Eine Geschichte von Latex Circle zu Bild Nr. 31358

©2005 by Latex Circle

Charlotte was an ambitious girl which was working on an agricultural lab. Together with two other girls she was responsible for testing and checking new plant species which where collected and send over to them by company members.
Today the girls had become a very interesting subject. According to the men in the field it was from a plant they never encountered and the girls where asked if this part of a plant could be interesting for the company.

Before Charlotte took out the strange round black object she put on her latex gloves. She took the object out of the box and it felt soft as latex and also a bit sticky. It was also a little bit wet from some black latex like fluid which made here gloves also dirty. It looked just like a small latex ball. The other girls looked fascinated at it. Charlotte wanted to put the ball underneath a lamp to start up some tests. Because here latex gloves where black and sticky from what looked like harmless latex substance from the ball, she gave the ball to here assistants which wanted to feel the ball themselves. She would put on some new latex gloves and a clean lab-coat to continue with the tests. While walking to the dressing room she was quite surprised when she noticed that the latex laboratory gloves where turned black.

Must be some reaction from the other latex she thought. The surprise started to increase when she wasn’t able to get them of. At the same moment here body started to feel uncomfortable pleasant underneath here lab coat and she simply had to put the coat out. There she stood in the dressing room in her underwear, stuck with black latex gloves, with an increasing amount of sexual feelings. The hell she thought, nobody sees it if I touch myself for a short moment. The gloves I will get of later. She undressed herself totally. By toughing here breasts it didn’t take long before she played with her fingers inside her vagina. Overwhelmed by the joy from this play she contaminated the inside and the outside of her vagina with the latex, trying to get in deeper and deeper.

The few minutes she wanted to play turned into half an hour. She came as never before. With a head as red as a tomato from excitement she realized that she had to go back to warn her assistants. They must have been starting up the test already. Still unable to release her from here gloves and with legs which felt like pudding she dressed herself only in a clean lab coat and opened up the door to her lab. She was shocked to see here assistances sexual playing with themselves and each other. "The ball! Where is the ball!? she asked almost hysterically when see saw it was missing. One of here assistants pointed to her pussy and a black latex spot between her legs told here enough.

That’s enough she shouted. Stop it! Stop it now! But at the same moment here legs almost collapsed and she wanted also to have that ball inside her. The feeling must be gorgeous. Because of her long experience she also realized that something abnormal was going on and the last she could do before she had to join this pleasure with that ball was pushing the alarm.

The lab closed itself, the doors where sealed and security watched through the windows what happened.
Charlotte became the ball by taking it out of the vagina from here assistance and put it inside here own pussy. By seeing here assistances having such an intense sexual feeling she wanted that more women could join this pleasure. The ball inside here made it so. In a few hours she started to transform into partly a women having intense sexual lust and partly into a latex plant producing more balls.

One assistant transformed into partly a latex insect like being and the other was transformed into a totally latex women or doll as you could describe it. And this within a few hours!

The security people and the other staff watched it with unbelief. They decided to continue the sealing of the lab and watch what will follow. Two days later the transformation of the three girls started to reverse and they became themselves back again. Even Charlottes gloves where enabled. The three of them where checked medically and found totally normal again. Charlotte had produced many new balls.

Charlotte and here assistances where interviewed and it turned out that each of them was turned into their own sexual latex fantasy. They asked if they where allowed to take a few balls with them for the weekend.

Of course this was not directly possible, but after ongoing test with women and men it turned out that it was harmless and you could just use it for temporarily fun being your own latex dream or, what also turned out during the research, being your partners latex dream.

Charlotte volunteered almost every time they needed more latex balls. One of here assistance was almost continuously a latex doll but she could also continue with here daily work being like that, despite some short sexual breaks during the day. The other assistant started to live in a sort of hive with some other girlfriends. They always asked if their new boyfriends brought some honey if they wanted to stay for a weekend or holiday. Some people say that the boyfriends where changed forever after these visits. The balls where patented and distributed to special resorts. People could get them at the front desk for a weekend full of latex surprises and pleasure. But that's an other story on this website.

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