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University volunteers

The pamphlet asked for volunteers for a practical test to study the link between insects and mammals. Especially female students where asked. The study-points which could be collected for taking part in this study were quite stimulating.

Ksenia was in need for extra points. She was interested in insects and wanted to go for a job for chemical engineer developing insecticides after her study. She and a few girlfriends, which followed the same study, decided to volunteer.

Their professor, which organized the whole experiment, told them that it would last for at least a week.
Oh, and that they needed to wear a tight fitting latex outfit with attached boots and gloves. Ksenia and the other girls had a lot of fun about this idea. They got their special outfit from an assistant of the professor, just before the weekend and were asked to wear it on Monday when the experiment would start. The group of girls had such a fun when the received their latex suits that they decided to meet each other at Sunday afternoon at Ksenia ’s apartment to put them on.

Ksenia went home and met here boyfriend over there. She told him about the experiment and the latex clothes they would have to wear. He told here that he already was informed by the professor and he was very excited that she took part in this experiment. He asked here to show the outfit which she had to wear on Monday. She showed the latex clothes to here boyfriend and of course he was so exited about the idea to see his Ksenia in this tight fitting outfit that he helped her to slide into it. Both where totally amazed about the result. Ksenia felt so good and her boyfriend was so astonished that having sex was a logical result. After a few hours Ksenia and her boyfriend went to the bathroom to have a shower. Her boyfriend asked her to keep herself packed in latex by entering this hot steaming shower.

While they were touching each other again underneath this hot water stream, Ksenia started to feel another amazing sexual pleasure. The whole outfit started to shrink and fitted so lovely tight around here body that she screamed of pleasure. The eyes of here boyfriend almost popped out by seeing his girlfriend so beautifully shaped and again they had an intense sexual experience. Ok, ok, now they were really sexually satisfied and Ksenia wanted to take of here latex outfit. They spend together half an hour trying to take it off, this now very tight fitting latex costume. Their conclusion was a bit shocking, they couldn’t get it of her body. She had to wait for Monday.

It was very exiting to wear this outfit during the weekend and she felt extremely sexy in it. She was only ashamed a bit when her girlfriends came on Sunday afternoon. It worked out that all of them were captured in their outfits. They shame went over in a relieve because they were all in the same naughty position. They started to have a lot of fun about their situation.

Monday they arrived at the University. The professor was quite satisfied that already everybody was dressed properly. They were asked to lay down in special cocoons in a sort of hive and to relax. By sliding into this slippery cocoon Ksenia felt herself intense happy and extremely sexual. She went into a sexually very stimulating sleep in which she dreamed about being transformed into a wasp like being. Partly human, partly insect. The moments passed by and sometimes half awake half asleep she felt hear body as never before. Everything around hear tasted like honey and she just dreamed here next dream enjoying new sexual fantasies.

Friday afternoon the boyfriends of the girls which where taking part in the experiment, were standing before the cocoons in the hive. The professor invited them. He told them that phase one of the experiment will be finished soon and that their girls will be fantastic for the rest of their lives. But before the cocoons could be opened the professor told them that they had to put on also a latex outfit, almost the same as the girls had been wearing, for special hygienic reasons. Of course they had also a lot of fun about these outfits, making jokes about each other. And there they were standing before the hive. The assistant of the professor gave everybody a glass with a special celebration drink for the good ending of the first phase of this experiment

The boyfriends all toasted with a special drink and when all the glasses where empty a lot of humming started. Big insects came and were busy to open up the first cocoon. The boys didn’t believe their own eyes. Their girlfriends where transformed into wasp like beings. Beautiful but almost a nightmare, this can’t be. While the girls one by one appeared in their new shape, the boys start panicking. Now they start to realize why they also had to wear these latex outfits. By realizing their destiny, the drinks they had, were starting to do their job. They felt more and more weak and were falling down on the ground, unable to move themselves. They were put by female assistants into the now empty cocoons.

While the cocoons were closed, the professor smiled and said: "Phase one is ready. We have the females insects. Now it’s time for phase two, to produce the males", "This experiment is going to be a success. Let’s wait for phase three: breeding time !". He laughed and walked away.

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