Eine Geschichte von K. zu Bild Nr. 31333

(and other fairy tales)
©2005 by K.

I came across a website called Alice in Rubberland. It was an interesting site that had a lot of pictures of women that had been turned into insects or plants. There were a number of stories as well.

I was fascinated by the thought of being controlled by a plant and wrote two stories myself. I sent them in and they were put up on the website.

I then got an email from Rob saying that if a plant existed like the one in my story would I be interested in having one.
I sent back saying that if one existed I would like one very much.

I thought that this was a joke so went along with it.

I had another email asking me again if a plant existed would I like one.

If my answer was yes would I email him back and they would take that as an agreement to have one. He also said that from the stories that I had read and the two I had written I must be well aware of what the plants would do to me. He went on that every body that had had one had been unable to resist it! so I should be aware. If I emailed yes my life would never be the same again. Once I had said yes he said I would not be able to change my mind so think about it.

I said yes again and sent my address. I still thought it as a joke.

I then got an email back saying that the website was just a front to find people that would be willing to be Ginny pigs for them. They were unable to find anyone to try the plants out once the person was told what would happen. He said that one of his teem had thought up this website to find willing people and I had just passed all the tests. He thanked me very much and said that not many people that they had found were willing to go though with it. Even people that had sent in stories were not willing once they know that these plants were for real. He said that a plant had been sent out to me and I should get it tomorrow. He then said that he hoped I would enjoy my new life.

To say I was now scared was putting it mildly. I know that if I had one of these plants in my house in the end I would not be able to resist it. That might be great as a fantasy but for it to happen frightened me. What was even more frightening was that it also existed me.

I sent an email back saying that I didn’t want it and I was only joking. They sent back an email saying that it was too late the agreement was made and if I didn’t want one then why did I send my address.
Good point why did I send my address my be I do want one. Anyway it seems it is too late. I didn’t know what to do. I spent all that night worrying it. What had I done!

The next day I was still in bed when it arrived. It was massive they put it in the conservatory and it almost filled it up. It was unpacked by the delivery men and they said that I must remove the last bit of packing myself as they didn’t what to be affected by the plant. They made me sign for it and they left.

I went in the conservatory and just stood looking at it. It was dark green and shinny all over. There was only a thin peace of plastic left covering it. I still didn’t believe all the things they had suggested were possible. I went off and tried to get on with getting dressed but I couldn’t stay away from the plant. I kept finding myself standing in front of it just looking at it. In the end I made a hole in the plastic and stood back. Nothing happened! I made a bigger hole, then bigger. Then I pulled it off.

The smell hit me! In an instant I was as turned on as I had never been before in my life. I took off my dressing gowned and tried to work out how to have sex with it.

It looked like a Venus fly trap only much much bigger. Big enough for me to get inside. I pulled the two leaves open and I saw what looked like a virgina in the middle of it. I pushed my finger into it and it felt real. I was so turned on by the smell and the situation it was all I could do not to jump on it there and then.

I went to get a condom to put on and all the time I was telling myself to stop and think what I was about to do. I tried to stop myself but I just couldn’t. I put the condom on and slowly walked back to the conservatory. By the time I got back down stairs I had enough will power to hold my breath and close the conservatory doors. I then stood looking at it through the glass doors, as I did the leaves began to open. It was inviting me in. It know it would have me sooner or later and I know it as well. I wanted to give in to it so much but I know that if I did I would be lost to it. I stood there for ages and in the end I slowly opened the doors. The smell was over powering. It know that I was there. It know that it had control over me. My heart was pounding as I began to climb onto it. I worked my way in between the leaves. It felt cool and smooth like new latex. I was overcome by it and all I could think of was becoming part of my plant. I positioned myself on my knees just above the virgina. My knees began to sink into the plant which brought my dick in contact with it.

I slowly lowered myself into the plant. The plant pushed me out of it, so I pushed my dick back in it. It pushed me out again. Instead of getting off as I should have done, like an idiot I then realised that it didn’t like the condom. So I took it off and without hesitating entered it again. This time it just seemed to suck me in right up to my body and my knees sank even further. I almost came there and then it felt wonderful. I then tried to pull myself out of it again just to see if I could, but my knees were so fare into the plant I couldn’t lift myself out of it. I was now sitting on my knees upright with my dick inside the plant and the upper part of my body was holding the two leaves apart. The leaves were trying to close over me and were pushing me forward. As I moved in and out of it I noticed what looked like a slit further up the plant. It was at about where my face would be if I lay flat into the plant but that was the last thing I was going to do. I pushed my finger in and when I smelt the sticky stuff on my finger I had an uncontrollable urge to suck it. So I did.

I was fantastic! I pushed my finger in again and again lapping up the liquid. All the time I was slowly getting closer and closer to the slit. The leaves were pushing me forward working there way up my back pushing me closer and closer to the slit, pushing me flat into the plant. I put my hand forward to stop it, but my hands sank into the plant! I tried to stop my forward progress but the leaves were slowly closing slowly locking over my back as I went forward. My hands went in further until they had sunk up to my armpits. The leaves were then able to close completely.

The plant had its pry. The plant then began to secrete a liquid that started to seal me in. As I began to lick at the slit my dick started to vibrate and I couldn’t have cared less what was happing to me so long as it did not stop! and it didn’t stop it went on and on. The sticky liquid slowly encased me until every part of my body was sealed into the plant. The only air I could breathe was through the slit. I don’t know how many times I came it seemed to go on for hours until I pasted out.

I didn’t know but the delivery men had been waiting outside and once I was sealed into the plant they came back in and took me and the plant away.

I now only know sleep and orgasm there is nothing else. Sleep and orgasm. It is the best thing ever.

If a person smells this plant just once they are lost there is no escape. The moment I got on top of it I didn’t stand a chance. The moment I said yes to Rob I didn’t stand a chance.

So if you are offered a plant by Rob take my advice and say yes.