Eine Geschichte von J. zu Bild Nr. 31250

©2005 by J.

Cindy stared at the bizarre blubious plant before her. It's pumpkin like shape, with shiny black skin cover it. The strange almost vaginal like opening on the top, and way it quivered, filled of delecious tasting jelly. Cindy was a botonist and exotic plant collector, having gotten what had started out as seed from an online auction. Now the thing that had grown from that seed, was threating to take over her life.

Every day she sat in her attached hothouse and tried to reiste the urdge, the urdge to consume the delicious jelly the thing was producing. She cried out and scrambled on hands and knees to the blubous plant, which seemed to pulsate when she came close. The opening spread and Cindy's hand dove inside, grabing handfuls of the jelly and eating them, just like every day for the past two weeks. Every day she tended to the plant, and every day it filled with jelly, almost as a reward of some sort. Addtionaly she spend the whole rest of the day trying to resiste the urdge to scoop out handfuls of the jelly, to lick at the opening, and every day she failed to resiste, now the uncontrolable urdge came 6 times a day. All she was eating was the jelly, all she could eat was the jelly.

Cindy moaned and rubberd her breasts against the frim dark flesh of the bulb, she could almost feel the bulb quiver back, encouraging her, egging her on. It had a power over her, ever since she had sampled the nectar, thick and viscous, when the buld frist appeared. It was harmless looking then, barely bigger than a golfball. But it had grown, producing more of the jelly, for it was no nectar, it was thick sticky jelly. Every day it grew, ever day there was more jelly for Cindy to eat, more jelly for the plant's care taker. She'd discovered the plant had a sticky coating on the surface, everything stuck to it, except rubber, rubber slid off easily. At frist Cindy wore rubber surgical gloves, but as it grew she wore more rubber.

The gloves had become thick black shoulder lenght gloves, she could taste the rubber in every glob of jelly she ate. She had moved it to a floor pot a while ago, which it quickly out grew, now she wore rubber stockings, as she has to kneel on the board stickly leaves at the bulb's base to attend to it, and eat the jelly. She'd starting wearing a rubber bra when her breasts began to brush the ever expanding surface of the bulb. She'd watched it break though the floor boards, to reach the soil below, and saw the wood break down when the leaves gave off their sticky glue like coating.

The next day Cindy awoke, the bulb had expanded, and she could almost feel a command to attend to the plant, water it, get it freash mulch. She'd taken to collecting the sticky coating and jumping it on piles of organic matter, dissolving it into mulch and spreading under the broad leaves. Food, wood, anyhting thing she could find, all became mulch. She sat next to the door and stared at the bulb, she could swear she could actually see it grow, see it swell with jelly. Her mouth watered at the thought of the jelly, of going to the blub and just shoving her head in and feasting. After 2 short hours Cindy knew that it was "feeding time", she scrambled on all fours to the bulb, she rubbed the thick ribbed edges of the opening and after taking a breath plunged her head into it. It opening streached around her head and she began to almost inhale the jelly.

She pulled her head out, which was now covered in the jelly and sucked. She sucked the jelly out, moaning as it dribbled down her neck onto her shoulders. She sucked and slurped the jelly, letting it fill her mouth, breating one it dribbled away from her nostrils, opening her eyes as it dripped away from them. Once she had her fill she pulled away, watching a thick stream of jelly dribble down and between her breasts. She sat there, letting it dribble down her back and front, not really caring, not even trying to remove it. She did the same during her next 5 "feedings" of the day, not even bothering to clean herself up when she again attended to the blub.

Day after day Cindy feed in this manner, as the blub grew larger and thicker. She had to start climbing the bulb to get the the opening. She couldn't resist and no longer tried, all the while layer after layer of the jelly was building up over her skin. Thicker darker, becoming more rubbery as layers built, it never covered her eyes, nose or mouth. She began mulching in organic objects... tearing the rest of the house apart to find more and more things to mulch. She stripped the walls, finding an inhuman strenght to do so, the only thing her master, as she began to think of the bulb as, couldn't "eat" was glass. So windows remained, mirrors remained. And though the mirrors Cindy began to see her own transformation.

The layers where building but not becoming unwieldy, as if the lowerst layers where being absorbed somehow. Cindy saw as her waist was slowly pulled in, as if by a corset, and her breasts grew swolen, almost like smaller versions of the bulb. Her fingers became long and thin, along with her arms and legs. Her toes seemed to vanish and her arches rose and lenghtened. Some how her neck was longer, alowing her to plude her head in deeper into the opening of the bulb. By now Cindy was losing track of time, days blurred together, weeks simply flew by. And bit by bit she was demolishing her home, stripping the walls, destroying anyhting to feed the master! Only mirrors, windows, vital supports, the outer walls, and oddly her computer, desk and chair where left untouched.

Finally after a day which seemed devoted only to her feeding Cindy fell into a deep slumber. Their rubber coating thickening into a cocoon around her body. For 5 weeks the bulb lived on reserves as Cindy changed inside the rubbery pupa. Untill finally razor sharp claws sliced it open from whith in, and Cindy emerged, transformed into a strange mixture of plant, insect and human. Her long thin body almost looking like a mantis, Her long neck topped with a insect head. Bublious compound eyes on the sides of her head, long feathery antenna, and a thin almost human mouth flanked by mandibles. She still had breasts, though they where more bulbious, with closed almost viginal slits where nipples belonged. Her breasts looked larger still thanks to her thin waist, below the waist her behind had flared out into a insect like abdomen. Her limbs where long and thin, feet ending in hooked claws, 4 sets of arms ending in long segmented fingers.

From her back grew a double set of dragon fly like wings. During this time the plant had taken over the skeletal insides of the house, replacing the supports with it's own substance, coating the walls and ceiling in thick rubber membranes. Broad leaves around every window and mirror, to catch the light. The computer was the only bit of technology remaining, rest on a new bulb. Though Cindy retained her human memories the alien landscape contained with in her house felt like home. She knew now the plant as alive, sentient, and alien. Her body had been changed to make her a prefect caretaker, Her symbiosis with her master would continue, and more bulbs would grow with in the house, in the hive. She would breed with her master, create more Caretakers. She let out a thrill of joy and stroked her new breasts, which continued the seeds. She now knew the purpose of the computer being spared, to auction off her precious seeds online, to spread them across the globe to create more hives. More Masters, more Caretakers.