Eine Geschichte von Gary zu Bild Nr. 31112
  ©2002 by Gary Driscoll

"Thanks Sandy, I’ll see you tomorrow." The Postal deliverer turned and grabbed his cart and walked down the back hallway to deliver more parcels to other stores. Sandy took the 3 packages she just signed for and brought them into the manager’s office and set them on the desk. Sandy turned around and left the office locking the door as she always did and headed back out onto the selling floor to help the sales associates with customers. The night went by quickly for once and Sandy was dead tired. Her feet ached and she sat down on the plush chair behind the manager’s desk and relaxed a minute.

Sara, a new hire came into the opened office doorway and asked if she was feeling all right. "Yeah I’m just beat Sara. I just need a few minutes to sit down here." Sara smiled and turned to go fetch the register drawers to count out the day’s sales. Bill another sales associate had counted out his drawer and left already leaving Sandy and Sara to close up the store. Sandy was a bit irritated with Bill but she could handle it.

Curious Sandy sat there for a moment and decided to open the 3 packages she had signed for earlier. She had totally forgotten about them in the bustle of the day’s sales. Taking a utility knife Sandy clicked the blade out and sliced down the tape sealing the package. Prying back the box top flaps Sandy looked inside puzzled. Looking at the outside address on the box she could barely make out an address and it was very vague. She guessed Tim the postal guy had no idea where it was supposed to go and dropped it off here in hopes it was the right place. Looking back into the box Sandy reached in and pulled out a little bottle. The label on the outside wasn’t in English but it looked like it said something about insect extract. Sandy wondered if this stuff was supposed to go to the nature store upstairs in the mall.

She was curious though and opened the little bottle breaking the wax seal on the cork stopper. Leaning in she took a whiff of the contents and was pleasantly surprised. It was honey! She guessed it must have been some kind of fancy expensive honey. Sandy had no idea where it was meant to go but she did sign for the package and she had opened it and some of the contents. It was hers as far as anyone else was concerned now. Sandy smiled and got up and fetched some hot water off the coffee maker and poured a small cup of it in with a tea bag she had taken out of her purse. The steam smelled strong and thick with herbs as the teabag stewed in the water and Sandy reached over and poured some of the new found blackish honey into her tea. Stirring it with a spoon she took a sip and smiled as she relaxed behind the desk.

Sara was out front busy closing up the store so Sandy had a few moments to relax and calm herself. Slowly sipping her tea she was amazed how good this honey was and was already halfway through her cup of tea. Sitting back in the chair Sandy felt extremely relaxed. She had never felt this way at work before she had always been so tense when she was here, but right now she felt fantastic. Tilting the seat back Sandy slipped her shoes off and put her feet up on the desk as she finished her tea and set the cup down.

Looking at the door to the manager’s office Sandy grinned to herself and got up and closed it locking the door. She was feeling so wonderful and strangely enough very horny now for some reason. Sandy was wondering just what was in the honey. Picking up the half used bottle she tried deciphering the label but had no idea what it said. The sweet smell wafted out of the bottle though and Sandy placed the bottle to her lips and poured it into her mouth and over her tongue.

Softly moaning as the sweet honey slid over her tongue and down her throat. Within the next 5 minutes Sandy had drunk 6 of the 12 bottles inside the box and was now sitting on the desk. The honey dribbled a bit down her chin and onto her blouse. Sandy felt the sticky wetness as it seeped into her bra. Unbuttoning her top Sandy looked down over her C cup breasts held snug in her bra as the honey soaked into the fabric. Sandy had to get this stuff out of her clothes she thought and unhooked the bra and slid it off freeing her breasts.

Sandy sat there for a few minutes amazed unable to speak and unsure what to do. For Sandy watched as the Honey was now seeping from each of her swollen nipples and onto her thighs. Reaching up cupping a breast in hand Sandy pinched one of her nipples and watched it extend between her fingers almost 2 inches and continue to drip the blackish honey. "Oh My God!" Sandy said in a state of panic as she stood up and went for the door. Stepping to the door Sandy then winced in pain as she doubled over and fell on the floor of the office. Her stomach felt horrible. Reaching down she put her hands over her stomach and her eyes suddenly bulged from her head in shock. Looking down her waist had begun shrinking. She could easily take both hands and completely encircle her waist now. "What is happening to me?" Sandy cried out. Tears formed and streaked down her cheeks. Sandy opened her mouth to yell out to Sara but something stopped her.

She watched as she went to speak her tongue slithered from her mouth to extend out almost a foot and writhe in the air before her. She could smell things through her tongue! She flickered it out and smelled the sweet honey dripping from each now swollen nipple. Her nipples now each about 6 inches in length oozing honey. She could feel her mouth water as she cried and began licking her nipples unable to hold back her hunger or to help herself.

Sitting against a file cabinet Sandy lapped each nipple greedily as her stomach shrunk more and she felt a strange sensation between her legs. Looking down Sandy slid her skirt up and saw Honey dripping from her sex soaking her panties and a strange forked appendage slithering around the side of her panties pushing it’s way out. With an intense stomach pain Sandy clenched her stomach muscles tight and the forked appendage thrust out ripping her panties off. Sandy now looked down at her new tail as it writhed along the floor. Closing her eyes, Sandy was confused by extreme pleasure and sheer terror as she had watched her body become transformed.

A knock at the door awoke Sandy and she stood up on new-heeled feet and black shiny coated legs. She marveled at her new skin coating and ran her new claw-like hands over her new vinyl like skin over each leg and up her body. Everything was covered in it now except her face; her now DD cup breasts pushed out from her body tipped in long dripping nipples. Sandy smiled and loved the new sensations she had and flickered her new snakelike tongue over her sweet honey coated nipple. Sandy was no longer a store manager she was something else now. And Sandy knew that Sara would soon be like her too as Sandy opened the door and smiled at Sara’s terrified expression and said, "Sara, you have to try some of this honey."