Eine Geschichte von Gary zu Bild Nr. 31278 und 31275

©2004 by Gary Driscoll

Madison was a very successful Real Estate Agent in her late 20's. Having moved to a large city, attending college and finding a job relatively quickly in the city, Madison was the talk of her family. She seemed to have a knack for sales and finding great homes that were always perfect matches for the buyers she worked for.

Madison loved her job and one Saturday afternoon she found herself scouting out a small little townhouse on the edge of the warehouse district. She had received a call from a woman with a very deep scratchy voice, like someone who had smoked most of their life, about putting her house on the market. Madison knew the area the house was located in and thought it would be a great find due to the fact that most of the homes in that area were terrifically old with great Victorian style architecture. A house that would surely command a high price if it had not fallen too far into disrepair. Driving down the old broken asphalt street, passing several warehouses and condemned houses, Madison's enthusiasm sank as she noted the neighborhood. Pulling up in front of the house at 1366 west avenue Madison got her first look at what she thought could be a goldmine if sold to the right buyer and perhaps a few more of the houses on the block sold and fixed up as well to spruce up the neighborhood. It was a 2 story building with a quaint little porch. The windows still had the original shutters on them and they were all closed up tight.

The house itself needed painting and the driveway could use a resealing. But overall the house was in pretty decent shape. Lush ivy ran up the sides of the house and small shrubs decorated the area around the front porch. Madison walked up to the front door and knocked firmly, receiving no answer on her cell phone from the number the woman had called from originally about selling the place. Not sure anyone even lived there Madison knocked again louder. A small click was heard and the door slowly popped open. Swinging about a quarter of the way open, dust was visible on the floor as daylight crept in through the open front door. Peeking her head in, Madison called out, "Anyone home?" No reply, slowly she stepped inside as the door opened more with a creaking protest. Madison called out once more but still heard no reply.

Curious she decided to look around a bit. The owner had said to come around 3PM on Saturday, perhaps they were running late and planned to meet her there at the house. Walking around the downstairs area, taking note the place was fully furnished and certainly looked lived in at one time, perhaps 3 or 4 months ago. The furniture had a fine layer of dust on it, and the utilities didn't seem to work anymore. Madison noticed a mailbox that must have once been out front attached to the house was now laying in the living room paint chips still clad to the back and full of mail. Taking out a few pieces of mail, Madison saw notice after notice from several utility companies demanding payment, the tell tale pink colored bills inside the envelope window told her they were disconnection notices.

Suddenly Madison heard a loud scraping sound from upstairs. As if something was being dragged across the floor. Perhaps there was someone here and they hadn't heard her calls earlier. Stepping to the base of the stairs Madison called out again, "Anyone up there? Hello?" But no reply. Curious Madison walked up the carpeted stairs arriving at a landing that went off to the left and right. Hallways with 3 or 4 doors led off from the landing as Madison stood there surveying the area.

There was clearly dust over the floor and if someone was up here they hadn't come this way for there were no footsteps across the floor in the dust. Perhaps there was another staircase in the back of the house? Madison again heard the loud dragging, scraping sound, this time she could tell coming from her right. Turning in the direction of the noise Madison began walking down the right hallway. She noticed each doorway was covered with plastic and here and there were spent canisters of pesticide. It looked as if the house was at one time being bug bombed. The thought made Madison's skin crawl.

She hated bugs, but it would have to be one huge bug to be making all this racket! Pushing the thought of a giant cockroach running room to room from her mind, she figured it must be rats or maybe a stray cat or bird that had flown in and gotten trapped. At the end of the hallway there was an open doorway leading to a smaller stairwell that didn't go down as she thought, but went up further. Stepping into the doorway Madison looked up and saw the small spiral staircase went up one floor to another landing with a closed door. Climbing the staircase slowly Madison called out again, "Hello? Madison Skyy with Skyy Reality here. I've come to look at the house. Is anyone there?"

Madison heard no reply and began to get a little bit creeped out, and thought maybe she should leave and come back another time. Who knows it could be a vagrant living up there, some crazy homeless person who may turn violent if they thought she had come to kick them out. Reaching into her purse, Madison pulled out a small can of Mace and decided to see where the noise was coming from.

Standing outside the small door at the top of the spiral stairwell, Madison heard the dragging once again. She was sure it was coming from inside this time. Slowly she reached down and turned the knob slowly opening the door. There were either no windows up here or they had been blocked out, for the room was pitch black.

Fumbling around in her purse, Madison pulled out a small flashlight and began shinning the beam around the room. Scanning the floor, she could easily see the dust has been disturbed all over and what looked like in long snaking paths. Stepping into the room, Madison found there were 2 windows at either end of the room, she now knew to be an attic. Seeing both windows boarded up from the inside and covered in something that looked like slimy paper mache. Stepping close to one of the windows, she noticed a distinct odor from this slimy substance covering the window.

