Eine Geschichte von Kirsten zu Bild Nr. 31239 und 31312

©2005 by Kirsten

          My memory of the events that led me to my current state are somewhat clouded in the delirious haze one has when experiencing intense pleasure. 

For as long as I can remember, my love for pantyhose was second to nothing else.  I wore my first pair at around age five and have since owned, stolen, and worn thousands.  I experienced my first orgasm while wearing pantyhose and my most intense and longest lasting orgasms have occurred while wearing pantyhose. 

The act of slipping on a pair of silken pantyhose has always been intoxicating for me.  Merely looking at a pair of pantyhose lying carefully on my bed had the power to drive me to the highest levels of sexual arousal.  I love them.  They give me pleasure.  They feel incredible, powerful.  Whenever I wore them I felt a desire building inside of me.  It was always an insidious growth of such magnitude and absolute purity that I was always swept away by the thoughts that I would have while luxuriating in my beloved pantyhose.  I would begin having lustful thoughts that, if properly nurtured, would develop into more naughty, wicked desires.  Once again, if allowed to grow, my thoughts would evolve into fantasies of great evil.  I would dream of causing such horrific acts that would give me such pleasure and power that I would be deemed the physical manifestation of pure evil.  I would come with such force from these fantasies that would only leave me wanting more.  I would always wear myself out with these masturbatory fantasies that I would be satiated for quite some time.

          This leads me to how I arrived in my current state.  My fantasies and desires, coupled with my absolute love for pantyhose, became more and more perverse with time.  I often wondered what I would do, if my darkest desires could be made reality.  Would I accept an eternity of pleasure and power bought with the pain and suffering of others?  If I was wearing my sweet pantyhose at the time then the answer was a resounding YES!  If not, then I was more uncertain as I struggled with a moral dilemma.  After I reached my mid-thirties, I became more and more certain as to what my answer would be.  I realized that I probably was

not going to get certain things out of life.  I began to feel bored and agitated whenever I was not wearing pantyhose.  I began to wear them more and more until I could always be found to be wearing at least one pair of pantyhose.  My state of arousal became permanent while continually wearing pantyhose.  As my arousal grew, so did my desire to descend into the pleasurable and incredibly nasty depths of pure unadulterated evil. 

          My most wicked fantasy was to be transformed into a pair of the most beautiful, silken pantyhose in existence.  I would be completely aware of myself, but unable to move or act upon my environment.  I would be at the mercy of anyone who happened upon me.  I would, however, be indestructible; immortal.  I would be in a constant state of orgasm and would always be that way.  I could not change my mind later on or give the dark gift to someone else.  In addition, no one and nothing could ever take my gift from me.  I would be a pair of silken pantyhose for eternity.

If someone happened upon me and decided to put me on I would be in for quite a treat.  The unlucky fool who decided to wear me would no sooner pull me on before being completely absorbed by me.  Their physical form would be transformed into energy that would be permanently transferred to me, resulting in an increase in my demonic power.  Better yet, the person's soul or essence would be permanently enslaved within me.  The person would experience an ever increasing torment of pain and agony while I would enjoy an ever increasing delight of pleasure and power.  This became my only fantasy and my fondest wish.  Until the day it came true.

          I was enjoying a long weekend day playing with my collection of thousands of pantyhose.  I acquired my pantyhose in several different ways.  While I purchased some, I usually stole vast quantities of pantyhose from warehouses and storage facilities.  A fairly sizable part of my collection was also obtained by stealing pantyhose from girls' bedrooms and offices.  While masturbating, I wore only pantyhose and eight inch stiletto pumps.  After playing with myself for some time I began to chant a rather evil sounding mantra that would serve to fuel my wicked desires and heighten my sensitivity to pleasure.  At some point, I decided to stop touching and caressing myself and noticed that as long as I kept chanting my stimulation continued.

Somehow, I was experiencing pleasure simply from repeating the mantra over and over.  My fantasies began to get nastier and center on my transformation into a pair of pantyhose.  I soon found that I was stuck in that stage of sexual excitement just preceding the explosion into orgasm.  It was like I was right on the edge of a cliff overhanging an orgasmic abyss and was having to endure the sweet torment of an unending tidal wave of sexual excitement that threatened to push me over the edge.  I have no idea how long I remained in this state, but I started out in the early morning and the sky outside turned dark and then light again many times before my final descent into world of evil and forbidden delights. 

          As my final descent approached, I almost wished that my delicious torment would never end.  I knew, however, that something wondrous awaited me once I surrendered to the oncoming orgasm.  Such an understatement was never made.  In an unexpected blast I was swept off into the abyss.  I can only remember experiencing a blinding, searing, and unrelenting orgasm that increased in intensity with every passing second.  I knew nothing else but pleasure. 

