Eine Geschichte von S. Dodds zu Bild Nr. 31221

©2001 by S. Dodds


Her note read like a formal invitation to a high tea. Everything I knew about her played out in the newspapers. Appearances before school boards where she cheerfully espoused the benefits of sex education. Always she spoke and always the ministers and politicians took salacious delight in railing against her. How could anyone continue to do that in face of such an onslaught? Still, she spoke out. Still she taught her graduate classes at the university, wrote articles, published books.

"Altogether a solid academic." I thought.

I was bound for a university career: masters in the classics, knew Latin and a bunch of other languages. Only it didn't pay the bills. A roommate persuaded me to try the underside. She taught me the ropes at a fetish parlor. It paid tuition and a lot more. Now my own salon was doing quite well. The cab dropped me off at her house. It was on a nice tree lined street. Looked very comfy.

Who would have thought its occupant grew roses and was immersed in sex? I rang the bell at the house. A slim, bookish young woman greeted me at the door and took me right into the doctor's very tidy office.

"Doctor Cartland, how very nice to meet you." I said.

"How kind of you to come on such short notice." She said. "I heard all about you from one of your co-workers who was in a graduate seminar last year. I was surprised your clientele is almost entirely women. Now I understand you're good with Latin. Can you try translating an old text?"

She handed me a photocopy of a parchment. It was medieval church Latin, not my strong suit. It had an Iberian influence, possibly translated from Arabic. She watched me while I read. I guessed at many words. From the context all seemed sexual. It took a while. I finished my glass and she poured me another.

I played dumb when I answered. "This is really old easily ninth century. I may need to look up some words. This is about one or maybe several tropical plants with peculiar properties."

"What words?"

"Most are anatomical, Latin slang all with feminine endings. I'm guessing. I suspect their meanings are lost. Others deal with extreme feelings. One phrase translates 'groping, probing tentacle.' Who wrote this?"

"Interesting. You're not the only person to find that phrase. I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to test you. And sorry I'm I jumped right into business. Can I offer you some tea? Or would a nice whiskey take the edge off this cold winter afternoon? May I take your coat and gloves."

"I'd love a whiskey. I came directly from meeting with a client. It ran late. I'd feel better wearing my coat. You see, I didn't have time to change." I wasn't sure she'd appreciate the latex corset that was underneath my coat and the cold had a perky effect on my nipples. They rubbed against the coat's satin lining. She talked as she pulled the whiskey bottle from a drawer in her desk, produced two glasses from a nearby cabinet and poured.

"The pharaohs of the First Dynasty used a mysterious plant from high up the Nile. Oblique references are in Ancient Greek fragments and in the Roman Isis cult. Supposedly it resurfaced in the Byzantine Court. We spent time in the tropical lowland rain forest south of the Zaire River. Local storytellers speak about an aphrodisiac called the passion plant. We collected several symbiotic groups of plants and low animals. Wasn't easy. There is something to the legends. While in the bush one of our ethnobotanists extracted human pheromone from a vine. After she first smelled and tasted it, she turned into a bit of nymph. We could hear her keeping her boyfriend up all night.

That experience taught us to keep this little genie bottled up–except for highly controlled, discrete experiments. We've learned a lot since then."

"Why haven't you published on this?" I asked.

"Dear, can you imagine what would happen once this reaches the papers? After more research our team will publish, but only when we're ready. We really need to study these complex relationships evolved by the plants and animals. Before we go much further, could I get you to sign a confidentiality statement and a release form?" She fumbled through a filing cabinet door, produced some paper and casually placed them in front of me. "I'm sorry I have to do this. But I have to be careful. We'd like you to do some translating, if interested. And who knows maybe your vocation could help us too?"

"I think I understand the need for discretion." I read carefully, sipped the whiskey, grabbed a pen and signed. She called in her assistant, who looked about my age. She witnessed the documents, as did the doctor. We clinked glasses and finished our drinks.

"Now would you like to see what we've got?" She stood up and led me to a side door. "I've tried cultivating the plants, though cuttings. There's at least two plants. We can grow one plant –we call it the stump plant or pedestal. The vine has proven very illusive. It really needs the rain forest environment, trees and all. Down there it's very lush. The natives call it 'tangler' for the way it grabs at you."

On the other side of the door was a very hot, humid room with a picture window that looked out to the back yard garden. Inside my coat I immediately felt hot and very damp. My eyes were fixed on a small low very curiously made, three-legged bench near the window. At least four smaller ones stood in other parts of the room.

"Sorry about the heat, the plant needs a tropical environment. Say would you like to smell or should I say experience the pheromone? In large doses if you don't have a partner handy, you start masturbating immediately. Vertigo is a side effect. You usually have to sit or lie down. So is extreme lubrication."

