Eine Geschichte von J. zu Bild Nr. 31535
The Forbidden Door
©2012 J.



The landlord’s instructions were perfectly clear, the basement apartment included a bedroom, kitchen, common room and bathroom and that was all. The door at the bottom of the stairs, opposite the entry-way into Amber’s underground dwelling was not included and was completely off limits.
“There’s nothing in there of any interest to you,” the odd-looking man emphasized his point when the freshman college student first signed her lease, “So do yourself a favor and stay out of there!”
Amber’s landlord was a professor at the University that she attended. He rented out the old house on Burn’s Street to students like her for a little extra income. Rumor had it that he used the money to fund research of things that the school deemed to be too risky to pay for.
Not that Amber cared. She only cared about an apartment with cheap rent. And Dr. Zago’s basement was the best that she had found.
The first few months of the school year proved to be nothing out of the ordinary for the young girl. The basement was quiet, and the girls that lived on the second floor seemed to be pretty cool too. They would occasionally go clubbing or out for dinner as a threesome. Amanda and Angelica were second year sociology students, and took Amber under their wings, showing her the hottest places to dance, and places that no college-girl should ever go alone.
Everything seemed to be going along smoothly, until one night everything changed.
Amber heard a rustling noise at their front door that night as she was making tea in the kitchen. It sounded like someone in the entryway fumbling with the lock on the door opposite hers.
The door that she had been warned to stay away from.
Amber reasoned that it might be the Doctor himself, checking in on things, and didn’t think anything of it, until she heard something similar around midnight the next day.
“That’s strange” she said to herself, “After nothing for months, he’s in there twice in one week.”
She tried to shrug it off, thinking that it was no business of hers what the landlord did in the room that he had forbidden her from going in to, but still, she remained extremely curious.
The next night however, things got even stranger, when the rustling and movement that she had heard before, was accompanied by the hushed voices of the girls in the apartment upstairs.
What the heck are those two doing? She wondered. She held her ear to the door, but couldn’t make out what they were saying to each other. She could only hear them unlock and open the door, then close it behind them.
Amber kept eavesdropping on her friends for several minutes, but there was nothing to hear. Whatever was in the forbidden room was keeping them occupied for quite some time. So much time in fact, that she didn’t hear the rustling at the door again, until after she was laying quietly in her bed, waiting to fall asleep.
Sleep would be impossible after that.
She was so incredibly curious that she jumped out of her blankets and dashed for the front door of her apartment. She through open the door expecting her friends to be standing there stupidly, but instead found….nothing.
The door at the top of the staircase closing drew her attention upwards as she realized that she had just missed them.
Amber sighed, then looked at the door. It was a plain steel entry door, with a padlock clasp bolted over the door handle. She tugged on the door handle and grasped the padlock, but both were firmly shut, and completely secured. Shaking her head in disappointment, she went back to her bedroom and fell swiftly asleep.
The next morning Amber spotted Angelica and Amanda on the bus on the way in to school. They normally left an hour before her, but she wanted to ask them about forbidden door, so changed her schedule to catch their bus into school early.
The two girls looked strange as they sat quietly in their seats, and didn’t look up as Amber approached them.
“Hey guys!” Amber said cheerfully.
Angelica and Amanda didn’t respond.
“Helloooo” Amber repeated her greeting and waved at their stoic faces to get their attention.
“Oh hey” Angelica smiled eventually, “How’s it going?”
“I’m okay,” Amber said, “Just a little tired though. Someone keeps going into that room outside my door in the middle of the night and waking me up…”
Amanda’s eyes grew larger for a moment as she passed a glance to her roommate, “Oh?” she said finally, “Are you sure?”
Amber nodded, “Oh yeah,” she said with a certain tone, “It’s like every night”
Angelica’s eyes narrowed, “Well…I haven’t heard anything upstairs…have you Amanda?”
The other girl shook her head, “Nope. Nothing”
The two girls were blonde and beautiful with supermodel faces and long slender legs. Amber often felt out of place with them on account of her curly brown hair, but the connection…the friendship had always been there.
But not today. Amber knew the two were lying about the room and their nightly adventures to it, and it troubled her to no end.
“Maybe it’s the creepy Doctor doing some experiments” Angelica chuckled, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.
Amber shrugged, knowing that whatever it was that was going on, was important enough to lie about. She realized that she would have to catch them in the act if she wanted to get any truthful answers.
Later that night, determined Amber, set up camp by her entryway door. Wrapped in a blanket, she sat on a chair from the kitchen and waited. Around nine that evening, her opportunity arose, when she heard the customary sound of Angelica and Amanda descending the stairs to the door below…followed by the sound of them unlocking the padlock.