Pleasure was everything.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had been instantly transformed into a pair of the silkiest, shiniest, and most beautiful pantyhose that had ever, or would ever, exist.  I had also been transported to the locker of a girl who performed in an all girl act in an underground playhouse somewhere in central Europe.  Only moments passed, in the real world, between my achieving orgasm and arrival in this girl's locker, but a million lifetimes passed for me. 

          Somehow, perhaps as a result of my fantasizing or some outside influence, the performance piece was centered on a young girl who finds this pair of pantyhose and upon donning them achieves great and unholy power and influence over all mankind.  She becomes a demon queen who rules with a lust for power.

Her cruel pleasure comes at the expense of others until one day she takes the pantyhose off in the blind throes of passion.  Another girl hesitantly places the pantyhose on herself to find that the power rests in the pantyhose themselves and not in the self-imposed demon queen.  Having usurped the queen and declared herself a goddess, the girl is known ever after as Pantyhose.  The crowd would then chant "pantyhose, pantyhose, pantyhose, etc." for the remainder of the performance. 

          When the girl pulled me onto her legs that fateful night, we both entered a world of never-ending extreme experiences that neither of us would forget.  It was my first awakening since becoming a pair of pantyhose, as I had experienced nothing but searing, unforgivable pleasure until this innocent girl put me on her legs.  To those watching, she appeared to convulse in a great eruption of orgasmic delight while simultaneously vanishing, leaving only her pantyhose on the stage floor.  In reality the girl was screaming in the most exquisite agony ever experienced by an entity.  Her physical form immediately converted into energy and added itself to the power that would soon be at my disposal.

Her soul was ripped apart and then reformed and then began an eternity of repeating a cycle of torment and pain.  My experience was most definitely of a different nature.  I felt an incredible surge of power flowing throughout my form.  I realized, for only the briefest moment that I was actually a pair of pantyhose.  I was in heaven, or at least some evil version of heaven.  The pain and agony this girl was experiencing was driving me to higher and higher levels of pleasure I thought unattainable, even in my brief time spent as a pair of pantyhose.  Yum!  I wanted more.  And more I received.

          One by one, the girls in the troupe pulled me onto their legs in a rush to experience what they thought their fellow performer had experienced.  When no members of the troupe were left, people from the audience came up onto the stage to try on this marvelous little pair of pleasure inducing pantyhose.  The only person to not succumb to the lure of pantyhose pleasure was the owner of the rundown, little underground stage located under the festering sewers of some nasty little city.  The small, greedy man who was so unaffected by the lure of the pantyhose suffered from an unfortunate lack of sexual desire.  While the details escape me, I know that a great cult was formed on that night.  One that would eventually engulf the entire planet.  Strangely, the location of the cult never changed.

It always remained in the festering underground playhouse.  People would come from all corners of the globe to see and eventually put on the luxurious pair of pantyhose that resided in the dilapidated theatre located amid a huge network of stinking sewers.  The hordes of people came and came, long after the owner could resist me no more and pulled me onto his filthy legs to forever become one of my slaves.  In a marvel of architectural luck, the theater stood for centuries while the city above rotted away into lascivious decay.  I was worshipped as the great Goddess, Pantyhose.  The line of people waiting to get in was unending as person after person put me on, only to disappear into the unknown, and for me to fall into a filthy puddle of muck for the next person to pick up.  Sometimes there would be a gap in the line as people would fight over me and be killed and left to rot in the decayed theater.  Remarkably, I was never removed from the stage, no one ever tried to steal me away from my sacred temple of filth. 

          During the few times when no one tried to put me on, insects, mostly cockroaches, would crawl all over and into me filling the legs to overflowing with cockroaches.  I found that I could absorb them into me as well as humans, though with different results.  The absorption of cockroaches into me created new avenues of pleasure unavailable to me through the consumption of humans.  I realized that I could become something more with the consumption of more insects.  Unfortunately, if that word can be used to describe my situation, people returned to their religion of placing on their legs and being forever damned to bring me pleasure at their expense.

          The passage of time became meaningless to me.  In reality nearly one thousand years had passed since I made my descent into a realm of evil pleasure.  I had consumed more than one billion souls.  It is a wonder to me that the entire human population did not make the pilgrimage to my fetid shrine. 

