Eine Geschichte von Latex Circle zu Bild Nr. 31342

©2004 by Latex Circle


Since she moved several weeks ago to here new farmhouse into a small village in the west, Kerstin went out every morning to feed her animals on the farm. Because of the cold and the work with drinking water she puts on, as usual, here latex gloves. Because she liked latex a lot, her gloves where tight fitting and continuing till far above her elbow. Simple fact was that nobody could see this because of her jacket.
Because the mud on the farm and because she liked it, she was wearing long latex boots underneath here long skirt.
After finishing here morning job on those cold days, she was already looking forward to go out for daily shopping in the supermarket. Everybody was wearing gloves and boots, so she just could go out public in here "secret” latex outfit. People wouldn’t notice this, she thought.

This morning she stepped out of her bed and was surprised by a wrapped package in her living room. On a label at the package there was written: "A present from the latex community”. She was shocked and felled herself catched that others knew of her secret love for latex and even went into here farmhouse. But she was even more anxious to know what’s inside the package. She opened it and was pleasantly surprised: A sort of latex body or suit with a nice looking dildo at the front. Overwhelmed by smelling and touching the latex she touched the dildo. It felt warm and soft and she just couldn’t resist touching it with her tongue; taking it in her mouth. By doing so she noticed that the latex almost invited here to enter with here whole body, just to slide into this marvelous latex suit.

First she put her legs in the suit. They both glide into the latex and it felt almost too good to be true, if she entered a new body. It took a short moment to put here arms into the suit but when this was done she felt so exited that she didn’t think twice to put here head into the attached latex mask with the breathing nozzle. The suit closed almost itself around here body and she shocked when the dildo entered here vagina out of is own will. She touched herself and felled great in this latex. Then she noticed that the latex started almost to glue to here body. She panicked for a moment but then the dildo inside here started to move and grow and ohhh.., this was too much. She felled on here bed and started to play with herself as hot as she was. It was almost if she became latex herself, from the in and outside. Actually here body was changing now quite fast into a Kerstin made of latex instead of a Kerstin made of flesh. By starting to realize this, she felt even more excited then ever before. Hours later the transformation was completed. Excited and exhausted she felled asleep, just feeling so happy and satisfied being a latex girl.

When she woke up she went immediately to here big mirror and felled great. Shining black, totally latex. But then she started to realize how to feed the animals and how to go public? She went into the living room and saw another package lying on the table. This time the label showed: "Enter the latex community?. Surprised as she was, she opened it and a flesh colored latex mask was inside. By going to her big mirror she pulled the tight fitting mask over here head and when she stood in front of the mirror she just saw the head of the old Kerstin still made of flesh. Who made all this, she thought.

She had to go out feeding the animals, and went into the town with here "Kerstin mask?, jacket and long skirt, hiding here new latex body.
In the supermarket people smiled in a friendly but strange way to here, if they knew more.
At the counter the cashier bow over to here and she just lift up a small part of a latex mask she was wearing, letting Kerstin see here also latex nature and whispered to Kerstin with a conspiracy smile "Welcome to the latex community”.

Latex Circle