Eine Geschichte von Latex Circle zu Bild Nr. 31352

  ©2004 by Latex Circle

It started all when my wife had a little overweight. She didn’t like that. To loose weight she looked at the internet and found a nice institute were they promised a more tighter waist then ever before with 100% of result and no need for repeating the treatment . If it didn’t work, they would refund the money. Of course those institutes always oversell this, but the money refund looked quite nice. She went there on here own by car for an intake meeting and setting up the steps and goals.
OK, it was quite expensive but I liked here to have a good shaped body with a tiny as possible waist. Just as I liked here when she was wearing one of her tight corsets.

Normally I had to help here in the morning to put a corset on and when I came home in the evening she was still wearing it. She liked it a lot, "Just an exoskeleton” she always said. She loved it to carry one and in the past years she was get to used to longer and longer corsets: right from her legs, across her breasts and up to here neck. I didn’t mind at all. She looked very sexy in it. As if she revealed herself in a sort of uniform of here own fantasy: tight and disciplined.

When she came back from the intake meeting she was so enthusiastic about the institute that her face was red and glossy. They were able to fulfil here wildest dreams about having a tiny waist and she would get a new sort of corset which would transform here shape and body into a very sexy exoskeleton as she always liked to call it. The result would be a surprise and she promised me that I would be crazy on here. "Well, that’s something I wouldn’t miss”, I said to her and she started talking about the details. Next week already we would be going to the institute for two days of treatment. I had to support her, they told. Explaining that she would get a sort of second skin. After this she would get special additives to reshape her body, which I had to take care of.
I didn’t see any harm in these actions so I said that I would support her, just to please her. She was exited that I agreed and wanted me to help her in her tidiest corset and to have sex with her. Who could resist this.

The next week we went to the institute. It was a small entrance and a very big hall behind it. We were taken to a room were my wife had to undress herself. Naked as she stood there I touched her eagerly, because the situation was quite stimulating for my libido. She said that I had to wait for what would happen. She was a little bit nervous and I thought by myself if she knew more than she told me but people in tight suits came in and they took her with them. She looked back to me and said "Come one, you have to come also watching it” with a strange but lovely smile. I was kindly asked to come in a room witch was separated from the treatment room were my wife was standing. I couldn’t suppress my rising penis because the whole situation was quite stimulating for my sexual feelings.

For hygienic reasons I was asked to undress myself and to wear a pair of latex shorts. I was a little bit ashamed about my now full size penis and even more because of the latex short I had to put on with an exit for my penis and a hole for my bud. I had to sit down on a special chair which felt comfortable.

Behind the window my wife had to step into a sort of shower and they started here to spray with a fluid. What the hack was happening, all her hair dissolved and she became now really naked. I wanted to stand up to protest but at the same time I was sucked into my chair and a plug penetrated into my ass and my stiff penis was enclosed by a sucking tube. Paralyzed by these sudden feelings they were able to put a latex mask around my head and I head to breathe through a sort of nozzle.

Through the holes in the mask I could now see my wife again and she wasn’t resisting at all. Sure she must have know what would happen, recognizing in here face a smile of intense sexual pleasure. I could only sit there and watch. Now they start to spray with a sort of glossy black fluid latex and before my eyes she was covered totally in it. They stopped spraying and the latex became dry and started to fit as second skin. Well, shocked but anxious to see what would happen next, I became aware that I liked the way they treated here. Strange, it was if I betrayed here because I liked the way she was looking now instead of finding it horrible. As if this wasn’t enough the tube around my penis started to stimulate my sexual feelings.

It was confusing, my wife was so sexy. My sexual feelings where pushed even to a higher level when I saw the latex to start shrinking around her and contracting her stomach. Not only here stomach, her whole body started to transform. Here legs, arms, even on her head things started to change. What was she doing, she wanted this voluntary, she knew this! I felt so far away from her, so horrified as if I was loosing her but at the same time it was so sexy that she wanted this to happen that I start loving her as never before. I became dazzling excited when I understood that she was transformed into a sort of part human, part insect like shape. That’s what she always meant by just as an exoskeleton. It became part of here now and this was my wife!

Stuck in the chair the transformation was completed. Was she looking sexy. Suddenly the window between her and me moved away and transformed as she was I could still see at her changed face that she looked more happy then ever before. She came towards me and I wanted to speak to here but because of the nozzle of the mask I couldn’t say a word. There she came and I looked up to her, totally fixated in the chair waiting to be released and to hold her and feel her new sexy body. She smiled to me, but didn’t release me. "Thank you for let me reach my final fantasy” she said with a soft voice. "But I am changed now and you are still my man”, "I am afraid that you also take part in this fantasy, to be my male beetle”. "Don’t worry, your transformation will be a complete one” she continued. "You will be totally changed into my personal male beetle”. And at that moment she pulled down a handle and fluid was pumped into my ass, mouth and penis.

I am sorry, I liked it. I liked it so much and still was so horrified but during the whole transformation she was looking right into my eyes. I can tell you, this is what real love is all about.

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