Soon, a great war was fought in the lands above me and as a result the sewage tunnels that had brought me so many delicious souls collapsed, forever barring access to the ruined theater that lay below the remains of a once prosperous city.  Much of the theatre was destroyed but most of the stage and the entrance to the backstage area remained intact and as strong as the day it was built.  So begins a new stage in my existence.  While inaccessible to humans, the remains of my filthy church of evil were easily accessible to insects.  Countless insects, mostly cockroaches, filled the legs of my pantyhose body only to be absorbed into me. 
My pleasure and power increased to indescribable levels as a nearly infinite supply of cockroaches filled me up for over two thousand years. 

          I began to realize in my orgasmic daze that I could command the cockroaches to do things for me.  As long as they did not enter me too soon, my wishes were carried out.  First of all, I decided to have them move me to the back stage area.  Once they were absorbed by me, I had instant knowledge of all that the cockroach did and saw during its life.  I saw that the backstage area was very well preserved.  Clearly no one had dared to disturb the place that I was brought out from for fear that it would disrupt the supposed pleasurable reward for those who chose to pull me on their legs.  I also discovered that there was an unusual amount of pantyhose in the lockers and storage trunks in the dressing room.  I commanded the cockroaches to bring me a pair of pantyhose and enter me while carrying it.

Searing pleasure!!!  I absorbed the cockroaches and the pantyhose into myself.  The cockroaches I was accustomed to, but the addition of another pair of pantyhose was something quite unexpected.  I felt an influx of power equal to a supernova.  I was caught off guard by the magnitude of this sensation and exploded into a heightened orgasmic state that threatened to tear me apart.  I don't know how long I remained in this state, but I think the power that I had just absorbed opened a doorway into another dimension of time because, for me, billions of years must have passed while no time at all passed in the real world.

As I returned to reality I immediately sent out a command to bring me all of the remaining pantyhose and continue to fill me with them until none remained.  Unknown to me, at the time, the cockroaches knew of a vault that was hidden from common view.  The owner of the theatre, so long ago, had accumulated virtually every pair of pantyhose available to him at the time.  He filled this vault over his entire lifetime with case after case of pantyhose.  In fact, he demanded payment of pantyhose, rather than money, for the right to enter the theatre and have the opportunity to put me on.  Astonishingly, the vault was so enormous that it could accommodate billions of pairs of pantyhose, all of which have been very satisfactorily absorbed into me. 

          It is difficult for me to go into great detail about my experience absorbing billions of pairs of pantyhose into myself.  The experience can hardly be described in words.  The pleasure, the power, and the overwhelming feeling of evil energy surging throughout my silken form are beyond human comprehension. 

There is, however, an emotion that I think humans can identify with completely: fear.  Oddly, I did not experience this emotion during my grand pantyhose feast, but I think any human would have been paralyzed by fear.  I'll explain.  As each new pair of pantyhose, accompanied by a multitude of cockroaches, entered my pantyhose body, I was threatened for the first time, in my existence, with destruction, or something far worse.  The influx of power was so great that it actually started to tear me apart.  Runs and tears would appear all over my beautiful form.  As quickly as they appeared, though, they were sealed up like new only to have more appear in other locations.  This process repeated until I had completely absorbed and assimilated all of my newly acquired power.  Most of the time I was covered in runs.  I was barely able to keep up with repairing them before new runs could appear.

You might be thinking that this was a painful, horrible experience.  On the contrary, it was fabulous!  The pleasure of feeling my newly acquired power shred my silken form was absolutely intoxicating.  The temptation to surrender to the onslaught of power merely added to my ecstasy.  I must add, at this point, that at some moment during my gluttonous feast I began to understand what would happen if I did allow the power to completely engulf me.  If I were to be shredded and torn beyond my ability to repair it then I would suffer a role reversal of sorts.  I would actually switch places with all of the countless souls that I had devoured over the millennia.

Their suffering would end and mine would begin.  My suffering would be far worse than theirs ever was.  After all, I would be the target of the vengeful rage of billions.  Contrary to good sense, I was not afraid of this new risk I had discovered.  I was aroused and hungry for more.  I wanted to experience this risk again and again.  I wanted to increase my likelihood of failure as well.  The pleasure that rippled throughout my tiny diaphanous form told me that this was the true path to power and pleasure.  I began to plan how to place myself at incredible risk in order to achieve an infinite supply of power and pleasure.     

          I commanded my cockroaches to place me into a small plastic container and transport me to the surface of the long dead city above us.  I will be very brief in my description of the world in which I arrived.  The cockroaches brought me to the surface of a giant refuse dump.  The former great city was now surrounded by large containment walls and was used for the disposal of the waste products of the entire planet.  In fact the rest of the planet was one gigantic city. 

All of the land mass of the planet was devoted to towering interconnected skyscrapers.  The population of the world had risen to just over twenty three trillion humans.  The population consisted of two social classes: royalty and the working class.  All food was grown in vast bacteria tanks, as no more livestock existed. 

