Eine Geschichte von a.g. zu Bild Nr. 31312

©2004 by a.g.

It was a quiet night, the wind and rain from the previous night had calmed considerably and traffic heading through the town was relatively sparse. Jo looked out of the window at the serene townscape and sighed a sigh of boredom. Her life had lacked that certain excitement since she split from her husband just under a year ago and although she had a few partners since, things hadn’t quite gotten back to normal. She longed for something different and exciting, she wasn’t sure what but today seemed as good a day as any to find that something. She grabbed her black PVC coat and headed out the door of her flat slamming the door firmly shut behind her.

She entered the street from the lobby door and pondered on which way to turn, she wasn’t particularly bothered as to how long she’d be out for so she turned left to the back end of the town and started to walk towards some of the areas she’d never usually go in broad daylight, it was usually full of weirdo’s at the time of night she’d normally cut through the area to get to the night clubs so she was hoping to find something different by walking the area during the daytime. She walked for about half an hour and came across a shop that she’d not seen at night due to it having big security shutters down over the entrance at night. The shop was called ‘shiny tight’ and didn’t really have a window display because there were no windows. The title of the shop intrigued her, there was always something about the words shiny and tight that got her heart racing, so she entered the store making sure she wasn’t really seen to be going in by anyone who would know her.

As she walked in, she was greeted by the wonderful smell of fresh pvc and latex. She had always secretly liked the idea of being in pvc for long amounts of time and when she approached her ex husband with the idea of dressing up, he was disgusted with the idea. He was heavily religious and thought that such an idea was absurd, soon after they split and the rest is history. She was approached by a girl who was dressed entirely in pvc. She was wearing a white pvc corset top, black pvc boot cut hipster trousers and black platform boots which had at least a six inch platform, her hair was tied back in a tight ponytail that reached to the small of her back and big hoped silver earrings that finished off the look.

"Hello!" The girl said, "Can I help you at all? You looking for anything in particular or just browsing around?"
"To be honest, I’m not sure really." Jo replied not even looking at the young assistant. "I was looking forr??.." She managed to say while she turned to look at the assistant. "Wow" She cut in. "You look gorgeous." Jo took a step back to admire the girl and gazed in awe as the light shone off of the girl’s body.

"Thank you" Replied the girl. "You look like you would like to have what I’m wearing. I’m Emma or Em for short."
"I’m Jo; I must say that I wish I could look that good all the time." Jo’s heart was racing and the lust within her started to build as she continued to eye up Em.

Em smiled and looked at herself and wiped her hands over her pvc covered thighs, "Thank you. You can look very sexy too as you are but pvc can always make you look and feel so much sexier. How about I show you some outfits and let you try some on and make your own mind about them." Jo’s eyes widened, her heart was again racing and her lust grew even more. She could also swear that Em was giving her a lustful look as she suggested trying on outfits. This turned Jo on even more; she had a few bisexual flings in the past but had let it all go to be with her husband. And now he wasn’t around, she could do whatever she wanted.

"Do you have any tight catsuits?" Jo asked intently and noticed Em’s widen at the request. Em took a breath and held out her hand to Jo. "I have one in mind that you’ll just adore. I have one of these myself and it looks and feels so good on my body." Jo took her hand and Em led her to the catsuit section. She was among all types and colours of catsuits, some with hoods, some with feet and some with all over cover. Jo was in heaven; she hadn’t seen this amount of pvc clothing in her life and was defiantly wanting to see more of it. Em stopped and reached a hand out to a catsuit on a rail. "You’re about a 12 right?"

"Good guess, you must be good at this." Jo replied. "Do you wear pvc often?"

"All the time. I don’t have any other kind of clothing in my house. I love the look and feel of it on me. It makes me feel confident and most of all it makes me feel sexy. I’ll bargain with you, I’ll put on my catsuit if you put on that one. I’ll lock up the shop and it’ll be just the two of us with no one to disturb what we’re doing."

Jo gulped and smiled broadly at Em. "That would be great, thank you.? Jo was shown to the changing rooms and entered to get changed while Em locked the front door. Jo took off her jacket and started to undress, when she was done, she picked up the catsuit and held it up in front of her, it was black and the light just rippled off of it. It had a three way zip that went from the back of her neck and all the way through to just below her belly button. She loved it and was imagining how good it would look on her and especially Em and she imagined them both embracing each other in their tight catsuits. She shook herself of that fantasy vision and realised that Em might be waiting for her to get ready. She started to feed herself into the catsuit and the lust inside of her was building and she could feel her pussy tingle with excitement. With her arms in the catsuit all she needed to do now was to zip it up.