Amber waited a few more minutes, as she heard them whisper softly to each other as they unclasped the lock, opened the door and disappeared into the other side. She took a deep breath. She was extremely nervous. Whatever it was that was beyond that door was important enough to lie to her about.
Amber waited a few more minutes, then decided it was time to make her move.
She stood from her chair, unwrapping herself from her blanket, and turned her door’s handle. She opened the door with a swift motion, as it trying to catch someone in the act, but the landing at the bottom of the stairs where the two doors were located, was empty.
Amber examined the forbidden door. The padlock was clearly opened, and thus gaining entry to whatever it was that lay on the other side would not be an issue. So, she took a deep breath and slowly turned the door’s handle, then ever-so-slowly opened the door inward.
She had expected to find the other two girls standing on the other side, but to her surprise there was no-one there. The other side of the door, in fact was merely a continuation of the hallway that started in the landing. It was dimly lit and seemed to curve to the right sharply after only a few meters.
Amber quietly closed the door behind her and tiptoed in her sock-covered feet down the dusty, damp corridor. She rounded the corner to find another long section of hall ending in another ninety-degree turn. At the end of that corridor, another long hall. Amber surmised that these hallways must encompass the entire perimeter of her underground apartment.
At the end of the final hallway, another sharp turn, followed by a steep staircase. Where ever this corridor led to, it was now obvious that it was beneath her basement apartment. It chilled Amber’s nerves to think that whatever it was that was so dangerously forbidden was located directly below her living quarters.
Amber slowly began to descend the staircase. As she drew closer to the bottom, she could start to hear the muffled voices of Angelica and Amanda. As the chamber below her came into full few, the young woman was amazed at what she saw.
The room was no bigger than her common room, and was nearly empty, save for the two girls, who’s backs were towards her, three strange objects in front of them, and an iron and oak-wooden door on the wall opposite them. Three hooks were affixed to the wall to the right of the door, two were empty, but one contained some kind of bizarre outfit made of form-fitting shiny grey-black rubber.
The empty hooks were obviously once home to the strange shiny rubber bodysuits that Angelica and Amanda were wearing. The suits clung tightly to their curvy bodies from their toes to their necks. They were so completely all-encompassing that they even had built-in gloves that covered each finger, to give an uninterrupted expanse of dark grey shiny rubber. The only flesh that was visible was atop their heads, though it looked as if there was enough material gathered hanging loosely below their chins to constitute a head-encompassing hood. The two roommates were both sliding their shiny legs into pairs of long, over-the-knee black heeled boots.
The objects before them, resembled ‘bean-bag-chairs’ but with a rubbery grey texture similar to that of the body suits. They were marked on the side with the numbers 852, 853 and 854, and had an odd openings on the tops and sides.
Amber kept herself hidden at the bottom of the stairwell as she watched the goings on.
After the boots were firmly in place, the two girls approached the bean-bags. The odd pieces of furniture seemed to respond to their presence by quivering like gelatin. From the opening atop each ‘sack’ a bulbous-tipped appendage began to extend, slowly reaching nearly twenty-centimeters, or eight inches. Both girls, in unison moved slowly towards the sacks until they were standing directly over-top the appendages. It suddenly occurred to Amber that the appendages resembled long black rubber dildos…something that was quickly verified as her two friends lowered themselves onto them, allowing themselves to be impaled by the long black rubber phallus-shaped rods.
Amber could hear the two girls moan as they began to rock slowly onto the sacks and their ‘attachments’. Her eyes began to widen as questions began to fill her head. Why would the old Doctor have a secret room below her apartment full of strange sex-objects? How did Angelica and Amanda find out about it? And most pressing…what would have led them to do what they were doing??
Motion on the two bean-bags interrupted her thoughts.

The second hole at the side of the sacks began to protrude a black rubbery appendage, but its shape, unlike the first one, wasn’t phallic. Instead, it simply grew longer and longer, until it touched the girls’ waists.
Then the strange black tendril began to wrap itself around the moaning girls’ midsections, the black rubber slowly molding itself into what looked like futuristic hip-riding corsets. Then the strangest thing happened. The black moldings began to constrict the girls waists into impossibly small proportions before the tendril dis-attached itself from them, leaving the new heavy black rubber corsets in place.
The process didn’t seem to faze either girl, who continued to rhythmically grind into the sacks and their poles, while the tendril moved up to their nipples.
The black rubber appendages attached themselves over each nipple, one first then the other, coating it in black rubber, then pulling them out into exaggerated black round orbs the size of small plums. This action caused both young women to moan loudly, just as the tendrils disconnected from their breast tips and moved up to their necks.
The shiny black appendage wrapped around the girls’ necks twice, then paused as the rubber melded into a thick flat banded collar, before releasing and retracting back into its base.
Amber gasped.