There were only a few species of animals left in the world.  The oceans had been destroyed, along with ninety nine percent of marine life, by heavy pollution and industrial waste.  While technologically more sophisticated, than in my time as a human, the world was wallowing in a dark age.  I was pleased to find that pantyhose still existed, though made from a very different set of materials.  The pantyhose of this age were made from spider silk woven with a combination of several different plant-based rubbers.  These new pantyhose could only be afforded by the noble class.  I cared nothing for these pantyhose and strove to create pantyhose made from the same stuff as me, but as no fossil fuels remained I had to become more creative.  I learned how to use the people of earth to make my pantyhose for me.

          In a long, tedious process I learned that I could actually be worn by someone and not consume her physical energy.  I could devour her soul, but remain in control of her body.  Through a trial and error process, I discovered that I could completely encase a person and use her body as though it was my own, which it was anyway.  At last, I could walk and talk and hear and see things in the world, though much better than when I was human.  Unfortunately, these bodies did not last very long.  They deteriorated very quickly due to the unholy energy coursing through them.

In addition, human bodies were clearly not designed to be possessed by an entity that is as purely evil and inhuman as me.  I had to choose my bodies carefully, the younger the better.  Even the best of my choices lasted only a week before degenerating into pure energy and adding itself to my already limitless supply of power.  Nevertheless, I was more than able to accomplish my goals. 

          First, I needed to find a way to create more nylon/plastic based pantyhose by using the humans at my disposal.  I found that if I allowed a small part of my power to be transferred to a person who was wearing my pantyhose body then she would be capable of fulfilling my every desire.  I let every person who wore me to take a little of my power with them before they removed me.  The person's body would be transformed into liquid nylon.  Every human cell would actually be converted into nylon.  The process was extremely pleasurable.  I decided not to 'waste' anymore humans by possessing them, so I passed extremely large portions of my power onto a select few girls that I chose to be my agents.

These agents would then go from place to place passing the necessary amount of power into everyone in order to transform the entire population into nylon people.  I transferred almost one hundred percent of power in this way.  I also learned that I could stretch myself out into the form of a full encasement bodystocking and before sealing it up allow cockroaches to fill me up.  Once filled, I took on the general shape of a human female.  I could exist this way indefinitely by allowing just enough of my power to keep the cockroaches from dying off.  Once again, through the use of my sweet cockroaches, I could see, move and otherwise interact with the world.  By the way, the swarming, constant motion of the cockroaches took me to delirious heights of pleasure.  Cockroaches are definitely a pantyhose goddesses’ best friend. 

          Next, I needed to use my legions of nylon people to create more nylon/plastic than ever existed before.  The solution was simple.  Once the people were completely transformed into nylon, they came to me.  I set up a huge collection tank in the middle of the refuse disposal area that used to be home to a certain underground playhouse.  After arriving, the nylon people would congregate in the tank and begin to convulse in spasms of great pleasure.  During the spasms, the person would begin to squirt out enormous quantities of liquid nylon/plastic.  This would continue until nothing of the person remained and another person would enter the tank to begin the process.

Each person was creating considerably more nylon/plastic than had gone into their own creation.  Once the person completely converted into liquid nylon/plastic their soul would become trapped in the tank to await the fateful day when I would absorb them all at once.  The collection tank was not particularly large, no bigger than an Olympic sized swimming pool, but it had no trouble holding the liquid secretions of trillions of nylon people.  The nylon/plastic liquid collected in the tank was uncommonly dense and teeming with souls for me to devour.  The power contained in the liquid, however, was of considerable more value.  It represented the insurmountable risk that I must take in order to experience its demonic pleasure. 

          My story, for now, is near an end, for I am ready to complete the sequence of events that could leave me at the mercy of trillions of vengeful souls bent on damning me to an eternity of pain and torture.  I have never been as excited and aroused as I am as this very moment.  The entire population of the world was converted into nylon and generated my tank of condensed liquid delight.  I am going to dive into this tank, converting from my cockroach-filled bodystocking form back into my sexy pantyhose form.  Once I come into contact with the liquid I will instantaneously absorb all of the tank's contents.

All of the power and souls I have consumed to this point will pale in comparison to what I will experience when I devour my precious liquid nylon.  I will be, effectively, trying to absorb an infinite amount of power.  I will most likely have an almost infinite chance of failure as well.  Nothing could make me happier.  If successful, I will be able to create more souls within myself, continually adding to my collection.  In addition, my power will increase, for eternity, with each passing moment.  I will exist forever as power, pleasure, and evil.  

          Now, I go to meet my fate.