Eine Geschichte von ModMan zu Bild Nr. 31255

©2004 by Mod Man

"What do you mean I just push it up my ass?” Barbara questioned with a cocked brow as she stood there holding the black sphere in her hand. "How do I get it back out? It doesn’t have a handle or anything.”

The owner of the sex shop just looked at her with a twisted grin and replied, "I just comes out on its own. After you orgasm, and it will be a hell of an orgasm, your sphincter will relax and it will just ease out on its own.”

Well Barbara was far to intrigued not to try this new toy. She had tried quite a bit before, but something so small that was supposed to ‘fill you up’ the closer to orgasm you got. It really sounded too good to be true, but sounded too wonderful not to try. So she timidly handed over her money with a twinge of nerves worrying about wasting her money but overcome with the excitement that it might actually be as good as the shopkeeper promoted it.

By the time Barbara had gotten home she was already getting wet thinking about it. "Forget it, I can’t wait for bedtime for this.? she though to herself and immediately started to undress. Wanting to add to her pleasure she opened he dresser draw and pulled out her usual pleasure time attire. She slowly started to slip on favorite latex stocking with the built in 3" heels. She loved how the latex squeezed her legs and made her look so much taller. Finishing off with her latex gloves so all of her extremities could feel the warm pressure of the wonderful latex.

She sat on her bed now adorned in her finest black shine and opened the very simple package that her new toy came in. She rolled the sphere in her hand for a minute examining it. No cords, not batteries, so small. "How in the world did I let him sell me this, it can’t possibly please me?, she groaned. Barbara dribbled a little lubricant on the mysterious soft orb and got down on her hands and knees. Gently she reached back and started to press the toy into her anus and gave a quick groan of pleasure as her muscles tightened and pulled it in the rest of the way. "Well, it’s in? she though. "I don’t feel mu? uuuunnnhhh? Barbara moaned heavily as she felt the object start to expand and fill her insides.

"My god, that’s incredible" she uttered as she started to massage her pussy. She could feel the object expanding more and more inside her. Then she realized that it wasn’t just inside her any more, she could feel part of it starting to ooze out. But it wasn’t dripping, it was clinging to her body and moving up her back, she could feel it. But even with this new realization she kept massaging herself, feeding the object, she just couldn’t stop, the pleasure was incredible. She felt it continue to crawl up her spine and turned her head just enough to see the shiny black liquid begin to for a pointy tail at the base of her spine. But she still continued to pleasure herself, ever more exciting.

Barbara continued becoming less aware of the situation she was in. He fingers continued to rub herself vigorously as juices dribbled down her black latex glove. While her mind still on the continuing pleasure the blackness started to engulf her neck making a perfectly formed collar. But it wouldn’t stop yet as her gorgeous brown hair began to be engulfed by the magical liquid. As he hair disappeared a skullcap began to form.

Then the liquid began to solidify creating a permanent exoskeleton as it continued to grow. She slightly started to notice the antennas beginning to form from the sides of her head. That was until her vision started to blur and she returned to her pleasure. Her once light brown eyes were now jet black and continuing to grow, engulfing her eyelids, until they formed a perfect long oval eye. With her new vision she could now see all around her. Her antennas, her tail and even the spines on her back were all visible now in one glance.

Just as Barbara’s new vision was fully functional the end finally came. Barbara exploded with the most intense orgasm she had ever possibly conceived. Her muscles shaking from the intensity of the unprecedented pleasure. And then the haze started to clear and she became more and more aware of her transformation. Trying to gather her thoughts she started to feel a slight pressure in her anus and then heard a slight thud on the floor. She looked to see the black sphere, exiting just as it was supposed to and landing underneath her. And then she felt it again and another thud, and another, and another. She started to realize, "oh no, I’m laying eggs to make more like me!"