A story together with drawing Nr. 31358

©2008 by ModMan

"Are you sure this is safe?" Lilly asks in a soft timid voice as she tightens a leather strap around her ankle.

"In the two years that we've been expanding our sexual limits, have I ever put you in danger?" I state with a rather cocky and stern tone.  I make her gasp as I pull the buckle firmly on the wide leather waist belt.

She turns to me and smiles, the steel rings on the straps jingling when she moves. "No, and I always have fun.  You know me, I just worry." Finalizing her confidence in me with a quick kiss on the lips.  She lies down on the hard wood floor in the small, mostly empty room.  The walls very plain, shades on the only window drawn tightly letting in very little light.  The only items in the room are a large wooden cabinet and a more out of place, recently installed pulley in the center of the ceiling with a cable running through it connected to an electric winch.

Lilly takes a deep breath and lets her body relax on the floor.  I lean down next to her latching the straps on her wrists to her waist belt.  I pull a remote from my pocket, pressing the button the whirring of the electric winch fills the room as a bundle of cables connected to a single cable lowers from the pulley in the ceiling.  I guide them down until there is enough slack so that I can easily manipulate them.  I snap the latch of the first tether around the steel ring of the posture collar holding her head firmly in place.  The next two to the junction where her delicate wrists join with the waist belt.  The final two connecting to her ankles.  I stand back and grin as I admire the creation.  Once again I press the button on the remote and the cables begin to retract.  The electric motor tone changes as the cables become taught and Lilly begins her accent off the floor.  The individual tethers well sized in length so her body remains straight, her head just a little above her feet, her whole body suspended by a single point.  The winch coming to a stop as she reaches waist height.

Almost giggling, "Oh my god, this feels weird.  It's exhilarating!"  I could witness her excitement by the moisture forming on the lips of her pussy.  Her womanhood being very well presented to me as the tethers to her ankles were forcing her legs to spread wide.

I walk over to the large wooden cabinet, swinging the doors wide to display a variety of sexual toys and bondage equipment. "I knew you would like it.  Now for the really good part." I state very plainly. With her neck still solidly constrained, Lilly can only peak out of the corner of her eye to see what I'm doing.  She can only hear the sound of me closing a wooden box and placing it back on the shelf in the cabinet.  I clasp the item that I just removed in my hand to keep it hidden from her as I walk back over to between her legs.  I glide my hand along the inside of her smooth milky leg.  I can smell her juices as they begin to drip to the floor.  I gently rub her clit making her moan and tense her body.  "Are you ready for this?"

"Oh god yes!  I don't know what you have in mind, but I can't wait."  You can hear the desire and excitement in her voice.  I open my hand to inspect the object, still keeping it from Lilly's sight.  I gaze down at the jet black, smooth egg sized sphere in the palm of my hand.  It's appearance almost glass, resembling a giant black marble, but it's texture actually softer, almost fleshy.  I present it to the moist lips or her pussy, gently rotating it  around insuring it gets completely covered with her natural lube.  She gasps as I begin to press it to her.  Her lips slightly fighting the pressure but easily scumming to the sphere's intrusion as her muscles quickly pull it into here.

"There you go my dear."  I say with an evil grin as I step back and wipe her juices off my hands and onto my jeans.

Lilly struggles fruitlessly to lift her head to look at me but is forced to just peer down her nose to see me.  "What?  What do you mean?  Did you do something?  What was that?

I begin to turn towards the door and start to walk out. "I'll be back when you're ready."

"Ready!"  She hollers to me.  "Ready for what?  I'm ready now!"  Closing the door I wait and listen.  "I don't think I like this part."  I hear her muffled voice through the door, but she quickly quiets down.  Accepting her current position I suppose.

About an hour passes and I decide to check in my sweet Lilly and inspect her condition.  I open the door to find her still suspended, her belly now quite expanded with the definite look of being pregnant.  Her expanded area stretching the waist belt to its maximum and rolling the edge up forcing it downward.  "How are you feeling my dear?"  I ask softly.

"The waist belt has gotten very uncomfortable."  The neck collar clearly doing its job in preventing her from seeing her on deformation.  "Other than that I'm just bored.  I'm not sure what this sensory deprivation was supposed to do, but it's not turning my on."  She says with a pouty voice.  "Can we do something else now?"

I walk over and glide my hand over her swollen belly.  "We can't move on now dear, the good part is just about to start."

"What do you mean?  You're kind of scaring me now."  The beginning of fear is evident in her blue eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm very confident you'll be happy with how this turns out."  I glide my hand down her belly, over the belt and find her clit once again.

Lilly closes her eyes and sighs.  "Oh yes.  Please, just do that."

