A story together with drawing Nr. 31321

©2007 by Latex Circle

I am quite a busy business women. Travelling a lot all over the world. This weeks trip was going to a highly developed small country where I finally arrived after a long flight. The hotel looked good and the room had a comfortable size with a big double bed and a pleasant looking bathroom. I like it to have a shower after a flight, so I undressed myself and went into the bathroom and closed the bathroom door. The  shower felt warm and good. It took me half an hour, just relaxing and let water flow across my body. So I turned of the tap and wanted to grip a towel. Well, that’s nice there aren’t any. Damn, I went into the room and I was chocked. All my stuff was gone! Accept some black clothes laying on the bed. Confused and angry that there where people in my room I took the clothes in my hand. They where made from latex! They even replaced the sheets on the bed by black latex ones. This time I walked still naked to the room door and closed it on night lock. Ah! Phoning to the front desk offcourse…telephone dead. I am not going to wear this. But what to do. I couldn’t go naked.


I started to study the black latex clothes on the bed. To be honest, they weren’t so bad. It consisted out of long leggings, long gloves, and a strange shaped corset like body. What else could I do then putting them on. Naked is not an option. So I started with the tight fitting latex leggings. They were sliding around my legs with a smooth and exciting feeling. I had never been wearing latex clothes before and it surprised me that the material was behaving itself as a second skin. It was pleasant and my legs felt soft and warm. Next the corset like part. My body was shaped quite well, but this one was so tight fitting that it took me half an hour to put it on and close it. It felt great and sensational. I didn’t know who put the stuff in my room but he or she certainly had taste. When the gloves were covering my arms I discovered also two high heeled knee boots. It wasn’t easy to put them on because of the very tight shafts without zippers. You just had to put them on by strongly pulling them and they fitted as they were moulded for me. I was looking in the full size mirror and I couldn’t  resist to have a great moment of sexual pleasure which approximately lasted for an hour.

After this I decided  to get a grip on myself again and walk in public area to the reception to complain about the whole absurd situation. Walking out of the room, the encountering with other hotel guests was a bit uncomfortable. It felt more naked then being actual naked, but at the other hand the greedy eyes from the men made me feel proud on my own body. I noticed that I was blushing and the sensuality of the whole situation made my tits bigger and harder then ever before.

The girl at the reception was not surprised at all to see me like this. “Ah,  they have got you also”, she said whit a smile of knowing more. “You will be fine, don’t worry. They are just playing with you. Relax and enjoy it. Just go to meeting room 5 and meet the other ones. They all arrived during the last few days. We are still waiting for the last ones to be dressed properly”.  The reception girl smiled again and asked me to continue my way to the meeting room.


I went up to the room and knocked at the door. It was answered by a friendly women, which opened the door and let me in. By entering the room my eye was attracted by live size dolls standing stiff against the wall, dressed in the same way as I was. You could clearly see that they were made of plastic. The dolls looked pretty, dressed in latex, high heeled. In a strange way I felt attracted to them. They were so peaceful.

“Do you like them” the women asked. “Yes of course”, I answered. “But what is going on over here. Why did I have to be dressed like this” I asked the women. “Is it a game or so”. She smiled friendly “Do you like your clothes” she asked. “Well yes, but that is not the point of it”. She continued with a calming soft voice “Please sit down for a moment and relax. Do you like to be one of them, living without any sorrow any more, without stress, just being there, treated in the same way you were  treating your dolls when you were young”. “Listen lady” I said, “offcourse that’s nice, but it is impossible, I am loaded with stress because my job is quite intensive and I am from flesh and blood and they are made of plastic”. “Then”, she continued “I have maybe a solution for you. Just go and stand, on your beautiful high heeled legs, next to them against the wall and drink this juice and then just tell me what you feel. If you don’t like it, the game is over”.

The whole situation was absurd, but because of this I decided to go over to the wall, standing next to the dolls and drink the juice. What the hell.

Just after I finished the drink, strange thoughts started in my mind. I wanted to stand as straight as possible against the wall, with my arms stiff next to my body and with my head as nice as the dolls next to me. It felled great. It amused me really to play this game. I wanted to be as stiff as possible and all my muscles contracted as if they were cramped. My fingers were straight down next to my body, as were my arms, my legs, my feet in those high heeled tight boots. It felled enormous. I wanted to be like the dolls next to me. I wanted to be one of them.  My inside stomach was really making a lot of noise. It felled if it was getting empty, or hollow. My skin was feeling more and more tight. My tongue, I didn’t feel my tongue anymore as if it was gone. My face felled stiff and I wanted it to be like this. I wanted it to be made out of plastic. Hollow as the dolls next to me. Just being there without daily stress or sorrows. Because of this conclusion I never felled better before in my entire live. I wanted to be a real doll, dressed in sexy latex, part of the group of dolls standing next to me. The women was right, it is great.


Somebody knocked at the door, It was a pretty women, dressed in latex. A bit shameful about her clothes. By entering the room she looked at the dolls standing against the wall and to me. I wondered if she would notice the difference between the real dolls and me. “Do you like them” she was asked. “Yes of course” the new women answered, she continued towards the dolls and me and took a detailed look at all of them. When she reached me I wanted to tell her how great this game was and the extraordinary feeling it brought, but I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even blink with my eyes. The new women said “Nice dolls, clearly all made of plastic, but what is going on over here”… I was a doll now. Made of plastic, dressed in latex with a lovely smile on my face, just like the other ones..

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