The sound of her expression unintentionally carried into the chamber, and both Amanda and Angelica turned their heads to see where the sound had come from.
Amber cried out when she saw their heads turn, as their eyes had become devoid of all color, having become completely stark white. Her instinct was to turn and run, but she didn’t. Instead, she left her hiding spot in the stairwell entirely and entered the chamber.
Amber’s movement didn’t faze either of the two entranced girls. They were clearly in the throes of pre-orgasmic bliss as they rocked and swayed on the strange-rubberized beanbags. Angelica smiled at Amber, moaning slightly as she mouthed something to her. Amanda soon joined in, mouthing the same phrase silently to the girl.
Amber concentrated on decoding their sentence….j..join…join us? Did they want her to join them??
She recoiled back when the realization crystalized with her. They wanted her to join them.
She looked at the third rubber suit on the wall and the empty rubber beanbag between the two girls. She saw them smile and nod as they moaned louder and rocked their hips into the sacks.
Would she? Could she?
She agonized for a moment, then tried to remember the last time she had had an orgasm.
It only took an extra second for her to make up her mind.
She would join them.
Amber quickly peeled out of her clothes and scampered, nude, to the rubber suit on the wall. She wasted no time in climbing into it, cooing loudly as the rubber seemed to envelop around her, sealing her in as if a second set of skin. Like the other two, she left the ‘hood’ around her neck, then began the task of slipping into the thigh-high boots that were placed on the floor before her.
Once fully dressed, she turned back to her two friends, who were mindlessly bucking and grinding into their dildo appendages, as if riding the bean-bags like horses. Amber looked down at the vacant sack, and was shocked to see an appendage beginning to protrude from it as well. She gasped as she realized that it would soon be inside of her, bringing ecstasy like it was the other two girls.
As Amber lowered herself onto the phallus with a soft moan, the room was filled with loud moaning and cries of orgasm as the other two young women were brought closer to climax. As their cries grew louder, the lower appendage again appeared, this time wrapping itself around the girls’ lower arms and hands, coating them in thick liquefied rubber as they moaned. Then their moans became suddenly muffled as the crumpled hood below their necks began to rise up over their chins, climbing over their cheeks and blank eyes…and eventually enclosing their entire head in smooth rubber. At the top a thick band held their hair in a tight high ponytail.
Below their now-rubberized heads, the lower tendril had receded from their arms and hands, but their hands had been modified into fingerless rounded paddles beneath what used to be their wrists. Amber was shocked at the loss of the other girls digits, but could only moan her concern as the sack shifted beneath her, causing her to grind and rock into the phallic appendage what was now deeply inside of her.
“Ohhh” she cooed, then gasped slightly as everything in her vision became bright white. She understood that her eyes now likely resembled the blank glowing orbs that her friends had had, before the hoods swallowed them under a skin of grey rubber.
Their eyes, and indeed all of the girls other features, including nose, cheeks, chin and lips were all clearly visible beneath their new rubber coating…but that all soon changed. As the pair entered the final stage of their climax, their heads and faces were modified beyond recognition.
It began with the thick black band that held their hair in place and allowed it to escape from under the confines of the rubber hood. It pulsed and contracted several times before the gold strands of hair began to disintegrate, disappearing entirely within seconds.
Amber gasped, but continued to rock into her own sack with a pleasureful force.
Then the features that were once so clearly legible beneath the rubber skin of the girls’ faces began to soften and fade…eventually blurring away entirely as their heads took on the elongated shape of the small rugby ball.
Their facial features now completely lost, the two former-girls bodies spasmed in unison as the sacks completed their work and relayed the final waves of climax. The black rubber ‘stacks’ atop the one-time college students one-time heads erupted with a spray of dark fluid as their bodies went rigidly still for a moment.
Once their orgasms had completed, the rubberized beings stood up and disengaged themselves from the bean bag sack. The appendages quickly retracted and the two beings…now featureless…stood silently, as Amber’s orgasm, and imminent transformation continued.
She wondered to herself what the Doctor would do with them once the process was complete…and more importantly this had been his plan all along. It seemed as if he had tried to warn them to avoid this place, but how else would Angelica and Amanda obtained a key? Maybe it was reverse psychology…tell us what not to do in hopes that we’ll do it anyway.
Amber’s questions began to fade. None of it really mattered anymore, as she felt the lower tendril wrapping around her hands and forearms the reality of her situation was clear. In a moment her fingers would be molded together into a paddle-like mitt, while the hood would begin to cover her head and face. Soon after, her brunette hair would dissolve, her eyes, nose, ears and mouth would vanish, and she would be an exact duplicate of what Angelica and Amanda had already become.
Shiny rubberized beings made of formerly human girls.
If only she had listened to the Professor…her Landlord and avoided the ‘Forbidden Door’.