I was oblivious to her talk. The chair absorbed my interest. I had decided it was a chair. The spotted lime green, highly veined surface with wicked points at the edges extending out from the three legs gave it a reptilian look. The shiny black polished oval gemstone protruding from beneath the three legs made it look like a chair designed by some wacko artist.

She noticed my gaze, touched me on the shoulder and scolded me mildly, "You haven't listened to a word I've said. Are you admiring the pedestal plant?"

"That's a plant?"

"Yes dear, a plant. That object underneath it along with the vine is part of the symbiotic troika."

As the assistant closed the drapes, I walked over to the pedestal asking "Is it a plant, too?" I said touching the top part of the plant with my gloved hands. It felt very solid, smooth between the small bumps and exuded a pleasant scent. It was really like a really big leaf. I leaned under the plant and marveled at the black egg shaped thing. It was where the aroma came from.

The doctor continued. "No it's the chrysalis of a very primitive butterfly." She turned away walked over to a lab bench.

I bent over, reached down and touched it. The shiny exterior was not solid. A very thick layer of viscid fluid covered the shell and it flowed onto my hand coating my fingertips and spreading quickly down to my arm. The aroma increased. I brought my hand up to my noise. Impulsively I took a quick lick of my fingertip. It melted on my tongue, sweet and smoothly filling my mouth then rolling down my throat. I started sucking on my finger then the all the fingers. I was getting very aroused. As I stood up, my free hand almost unconsciously reached for my crotch.

I heard the doctor say, "Oh no, here we go again." When she said it I turned toward her. She'd seen, the fingers in my mouth and my free hand sliding up and down, and realized what had happened.

She called to her assistant. They frantically put on long sleeved latex gloves and rushed over to me.

I was felling dizzy. The room was spinning around. My knees buckled and I fell onto the plant just as they reached me.

"Dear you looked positive peaked. I should have warned you about the surface of the egg. It makes pheromones, too. Lie back on the pedestal."

Through the dizziness I heard her say, "Can we take off your coat? It's much too hot in here for it. I sort of nodded. I thought I was going to pass out.

The assistant unbuttoned the coat. When my coat was opened revealing the shiny latex corset and my exposed, erect nipples, I made an embarrassed, toothy smile.

"Ah, yes dress for success." she whispered when she saw my outfit. "Here put your feet down on the floor and sit up bit so we can slide off your coat."

I put my feet down on the floor and arched my body a bit so they could slide the coat off over my head. The odd shape of the pedestal forced me to spread my legs a bit. That's when I noticed how wet I was between my legs. Warmth emanated from my crotch.

"I'm afraid that corset is constricting your breathing, may we remove it?"

Without waiting for an answer, they leaned me forward to get at the laces. I couldn't believe my arousal. I barely realized my corset was being unlaced. My thighs now pressed down on the plant.

The plant's skin wasn't like leather, not latex, certainly not vinyl. Skin contact told me it was soft like cloth but smooth even slick and oh so very warm. From my bent over position I could see the surface of the plant changing colors.

I blurted out, "Oh this is absurd, I'm really not feeling well. I should go. I'm practically naked." With the lacing eased, they unclipped the front hools, slipped it off and settled me easily back.

Progressively my back contacted the plant's surface. What was it? So warm and so soft. So comforting. I melted onto it.

"Darling, the pheromone is working on you. It's made you dizzy and aroused. Rest. Your head will clear up, shortly. Now close your eyes. We'll get you something to drink."

She brought me some water but my lips felt paralyzed and the water dribbled down my chin. Oh I was so horny. A little stream of moisture glided off my pussy. I'd never been this way even in my horniest moments. My panties were dripping wet, something that hadn't escaped doctor's notice. I didn't object when she slid them off. And. My fanny felt the same warmth, at the rapid exposure to the pedestal. My body shuddered, I thought I climaxed but no I hadn't. Oh I so badly wanted to. My fanny felt so heavy it was pressing down on the seat or was the plant pulling me in?

"Fluids will help you clear up. Drink this." She placed a tube in my mouth.

I tried to open my eyes. Every time I tried the room was swirled, too much. I sucked on the tube and this syrupy, sweet, tea tasting liquid entered my mouth and immediately went down my throat. My head cleared. I opened my eyes. I still wanted to touch myself. Each time I tried, they brushed my hands away.

I tried getting up. She placed her hand high on my chest saying, "Stay down, please. And listen. You've seen what the pheromone can do. That's half the story. Would you like to experience the rest? Would you like to try it?"

My mind had a thousand questions: How? When? Now? I just knew I had to needed relief. All I could utter was a faint, "Yes."

