Eine Geschichte von Gary zu Bild Nr. 31258


©2002 by Gary Driscoll



Stepping into the cool dark room, Angela felt a shiver run across her skin. Her nipples began to stand out swollen from the room's coolness as she fumbled for a light switch. She was told that the room she was looking for was the 5th door on the right in a long featureless black hallway. Angela had responded to a want ad looking for young women willing to participate in a study on the female sex drive. At first she thought it might be a scam whipped up by some college fraternity to get young girls to their frat house for easy pickings.

That thought was washed away when she pulled up in front of a large black office building at least 10 stories high. The secretary at the front desk had told Angela that the study was taking place on the 6th floor, 5th door on the right. So here she was, standing in total darkness as the door she stepped through had closed immediately after she had walked in.

Unable to find a switch on the nearest wall, Angela became very uncomfortable to say the least. Not knowing if she was in the right room and not being able to see anything didn’t help. Angela turned around and walked to the door she came in from. Originally she stepped in thinking she must be the first one to arrive, after all she was 15 minutes early. She would just walk in turn on the lights and wait for whoever placed the ad. Simple enough until Angela reached the door and found it was locked. Why would someone lock the door from the outside?

Angela could feel her heart begin to pound as she began feeling trapped and no lights in the room meant any number of unpleasant things could be in the room with her. Just as Angela began to run away with the idea some rapist was lurking in the room with her, she heard a low whooshing sound. Almost as if air was being let out of a large balloon.

Spinning around Angela tried to face the direction she heard the sound. Again the whooshing sound only louder this time. Angela began to panic; turning back to the door Angela began pounding on the door yelling for someone to open it.

As Angela let out her first yell towards the locked door she heard a whip like slapping sound and something grip around her throat tight. This tendril-like thing gripped her neck squeezing down until Angela could barely draw breath. Unable to yell out and struggling for breath Angela banged on the door with her fist one hand reaching up to try and free her neck.

Another tendril lashed out gripping her arm as it pounded on the door. Angela winced as she felt her arm pulled hard, pulling her arm parallel to the door. Turning to look at what she had felt earlier was where a wall was to try and see or hear what her arm was being pulled by. The blackness of the room revealed nothing as to her attacker’s visage, which served to frighten Angela even more. Her other arm suddenly felt the same hard jerk as another tendril had found her forearm and had too pulled it out away from her body.

Now standing in a crucified pose, Angela felt her arms pulled taught straining every muscle in her arms and up into her shoulders. Helpless to cry out or bang on the door Angela tried to kick at the door to make some kinda noise. Angela wasn’t going to let this thing take her without a fight. Almost expecting it Angela felt another tendril lash onto her ankle just about her high heel strap and pull her leg back down to the floor. What was this thing? Holding her arms and leg tight Angela tried to kick out with her last free appendage but only resulted in securing her leg in a tendril.

Held fast about a foot from the door that held her hopes of escape Angela felt a strange sensation. The tendrils around her arms and legs gripped down against her skin tight as a cool slick sensation began to move over her extremities. It felt like a thin smooth membrane almost like a glove as it passed over her skin. Strangely enough as this moved over her arms and legs ever approaching her inner thighs, Angela felt her sex begin to twinge. Angela could not believe that although she was utterly helpless she was beginning to become aroused.

The darkness had its way of increasing her other senses and her smell was no exception. As the membrane moved over her arms and legs finally stopping just above her elbows and inner thighs, Angela picked up the distinct smell of Latex. Slowly the tendril gripping her neck pulled back towards the room. With no choice Angela followed taking steps backward as the tendril led her in. The tendrils around her arms and legs released and allowed her to take her awkward steps back towards whatever was in this dark room.

As each high heel touched the floor Angela wavered. Each step threatening to throw her off balance and send her toppling to the floor. Moving about what she guessed was 5 feet Angela felt something brush her ankle through her new membrane coating. Another step found more similar sensations as if she was being led back into a room where several smooth objects lay on the floor. Another step found her ankles now engulfed in these smooth objects. Wading carefully through them Angela began to get the impression she was walking through a pile of smooth latex balloons. It was then she felt them tighten in around her ankles and lower calf constricting her steps and sending her flailing backward.

Expecting a cool linoleum floor, Angela was surprised to feel the smooth surfaces of the balloon like objects as they cushioned her fall. Totally surrounded in these smooth round objects, Angela could feel slight warmth from them as they slid over her. Comfortable as Angela lay on the bed of balloons she felt something sliding up her skirt and something into the collar of her shirt. Wasting no time the tendrils that had slide up under her clothes make quick work of her garments lashing up and ripping them from her body.

Lying naked against the smooth warm balloons Angela’s sex was damp as she tried to enjoy the smooth silky sensations across her skin. The tendrils had again returned groping out over her body stroking her soft skin as Angela dared to let out a moan. The tendril around her neck now loose slid away. Angela could feel the tendrils caressing her swollen nipples and her inner thighs. Moaning out Angela felt the tendrils as they discovered her sex and one slim tendril slid in slowly.

Writhing amongst the balloons the tendril probed inside her deep curling within her as she felt the sensation of the membrane covering over her breasts now heaving as she breathed heavily. Angela felt her climax approaching as she was stroked and caressed. Angela almost wished there were lights to see her sensual balloons as they caressed her lusciously. Lying back against the smooth slick surface Angela gave in totally to the tendrils and felt a warm rippling climax rise from her sex out over her body.

This is some study Angela thought as she lay there in that dark room, letting her body relax as she was slowly being covered by the membranes of her smooth latex balloons.