She got the zip half way up her back before realising she needed help getting the zip up to the top of her neck. She peered through the curtain of the cubicle to find Em only to find her in front of a full length mirror and what she saw next was something she thought she’d never see. Em’s outfit seemed to morph on her body, encasing her body from the neck down with a shiny black fluid. The fluid settled and became her catsuit, then she rose six inches as her platforms also formed from her feet. Jo Gasped and hid back into the cubicle. Em looked around and saw the curtain shut, Jo couldn’t believe what she just saw and was startled when Em open the curtain. "Are you done? I’m sorry you had to see that but I guess I can explain myself."

Jo looked back at her with a startled face but was finding it hard not to get immensely turned on by what she saw. "I don’t know whether to run away or grab you for myself." Replied Jo. "I wasn’t expecting to see that but what I saw has made me want you in ways I can’t explain. How did you do that?"

"Well it happened about three years ago. I was experimenting with magic spells after I was kicked out of university. I had a huge fascination with pvc clothing and like you, I was scared to pay out loads of cash for something that probably wouldn’t look that good on me. So I tried a spell on myself to get an image of myself in a catsuit. I ended up using the wrong spell and turned myself into the pvc. I became living plastic that could mould itself into any shape or outfit that I wanted to be. I can still also use my human form so I used it to set up this shop where I could use it as an excuse to look like I was in pvc all the time and get away with it. Unfortunately, the spell was irreversible and I’ve been stuck with my fantasy body and no one to share it with. And when you came into my shop today, I felt as though you were different and were wanting something different." Jo was breathing heavily as she became so hot for Em. She found her predicament such a turn on that what she was about to say was even a shock to herself.

"Make me like you and I promise I’ll spend my whole life with you." The words came out of Jo’s mouth plain and clear, this was in fact something she had wanted. Something different and she wanted it to happen now. Em smiled at Jo, "Are you sure that is what you want. You will be like this for eternity. We will never age and be that’s a long time"

"It’s what I want. I want to be living plastic and live for ever as pvc. There’s so much we could do together."

Em seemed thrilled to hear this. "As long as you’re certain" Jo replied "I’ve never been more certain." Em stepped closer to her and reached out her arms and held Jo’s hands. She tilted her head back and started to chant the magic spell. After repeating the chant three times, the zip on Jo’s catsuit seemed to close and seal her inside the pvc. The seams and the zip then began to disappear from the suit and she watched as Em got closer and started to melt into her body. Within minutes, Jo was covered in the shiny black pvc that was Em. Her head was encased and she could feel herself become more fluidic. Em withdrew herself from Jo’s body and Jo’s black shiny face looked on at Em in amazement at the incredible feelings of pleasure she was getting from being transformed into living plastic. Then The feelings got too much for Jo as she orgasmed through the intensity of the feelings. As she did, she just fell to the floor into a puddle of black melted plastic. Em Knelt next to what used to be Jo’s human form and gently stirred her pvc finger into the puddle.

"I know how you feel babe and I know that with me stirring you right now, you are in immense pleasure. But to restore yourself to normal, you have to imagine what form you wish to take. But take your time if you wish, because I know your enjoying this right now. But it’s just as good when I do this." Em moved her shiny face to the puddle and extended a long black plastic tongue from her mouth and began to lap at her new friend. The pool of plastic began to bubble and Jo’s form began to rise from the puddle. Her body shone in the light as she reached her form and her human face returned as did Em’s after she greeted Jo standing in front of her.

"How was it? Welcome to my plastic world." Em remarked.

"My God I’m glad I made the right decision. I was in a state of constant orgasm and when you began to lick me, I was thrown over the edge. But I had to change back so I could thank you for what you’ve done to me." She kissed Em passionately on the lips, Em kissed back and their faces turned black and shiny once more as they grew deeper into their kiss. Em put her hand around the back of Jo’s shiny bald head and both women began to melt into shiny puddles of swirling black plastic. Each woman swirling around the other in heats of boiling passion. After three days, they finally formed back to their normal forms, both women still had plenty in them. Jo then has and idea as she disappears into the shop kitchen and returns with a large bottle, a cork and a pen and paper. On the paper she writes ‘OPEN ME!’ and sticks the paper to the bottle. Em smiles a wicked smile as she catches on to her plan and approaches the empty bottle which Jo has just placed on the floor between them.

"You ready for some fun?" Jo asked. "Oh I love you!!" Em screams as she embraces Jo and both girls start to melt and swirl into the bottle with Jo catching onto the cork as they disappear into the empty bottle. With both girls in the bottle, Jo pulls the cork tightly in after her and the two girls are trapped inside the vacuumed bottle until someone pulls the cork from the outside. If that doesn’t happen then the girls are going to be trapped for eternity, but they way both of them feel at the moment, I don’t think they’d mind spending eternity inside a bottle as swirling black shiny plastic. I know I wouldn’t mind...