A story together with drawing Nr. 31278

©2008 by ModMan

Carla stumbled through the door, tripping herself wile trying to pull the tight mini-skirt off while still standing.  Finally flicking it off of her ankle and to the side of the room.  Her tube top soon to follow.  Literally falling face first into her bed, another night working at the club sucking every bit of energy she had.  Carla’s long time friend, room mate and occasional sexual release, stops in the doorway to admire Carla’s fine ass presenting itself as she lay spread eagle on top of the bed sheets.


“You just going to sleep on top like that?” Mindy asks with a grin.


“Too damn hot, too damn tired.”  Her mouth muffled from the pillow.


“I was hoping to play tonight.”  Mindy’s perky voice trying to be suggestive.


“I’m sorry Mindy, but I just don’t think I’m going to be able to tonight.”  She utters lightly as she starts to drift off.


However Mindy is not deterred by the words.  She walks in and sits herself down on the bed next to Carla, setting a small wooden box next to her.  Carla makes no argument to Mindy beginning to massage her back.  The gentle caress of Mindy’s hands only assisting in Carla’s attempts to sleep off the long day.  Mindy slowly working her soft touch down her back now focusing on Carla’s firm behind.  A minute passes, Carla makes no notice that there is now only one hand massaging her ass at this point.  Mindy’s other hand now fumbling with the wooden box setting next to her.  She finally works the brass clasp open and lifting the top cover to reveal nothing more than a small black sphere setting in a pool of thick black ooze.  Mindy pulls the black ball from its container, the black ooze making streamers from the thick honey like gel encompassing it.  Mindy carefully inspects the sphere as if she expects to find something wrong with it.  Appearing satisfied with its condition she brings it down to Carla’s anal region.  She slowly glides the orb around the crack of her ass, spreading the black goo.  The ball glides gently on the blackened area of Carla’s ass.  Finally Mindy slowly pushes the sphere into Carla’s rectum.  Her exhausted body making little resistance, her ass suddenly sucking it in gracefully as soon as the largest portion clears the sphincter.  Carla pops awake from the sudden intrusion into her body.


“Damn it Mindy, not tonight I said.  If you want to be kinky, wait until morning.”  She says with a huff as she throws a sheet over her to protect her from Mindy’s approach.  Seemingly very unaware of the object now inside of her.


Appearing quite satisfied, Mindy stands and begins to leave the room and says with a half cocked grin on her face. “Ok, I’ll see you in the morning.”




Mindy sits on the edge of her bed, working her way into a pair of black opera length latex gloves.  The squeaking of her latex fingers pulling the sleeve of the other glove up over her bicep suddenly broken as she hears Carla in the adjoining room.


“Mindy.”  She hears softly.  “Could you come here please?”


Mindy grins as she speaks. “I’ll be right there.”  She says almost sounding giddy.  She stands up, showing off the glistening black leggings that compliment her new arm decorations.  Both gloves and leggings beautifully hug the very tone curves of her body.  She makes her way to Carla’s room, stopping in the door way to lean against the casing.  “Everything ok?” she asks.


Carla’s firm breast now presenting themselves as she lays on her bed all her sheets thrown to the floor.  “I’m feeling a lot better now.  It looks like you’re still in the mood.”


“Oh, I had a feeling that you might come around.”  Mindy says with an evil grin.  She walks over and gently lowers herself onto the bed, making her way between Carla’s spread legs.  She wastes no time, her tongue quickly flicks at her clitoris.  Mindy moans form the quick action, more so than the simple sensation should have incurred.  Mindy pulls back slightly.  Without lifting her head she glances upwards and sees a bulge forming in Carla’s abdomen. 


Carla lifts her head to see the same thing.  Her hands find her engorged stomach.  “What the hell?”


“It’s a new game I found.  Just relax and enjoy it.  I know you’re going to love it.”  Mindy’s content voice relaxes Carla as she rests her head back down and lets herself go.  Mindy moves in and gives another flick of the tongue.  Again Carla gives off a deep moan as her stomach swells to that of a pregnant woman.  Just as suddenly the black goo from before starts to emerge from Carla’s pussy, pooling quickly and running down the inside of her legs.  Mindy grins seeing the effects on Carla’s body and quickly leans in to taste the emerging substance.  She moans with delight as she licks up the liquid.