I look between her legs and see just what I had hopped.  She's quickly becoming aroused and getting wet again, however things are different this time.  Instead of her usual clear juices a black film is starting to form on the lips of her pussy.  I pull my hand away, avoiding the thick black goo that is beginning to emerge, I know what it can do this early on.  Lilly remains aroused.  As if it were alive the glossy black good creeps upward and covers her clit.  Once the liquid starts to emerge it takes control of the senses, feeding the body what it needs to help it develop.  I stand back and watch as she moans in overwhelming pleasure as the liquid crawls along her body, quickly encasing her crotch, waist, ass, forearms and even the leather belts binding them all together.  With every moan the black goo seems to surge further along her body.  A long sticky bead of goo drips from her pussy to the floor, continuing to drip the thick liquid forms a pile and continues building on itself like a formation in a cave.  The goo on her waist travels up her smooth pale arms up to her neck, engulfing her neck brace.  Simultaneously it grows in the other direction, completely covering her legs and feet.  A few minutes pass and the drip from her pussy has continued to pile on itself and has formed a solid post.  It has flared out and solidly connected itself to the wooden floor.  The pillar of goo now seeming to stretch and grow, reaching out and melding with the goo on her ass.  It quickly flares and encompasses her entire buttock.  I jump as the room echos with the sound of cables in tension snapping.  The goo has dissolved the mounting points that were supporting Lilly.  Her entire body now supported by a single black post and the black goo along her body seeing to hold her in the same position.  The leather bindings that once constrained her have completely dissolved, no doubt adding to the mass of the blackened sludge crawling along her.  She bends her legs at the knees to fold them back on themselves, as she does this the legs then grow together, forming two larger masses.  The blobs that were once legs spreading wide apart like pedals on my Lilly, displaying her jet black pussy, making it even more inviting.  She seems completely unaware of what is going on as she continues to moan, the liquid continuing to pleasure her unlike ever before.

I enjoy watching her transformation.  As the goo empties from inside her I witness her belly return to its original shapely form with its new black covering.  The black mass now encompasses the majority of her body, leaving only her face and chest.  The goo on the arms seeming to mold them with the torso.  I admire the glossy new covering that she has developed, the sheen and smell of latex gets me even more aroused.  Lilly finally comes to a rest as the goo ends its raping of her body.

"Oh my god, that was incredible."  She huffs with a deep breath.  "It felt like you were massaging my entire body while you played with me."  She opens her eyes to see me pulling the severed cables away from her body as she realizes the is still suspended in the middle of the room.  "Hun, what the hell is going on?"  The relaxed look of pleasure in her face being quickly exchanged with concern once again.

"We're moving on to the next phase."  I grin as I glide my hand along the area where her arm has melted into her torso.  I adore the sensation of the slightly sticky surface under my fingertips.  "We just need to get you excited one more time."

"What?  Again?  Hun, I'm exhausted.  And how did you get me into this suit?  My arms feel funny and I can't seem to wiggle my fingers anymore."  She attempts to lift her head to see but is still confined by the solidified latex goo that has now taken the place of her posture collar.

I begin to undress.  "Don't worry.  Have you not had fun yet?  I assure you, this is going to just keep getting better."  I pull down my pants to expose my already hard cock.  I waist no time and quickly enter her.  The now inert black goo makes for an incredibly unique lubricant as I penetrate her.  The odd sensation of entering a rubber pussy but with the warmth and softness of human skin.

I feel her muscles contract, clamping down on me.  "Oh fuck yes!"  Her screams echo in the small room.  I drive into her hard making her moan louder and louder, her noise only making me harder.  Black goo continues to almost pour from her pussy as it gets violently pushed out of the way from my continuing thrusting.  The pulsating sensation brings me to a level of pleasure that I have never before imagined.  Suddenly I reach my peak and explode, dumping my load into her.  As if we're somehow connected she explodes in simultaneous orgasm.  Her pussy clamping down on me even harder as if it's trying to pull in every last drop of my seed that I release into her.  I slowly pull my very sensitive cock out of her, finalized with one last slurping sound, insuring none of my cum is lost.  I stand back, my cock dripping in black goo.

"What the fuck!  What did you do?  You've never fucked me like that before.  It was incredible!"  A quiver in her voice evident from her body being exceptionally stressed.

Almost giggling. "That was much more you than me this time my dear.  I was just the tool."  I stand there and watch her for a moment as I see her belly begin to once again swell.  I turn to the wooden cabinet once again and pull out a small plastic bucket, bringing it back I place it directly under her pussy at the base of her pillar.  As I stand back I witness her belly growing to pregnant like proportions again.

"Hun, I feel a little weird.  I think that was a little too much for me.  Can get you let me down now?"  He voice evident that she has been taken to her limits.

"Don't worry Lilly, this is the last bit.  Few minutes and we'll be done."

"Done?  I thought we were done?"

"That weird sensation will be gone in a couple minutes, then I'll explain everything to you."

Just as I finish me sentence Lilly once again moans.  "Oh god, I feel something!"  And from her pussy a smooth black surface begins to crown.

"Just push it out and you'll be fine."  I state very reassuringly.

And she does as she is told, pushing out a small black sphere, just like the one that started the adventure.  It makes a solid thud as it falls into the catch bucket below.  "Ah, I feel it again!"  And another sphere emerges and drops to the bucket.  This continues for several minutes.  With each sphere I witness her belly slowly shrink back to normal.

I walk over to the bucket, grabbing one of the spheres and bring it over to where she can see it.  "There it is my dear, our own collection of fantasy balls.  This is what I place inside of you earlier."

"You what?  What the hell is that?  Why did you stick it inside of me?"  A level of agitation and intrigue rings over her voice.

"Are you telling me you didn't have fun?"  I state with a slightly condescending tone, knowing the answer.  I receive back nothing but a shy look away.  "And now, thanks to that one ball and a little fertilization, we now have a whole bucket of fantasy balls.  All we have to do is place one inside of your pussy or my ass and we see what happens!"

Lilly looks up at me, her face without any expression then it slowly turns to a gentle grin.  "Find an empty bucket and fuck me again!"