The smell wasn't exactly foul but just the opposite. It was quite pleasurable and faintly smelt of latex rubber. Leaning in closer peering at the substance with her flashlight, Madison reached out and ran her finger along the slimy substance and drew her finger back to her face. Smelling the viscous substance it was in fact what was giving off the pleasurable odor and being so close to her nose now, she found it had a strange effect on her. This stuff was actually arousing her! She could feel her inner thighs growing warm and her breasts begin to tingle as her nipples slowly swelled. Curiosity getting the best of her, she slid her tongue out and licked her finger tasting the substance cautiously. To her surprise it tasted a lot like honey. Licking the rest off her finger, Madison couldn't help but grin as sexual fantasies began to form in her mind, images of her naked body covered in this delicious goo as she lapped it up hungrily by the handfuls into her salivating mouth.

As Madison stood there inspecting the window she had not noticed what was moving above her and below her. Across the floor long writhing tentacle like appendages snaked their way slowly across the floor towards her feet. Along the ceiling a multilegged creature clung to the ceiling antennae and tentacles dangling beneath it inches over her head. With a sudden motion the tentacle like appendages seized Madison's ankles wrapping around tight like wild vines. With a sudden scream Madison shinned the light down around her feet to see long black shiny appendages encircling her ankles and moving up her calves. Turning to try and run Madison began to scream out, only to find the movement over her head more apparent as another tentacle appendage writhed down from the clearly insect like creature over her. The appendage found it's way right into Madison's wide open screaming mouth in an instant as it began to tunnel back into her throat.

Madison's screams became muffled gurgling sounds as the invader slide further into her mouth and down her throat. Reaching up Madison grabbed the appendage, trying to pull it out of her gagging mouth. As her hands gripped the shinny smooth surface of the appendage she found it was covered in a thin layer of the same goo-like substance she had found on the window, only a lot more sticky. Her hands clung to the tentacle as she felt her feet pulled out from underneath her. Instinctively she put out her hands to break her fall tearing them away from the sticky viscous tentacle in her mouth. Her hands hitting the wooden floor hard, she could see such a quick movement had torn away skin off her hands, that was as she could see now in the random flashlight beam was still clung to the tentacle in her mouth.

Down on all fours on the attic floor, Madison writhed about trying to free herself, wild with panic. However it seemed the more she paniced and squirmed the thicker the tentacle grew in her mouth till it all but closed off her airway. She could feel it continue to expand stretching her throat and working it's way deeper inside. After about 45 seconds of struggle, she began to feel faint, without air and her heart beating hard in her chest. The tentacle in her mouth expanded further to the point she thought it would rip apart her throat and violently lashed itself up and down writhing her head to follow it's movement. As Madison looked up and down with the movement of the tentacle she saw brief glimpses of what was attached to this long tentacle. Somehow it looked almost human, with defined large bulbous breasts, a wasp like abdomen and a feminine face. At times a long slick black tongue would writhe from it's mouth taunting her as the tentacle that erupted from where her sex should be continued to explore Madison's throat.

The writhing slowly subsided and she could see a large bulge moving down the length of the tentacle as if something was flowing down it. She was right in her suspicions, for just before blacking out from suffocation she felt a huge burst of liquid spray into her throat and coat her insides. It all then went black.

Waking up, Madison found herself on her back on the floor. Completely naked, no sign of her clothing anywhere to be found around the room. Her small flashlight still beaming a swath into the darkness, but a bit dimmer than before. Madison could tell she had been here awhile, those were fresh batteries in that flashlight. How long had she been up here? What the hell just happened? Sitting up, Madison found that something was writhing on her, and moving slowly into the light she now saw that each of her nipples were no longer puffy and pink but black, shiny and elongated about 5 inches. they writhed out from her breasts which to her shock had swollen considerably to a DD cup. It was then she also noticed buds sprouting out from under her arms running down her torso.

The beginnings of extra arms it looked like. Only they were not human by any means. Very insect like, just like the writhing protrusions where her nipples once were. Looking down further Madison could see her sex was different as well. Feeling down over it, the opening was still there but she now had some kind of tentacle that slowly slide out of her as she brushed her labia! It seemed to coincide with her arousal. The more aroused she became the further the new tentacle slid out of her. She also saw it was coated in the same sweet substance that coated the windows and the tentacle that slid in her mouth. She then realized something else, looking down, her hair should have fallen around the sides of her face! She grabbed her head to find her hair was all gone and a shiny smooth covering had encased her scalp! Feeling along her head she also knew that a set of 10 inch antennae had somehow grown out of the back of her head and dangled behind her lightly brushing her neck.

What the hell has happened to her? Panic began to take hold as Madison desperately glanced around the room. Where was that creature? What had it done to her? Was she going to turn into what it was? It was at that moment she felt a calming sensation as something began rubbing her antennae along her head. Looking up Madison saw the creature again and instead of horror she felt lust towards this being. She couldn't explain it but she watched as it slithered out a long black tongue teasingly and Madison smiled and found that she also had a lusciously long snakelike tongue as well as she flickered it out in return. Madison watched the creatures tentacle extend from it's sex and Madison hungrily grabbed the length and sucked it into her awaiting mouth. Madison knew she was no longer human. She didn't care anymore. She just wanted to be with her new lover. She wanted to become like it was and taste it's delicious honey.