Eine Geschichte von Gary zu Bild Nr. 31220 und 31272b

The Chair
  ©2003 by Gary Driscoll

Deborah really needed some cash. The last of her money ran out 5 days ago and her stomach began rumbling on an almost constant basis. Deborah had been a successful marketing agent for a prominent fashion company in New York City. Often she would find herself moonlighting as a fetish model for local photographers and fetish magazines. A month ago she would have never thought she would be broke, hungry and so far behind on her bills that she never worried about before. But just as soon as it all happened to come into place a year ago, it all fell apart. The Fashion Company went belly up and the employees found this out when their last paychecks bounced and the designer never came back from Amsterdam. Fifteen employees now found themselves out on the street. Most picked up jobs relatively quickly, but Deborah had a tough time because she was sleeping with the designer to keep her job as the company’s Marketing agent and had little experience she could use to get another job.

When he left for Europe she begged to go with him, but he insisted she was needed in New York and the company could not go without her for a month. What a line of crap that turned out to be her now thought to her. Turning to her sputtering appearances as a fetish model she tried to get picked up by modeling agencies to earn steady pay but to no avail. Nobody was hiring permanent positions, and the few scarce temp jobs here and there were no where near enough money for her to live in New York City.

About ready to give up hope and call her wealthy uncle in Chicago and borrow money to move back to Illinois, She happened across a flyer stuck to the wall of a subway terminal. WANTED: Young, Adventurous Models for spot ads, Space Age Bondage, The future of fetish furniture. The flyer had a phone number to call at the bottom and Deborah began to grin as she ripped the flyer from the graffiti coated wall. This was her chance to make some more cash, put an end to her rumbling stomach for a few weeks and prolong her stay away from her wealthy, but perverted uncle in Chicago.

Calling the number from a nearby payphone, a woman answered and gave her directions to the studio located in the warehouse district near the harbor. It sounded legit so she stopped in a gas station bathroom and tidied herself up and used the last few subway tokens she had, taking the blueline to within minutes of where she had to be in 2 hours.

Arriving at the front door to what was no doubt converted airplane hangar for sure, Deborah knocked on the steel fire door under the sign that read Space Age Bondage. The little window in the door slide open and a set of yes scanned down her body from behind the door. The door opened and a woman in a finely tailored business suit greeted Deborah with a broad grin. Leading Deborah down a passageway between enormous metal crates, Deborah found herself rounding a corner to see one of the crates had been opened and what looked like 6 large translucent gray bean bag chairs laying on the floor. They seemed to have just been unpacked from inside this open crate and men were busily removing the debris from within the crate and sliding the large blobs back into the crate, spacing them about 6 feet apart.

Among the movers were 4 businessmen also in nicely tailored suited who looked over Deborah approvingly. The woman who greeted Deborah explained that these blobs were made from a space age polymer material that mimicked the popular bean bag chairs of the past but retained body heat and kept the person sitting in them warm. That was not the best feature though by far, these blob chairs conformed to the person sitting in them giving much more firmness and support than any bag filled with Styrofoam beads. She motioned Deborah to give the chair a try and see just how comfortable the chair really was.

Deborah began to see how a chair like this could be fun to have sex on and her lower back was killing her at the moment. Deborah quickly clicked over in her high heels and sat back into the blob like chair.

Quickly surprised at the feeling of the material against her bare legs and the shape the chair took as she sat Deborah was instantly comfortable. The woman asked Deborah to lay back into the chair and relax even further. Almost forgetting the lady was there, Deborah smiled and eased back into the chair further, beginning to get lost in the feeling against her body that the chair gave. Deborah did notice though that a sweet smell accompanied the material of this chair and became stronger as she eased into it. The scent almost intoxicating as she closed her eyes.

Deborah laid there in total comfort shifting her body testing the chair as it conformed to her curves. With each shift of her body the chair seemed to respond in tune and she found herself sinking a bit more into the chair. Soon Deborah was fast asleep in her newfound comfort. Strange erotic dreams began to play across her mind as she slept and she fantasized about several sexual positions in her new chair. Slowly she felt her sex begin to moisten as the fantasies became more and more vivid and she went to rub herself with her long sensual fingers but found that for some reason her arms would not move. A strange dream this was because with that panicked sensation of being trapped Deborah should have awoken herself but she couldn’t. She was delving deeper and deeper into her fantasies as she swore she felt something entering her sex and caressing her breasts.

Slowly Deborah felt an orgasm building as she writhed in the chair, feeling enveloped in its warmth and sensual touch. It was then she distinctly felt that she may no longer be clothed and that somehow this chair had dissolved her clothing. Unable to hold back any longer Deborah found herself moaning aloud as the first orgasm ripped through her body and a strange feeling as her juices erupted from her body it was as if they became absorbed into the chair. Deborah lay in her chair for hours it seemed as she continued to climax again and again. Exhausted and dehydrated, Deborah struggled to break free from her dreamworld and wake up finding her movements were now matched by the chair to only bind her tighter within the chair. She knew something had slid inside her now and it grew driving her lust further.

Giving up Deborah laid back relaxing her tensed muscles finding herself giving into the chair and the invader inside her as her back arched in yet another orgasm and Deborah knew that she was starting to change, becoming part of the chair and was never going to wake up and she began to hope she never did.

The door opened to large metal crate and the 4 businessmen looked in approvingly as all 6 women had now begun their transformations. Satisfied, the businessmen motioned for the crate to be closed again so that their crop could mature.