Almost immediately I started having second thoughts. Maybe I don't. I'm not ready for this. Before I could articulate them, the assistant popped out the one tube and jammed another tube with a pacifier end in my mouth. For an instant I thought I saw it was attached to a reservoir held up by the assistant. The fluid was more syrupy and tasted like the pheromone. It tasted the same as the fluid on the egg, Only this wasn't a little smell or taste, it was a thin, spurting stream! It hit me fast, pulsing through me, passing around my mouth and down my throat. I grew hotter and hotter.

"Dear, just suck. What you're drinking is extracted from the vine. It will help replenish your fluids."

My hips pumped or tried to, the pedestal was still sucking me down. The surface was turning fliud. I could feel the liquid slipping between my cheeks. It bubbled up against my sphincter, then into me, filling me from below. Everything was moving so fast. I wanted to stroke myself. Bring myself to climax on my terms, I had to desperately. I wanted the climax now. I couldn't reach down and touch myself. The doctor was holding my arms. And still the fluid was entering my mouth. The mouthpiece had expanded and taken on a tongue like life. With each spurt it pushed against my tongue.

She spoke soothingly, "Dear, we had to rush you. We're moving along much faster than I intended.

Soon the egg will drop from beneath you. Then something magic will happen."

From beneath me I heard a slurping sound, then a plop. Through my delirium I squinted down and saw the shiny egg had fallen from the plant and rolled near my feet leaving a black slimy trail. I continued to ooze. Never had I been so wet. I was dripping on the floor. Looking between my legs I saw the constant drip had puddled and was flowing to the egg. When juice touched it, something inside the egg started moving. As more and more of the juice reached the egg, it started expanding, doubling and tripling its shiny, black size. The egg expanded yet more pushing my legs apart. I couldn't escape, the plant still sucked me down, and the doctor had my arms. Even if could break free, arousal had weakened me.

I looked down and saw the egg explode. A mess of black goo rolled over me, covering me. I could feel it all over my torso and head. It contracted from my booted legs and gloved arms back to my body. The mouth tube helped me breathe. I felt air bubbling up my side from the plant. Soon the area around my head and shoulders inflated. I could move my head, but it was tight around my armpits. I could look down and see my head to below my breasts were encapsulated in this clear latex-like bubble. It shrunk around my waist. My arms were freed so I tried to touch my breasts, but couldn't move the bubble. I was close to panicking. But I needed relief. Orgasm was the only thing that mattered. The air flowed over my crotch. The goo below my waist was now inflating, as the bubble expanded it turned clear and I could see the egg being lifted off the on the floor. The bubble contracted drawing the egg nearer and nearer my pussy. The egg was inside with me.

I was still dripping. I looked down between my legs half in horror, half in fascination. The juice was sliding down the bubble. The egg now rested in pool of my fluid. Again I saw something move inside the egg. A rubbery point stretched out one side then contracted back to its ovoid shape.

Again it expanded and contracted. Again and again. After one especially stretchy push a small hole opened. A fluid dribbled out. Then it broke through the round hole. What was it? It was a black tentacle, rounded at the end stretching the hole wide and wider as it emerged. The end swayed slowly left and right up and down. When it went down it found the stream from me. It stayed down, stretching, growing, and following the stream of my juices.

"Oh no!" I thought. "It's coming after me." I flexed the muscles in my hips. Tried moving right and left. Tried kicking my feet but they felt too heavy to move. Tried squeezing the bubble with my thighs. All useless. The little tentacle kept expanding from the egg. It slid below my line of sight. Yet I knew it was still coming at me because could see the shaft limply snake out of the egg.

Then I felt it near my inside thigh. Still following the stream. It slid up probing just where the viscid plant fluid held me. I shuddered. I tried everything I tried before. From outside I heard a voice. "Don't resist." They held my legs and arms. I could feel it glide up across my pussy and into my pubic hair, then retract to the bottom of my pussy. I shuddered with fear and pleasure as it slid between up my lips again and settled on my clitoris. As it slid, it pulsed with a delicious friction side to side and up and down on my longingly sensitive lips. I could feel the head on my clitoris. The head moved easily left and right across. With each sway I felt myself ooze. This stimulated the little tentacle into more movement. Faster and faster until I exploded into a ferocious, orgasmic spasm.

The little tentacle never stopped squiggling. My climax stimulated it further. It made me come again, a short intense one. I could feel the head enlarging while rubbing. It was working me to yet another climax then frustratingly it slowed. Then stopped. It pulled away. I opened my eyes. Faintly, I saw the doctor and assistant now wearing white lab coats standing near my feet. The assistant was taking picture with a video camera. I didn't care I wanted my pleasure. I wanted that little tendril to masturbate me. The little creature was changing again. It formed a soft, open mouth and the mouth was poised right above my clitoris. The mouth dropped down on the clitoris, covering it then taking it inside its head. It was too much. Now I was the one exploding. It was incredible long lasting one.