Carla suddenly lets out a moan of discomfort, not of her earlier pleasure.  “Mindy, I feel weird, my belly….” As she glides her hands over her enlarged abdomen she lifts her head to inspect what she is feeling.  Mindy opens her eyes as Carla pulls back momentarily.  Mindy’s gorgeous deep blue eyes have been replaced by a solid jet black covering.  Her gaze appears devoid of emotion and without direction.  Proving to be impossible to see where she is looking without having any pupil to reference.  Carla makes no reference to the surprised look on Mindy’s face, she clearly continues to inspect her pregnant like form.  Moving traces now appearing, as if there were snakes crawling along under her skin.  She doesn’t react to what she sees at all, almost acceptant of it as she rolls her head back down and starts to moan.  Mindy now starting to question if the new toy she found was such a good idea.  But the cause of Carla’s moans quickly presents itself as goo starts to poor from Carla’s pussy.  Mindy can see the pussy deforming as a thick black tactical starts to emerge from inside her.  The strange from moves slowly out of her, a couple feet in length and as thick as Mindy’s fist.  It moves freely as black goo drips from the length of it.


Mindy feels compelled by the way it almost waves at her.  She can not help but to lean in and lick the tip of the object.  The moment her tongue touches the tactical Carla moans with an incredible pleasure as before.  Mindy continues to kiss and lick the object, continuing both of their pleasure.  As she does the tip of  the tactical splits in two, pealing back to present what can only be described as a black penis.  Arousing Mindy even more she quickly takes it fully into her mouth.  She sheath of the object continuing to keep its free flowing form as it seems to sprout two smaller tactical from itself.  The glide gently up around and encompass Mindy’s neck, now holding her close to the form.


Now that she is fully captured by the form she continues her desire to suck on it harder and harder.  With every pull Carla screams in pleasure, her body tensing more and more as she digs her fingers into the bed sheets until she finally explodes in orgasm.  Mindy can feel the tentacle ejaculating obscene quantities of the magical goo into her throat.  She continues to suck, satisfying the desire to pull as much of it in as possible.  The small tentacles around her neck also spew the liquid as it covers her head.  Mindy can feel the liquid crawling along her skull, it moves with the same life now as the tactical.


She closes her eyes and indulges herself in the sensation of the goo as it begins to spread down her body.  It encompasses her face and neck, the shin enhancing her distinct features.  As the glorious liquid covers her shoulders hit meets with latex gloves, they meld together as if they were meant to be together.  The wrinkles in the gloves slowly dissolve as the gloves and goo flow along Mindy’s body.  She breaths heavily with building anticipation, she can feel the goo stimulating every nerve in her body as it continues to cover her.  It wraps around her lips, nose and ears, her sensations of the outside world becoming muffled as her internals get coated, inside and out..  The sensation of the latex like coating is becoming more pleasurable as she is segregated from the outside world.


Mindy’s pussy now drips black goo.  Some dropping to the ground, but more of it crawling along her skin, continuing the work that was already started above.  It quickly bonds with the full length latex stockings and quickly blends with her, just as the gloves did.  The last patch of human skin now becomes encompassed as Mindy now gleams in the unnatural light of the room.  Carla’s tentacle still filling her throat.  Seeming satisfied with the transformation it seems to relax its grip as the tentacle unwind from her necks and Mindy slowly draws back, removing the tentacle from her mouth.  Mindy slowly closing her mouth as black good drips from her lips and she opens her eyes to look down at Carla.  “Mindy!” Carla exclaims, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”  Slowly a seductive grin comes over both of their faces as they stare at each other with jet black eyes.  The individual thoughts of Carla and Mindy seem to slowly fade.  “You must bring me more carriers.  Young healthy females, like you were.” The creature formally know as Carla states.  Mindy grins with her black lips and stands.  Carla watches on as Mindy stands upright and closes her eyes as a strained look comes over her face.  Her new black rubber skin slowly changes to a human skin tone.  He chest, waist and legs remain jet black, as her new rubber skin now mocks a skin tight outfit.  Rubber strands grow from her head, presenting a jet black head of rubber hair.  Stiletto spikes push their way out of her heals, lifting her several inches into the air.  The transformation complete, to any unsuspecting person she now appears to be an average human girl ready for a night at the club.  “I’ll return shortly.”  Mindy states as she pivots on her new heal and leaves to select the next to join the collection.