a solid surface.
– If you are not able to climb the plant and sit down on it on your own, ask your partner to
help you
– If you aren't able to do it by yourself after the process has started, he also may help to fasten
yourself to the plant, for that you can enjoy it in complete
– ...
while hearing all these Caution and "installation"-notes, she looked to her neighbor
and didn't know what she saw in her eyes. Was it panic or was it lust. And her thoughts
were ambivalent too. On one hand she would give up her life, on the other hand she would have
the greatest sex ever over and over again. Although she was frightened by all of this, she got
lubed up to the max. She didn't had much time to think about it.
The four men came to her neighbor, unstrapped her and each arm and leg was held by one of them.
She struggled and wriggled frantically. Although this might look like real, she saw, that
she got lubed up too.

They managed to position her over the blossom of one of the plants. She struggled and wriggled
frantically further on. It took long until she reached her limits.
Her wriggling and struggling subsides a little and they got her butt settled on the blossom for
a few seconds only. This obviously was enough, because suddenly she moans lustfull and all
struggling and wriggling died.

She closed her eyes to concentrate and clear her mind. Should I fight, or should I give in.
She didn't had much time to think. The four men came to her to unstrap her. Moments later
she was held by them at each leg and arm. She tried to fight and wriggle but to no
avail. She might have had a chance if she was held by only two. But she realized, that 4 were at
least 2 too much.

Moments later they had managed to hold her over the second plant.
While she didn't know what to do, she looked at her colleague. She saw that she had an orgasm,
that must be be more intense than ever and she saw that all the fixations are needed, because
without them she might have fallen down from the plant.

She hasn't resisted much until now, but after seeing this her will to fight was weakened even more.
Due to this, she struggled and wriggled only a little. With much less effort than with the first
woman, they managed to place her butt on the blossom. Overwhelmed by the warm and tender
feeling at her butt, she stopped wriggling. Only seconds later she felt that something tries to
penetrate her back. As she wasn't penetrated there before she punched her butt and tried to resist.
She can't resist very long, because the tentacle that tries to penetrate her was very thin an well
lubed. Short after the tentacle has passed her sphincter she felt, that something was pumped into her.
She instantly knew that her former live as it used to be belongs to the past. She knew, that she
soon has to give in, because the substance in her ass will be taken over to her blood soon.
It happened almost the way, she expected. The effect of the substance came very fast. She can't help
herself. Although she wants to calm down, she gets more horny and excited than ever.

While enjoying these feelings, she closed her eyes. She was so high that she didn't really recognize,
that the plant slowly encloses her waist. Two rather strong tentacles crawl up her sides, right
beneath her chest. As they touched each other in the middle of her body they excluded a black latexlike
substance, which flew down her belly a little before it hardened to enforce the joint. Meanwhile
her colleagues pressed her wrists to black fleshy spots on tentacles that function like armrests. As if
the spots have been waiting for this, they excluded the same substance and her wirsts were clued
comfortable but firmly to the armsrests. She couldn't lift them anymore and was even more helpless.
She felt, that sucking tentacles were placed on her most sensitive spots on her breast. She always
loved it, when her lovers play with her nipples, especially when they do it with their tongue while
sucking on them. But this feeling tops it all. It was more intense than everything, she has felt there
before. It was fondling, caressing, sucking, all together. It felt like the tentacles were directly
connected to her nerve-endings.

She was on the brink of an gigantic orgasm already, as she felt the presence of two tentacles at her
thighs. Although they were rather thin, they were very strong. Even if she wanted to resist, she
would not be able to hold her legs close together. Right after her legs were seperated enough a
phallus like tentacle protrudes out of the lower part of the blossom. From her botanic background
she knew that this can't be the stamen but must be the pistil of the blossom and she instinctively
guess what would happen next.

She would get penetrated by the female part of the plant, and hundreds of plant-ovules would
replace the human ovules in her ovaries and she couldn't do anything against it. It came as she
guessed. She still was lubed up to the max and the Pistil was lubed up to. Hence there was no
barrier to break, and the pistil enters her as a hot needle would sink into butter. In her former live
she always appreciated much to go to bed with women, because they instinctively knew how to get
her high. So it was here, the feelings she had by getting fucked by the female part of the plant were
much better than every sex she had with men.

Although she was hot like never before and had feelings at her nipples and down in her womb she
couldn't imagine before, there was something that prevents her from getting her deepest orgasm
ever. She twisted her head to the right and to the left and saw, that the leaf on which her head was
rested, slowly closes. Just before the leaf cut off all her sight and enclosed the upper part of her
face, she saw a tentacle from above lowering slowly. It looks like a a gag. While trying to keep her
eyes open her eyes accustomed to the dark and she starts to see spiral motions in the leaf. She
doesn't know if it was due to the drugs, or due to these pictures, anyway, she felt to become

She closed her eyes and the effect was almost gone. Then she opened them again. In this moment
the plant sprayed something into her eyes. While blinking a few times to clear her sight, she
recognized that it gets harder to close the eyes. At the end, she was unable to close them. Almost
the same happened to her ears. First she can't hear anything but while getting accustomed to the
silence, she began to hear wonderful hypnotizing noises. She now knew that she has no chance to
resist the hypnosis.

Moments later the phallus like gag touched her lips. In the hypnosis or trance, she instinctively
opened her mouth and the gag entered her mouth right away to its full depth. She began to choke.
Right in this moment a numbing liquid was excluded form the gag and the choking subsides.
Instead of chocking the hypnosis lets her take the gag in deep throat. Short after she gets
accustomed to the feeling and began to enjoy to have the mouth and throat packed with a phallus
and she began to suck on it.

She now gets fucked in all three orifices, the hypnosis has done its job very well, and she was in the
right mental position to get her mind blown away. And as it was said in the proverb, it happens in
stark reality: The orgasm flooded over her mind and took all her intelligence with it. The orgasm
was so overwhelming that from now on she only could think about sex and being fucked in one or
two or in all three orifices the same time to get the same overwhelming orgasm again.

Weeks later the team has adapted to the new situation. In the beginning it was hard for all of them.
The men had to cover the work of the women to and do their new “private job” as well, because the
women were very hungry in having sex. Later on the vacant positions were filled by two new very
attractive women who surely will soon have the same fate. Just about 4 weeks after the
transformation both of the women gave birth to small plants that, after raising will be used to
transform other women to always hot nymphs.

And these plants will be followed by many of them, with every single one containing the fateful