It never seemed to end, getting more and more intense with each successive nibble. Everything went black. I passed into a dreamlike trance. All I knew was pleasure. In barely lucid moments I remembered, the other tongue spurted in my mouth; the Doctor or the assistant moving about the room; or vaguely someone filling the pheromone reservoir on top of my bubble. After every fleeting interruption, I was sucked back into orgasm.

I awoke from my pleasures into an afterglow world. My first lucid thought recognized I wasn't in orgasm. Still I was incredibly relaxed. The little tentacle was no longer sucking on me. I looked down and saw the head sliding down to my lips. It was no longer the soft, bendy worm. It was now rigid, standing straight out from the egg at the bottom toward my crotch. It looked like a shiny, black, mirror-like penis. The egg lay in a big pool of my orgasmic fluid. It started inflating again sending a pulse on the shaft. The pulse slow moved up the shaft. When it reached me the head pushed against me. Slowly at first, with each successive pulse it overcame my breech and pushed inside me. The expanding egg pushed it inside of me deeper and deeper. I wanted to shout, I couldn't. It stopped, contracted until the shaft was almost outside me and then the egg expanded again pushing the shaft all the way in. After those insane clitoral orgasms, this was something different.

The slow, relaxed thrusts with the little pulses seemed almost caring. I looked around, there was no sun coming through the drapes. I couldn't see anyone in the room. My body still coursed with the energy of the pheromones. I was still so wet. With each expansion and contraction I could see a little grape-sized eggs plop out of the bigger one and into the pool. After the little eggs stopped popping out, the egg started expanding and contracting more rapidly. It was getting deeper into me with each thrust. I shuddered. I was so close to a climax. It was stroking me into another orgasm. I didn't think I could do another. I tried wrapping my arms around the shiny cocoon. They only slipped off the smooth surface. I scissored my legs around the lower part and locked them. It just kept pounding into me, faster and faster. Oh I loved it. Slowly the climax built up in me and exploded.

Then with each thrust wave after wave of orgasm flowed over my body. I floated into that orgasmic other world. Time lost all meaning. The egg pumped me into another orgasmic dream. I was a willing captive to its pleasuring.

I thought I heard, "Dear, dear. Wake up dear."

"How did the doctor get into my dream?" I thought. My eyes stirred. The room whirled around. Her voice was muffled I was still in the cocoon. The constant pumping of fluid into my mouth had stopped.

"We're going to remove you. Just be still."

I was too tingly to open my eyes. My body felt relaxed melted, tired. I didn't want them to release me. I still felt little pleasant shudders run through my body. The shaft was still inside me, hard, not moving. The pulses still moved up the shaft from the egg, giving little pleasurable orgasmic pops. I tried to hump it with my hips. The pedestal still sucked me down. Slowly focusing my eyes I saw them reach under me. Tugging, stretching and using little flashing metal tubes that caused little puffs of smoke. The top bubble was lifted off. With the tube gone I took a gasp of air through my mouth.

"You've done very well." The Doctor said, "Be careful not to move, don't talk just yet. You're secreted to the pedestal. Extraction will take just a minute. But first we must care for your eggs."

"My eggs?" I thought.

They pulled the wrapping from my abdomen, then eased the shaft out of me. I sighed.

"Oh poor dear, I know you like having that space filled. Perhaps another time?"

Looking down I saw the shaft start to shrivel and retract into the black egg which was still in a pool of my juices, surrounded by at least a dozen black marble ones. The doctor held the bubble up to the light, smiled ever so slightly, then mounted it in a desktop holder. It looked like an aquarium.

She seemed very pleased.

The assistant offered me a cup saying, "Drink this herbal tea. It eases orgasmic withdrawal."

They started spraying my back with ice water. Slowly the cold water seeped between my skin and the plant surface. As the pedestal surface contracted my skin was released.

"Well dear you must want to freshen up. Here's a robe. We've already drawn you a nice hot bath. It's through that door. My assistant will help you out your boots and gloves. Then you must sleep. Over breakfast we'd like to ask you a few things–purely for scientific purposes."

I was starting to come back to reality and fumbled out a question as I got to the bathroom, "Ahhh what time is it? How long was I ...um... out for?"

"It always seems much, much longer. You were attached for about 45 minutes."

"You said 'my eggs?'"

"It's nothing to do with your ovaries. You became part of their lifecycle. Your fluids helped make those eggs and then carried pedestal plant seed down to them. You can even see the plant's seed rooting around the big egg already. The plant you were on already has a descending egg. In another fortnight it could do it all over again. Now you really must clean up and rest." she said with a twinkle in her eye.