Eine Geschichte von ModMan zu Bild Nr. 31362

©2006 by ModMan

“Anna, Are you comfortable?” The doctor inquired through his thin cloth mask.

“I’m fine.  A little nervous.” She replied as she lay on the operating table.

“That’s quite normal and understandable.” The doctor reassured. “But this is very safe and I know you will love your new breasts when we’re done.  I guarantee they’ll be something special.”

Anna smirked a small grin as the rubber anesthesia mask came down over her face.  She rolled her eyes over to take one last look at the doctor and sees him pick up two black spheres.  “What are those?” She wondered to herself.  “What he showed me before was clear saline…” An incomplete though as she fades away into a deep sleep.

She awakes several hours later to find the doctor standing beside her bed.

“How are you feeling Anna?” He asks softly.

“Like I was hit by a truck.” She mutters, still groggy from the anesthesia.

“You’ll be in quite a bit of pain for a few days as you heal.  But you’ll be 100% again in about two weeks.  You just need to take it very easy in the mean time.  The whole operation went flawlessly, so you should have no complications.”

Anna just nods to all of what the doctors says, still to light headed to really think.  Not even recalling what she saw just before going unconscious.

The allotted two weeks pass and Anna is indeed feeling like herself again.  Finding life quite enjoyable with her newly improved womanhood.  She’s loving the attention she is getting and spending a small fortune on new clothing.  Requiring many new shirts and blouses that fit since all of her old ones are just way too small now, and ones that are a bit more revealing than she was ever willing to wear prior to two weeks ago.

As the weeks passed, Anna was feeling more and more bold.  The clothing got a little tighter with every purchase.  Less pink blouses and more black corsets.  It didn’t seem to mater what she found for clothing, it always fit perfectly.  She noticed she was getting more svelte by the day, but she didn’t know why.  She hadn’t been to the gym in months.  It was almost like her body would adjust to what ever sexy clothing she threw at it.   As well, these seductive outfits were always topped off with her new 8 inch platform boots.  She loved to tower over the men she was taunting.  But clothing wasn’t enough.  “It’s time to get rid of this boring brown hair.”, she declared.  So with a trip to the beauty salon she takes the transformation a little further.  With her new blond hair it was impossible for men not to stare when they saw her.

This was all a pretty big change for Anna.  You could definitely say she was a bit of an uptight girl before.  So this whole personality change was quite shocking to all her friends.  It was even more shocking the night at the dance club when Anna actually went home with a strange man that she had met there.  But it had been so long, and she was feeling so frisky in her new body.  There was no hesitating once they were in the man’s apartment.  Clothing flew off and they found the bed room very quickly.  Anna quickly took initiative and began to ride the man whose name she couldn’t even recall.  He begged her to take it easy so it would last, but she just squeezed harder and thrust faster.  Little black nubs started to form along Anna’s spine.  Her new breasts seemed to grow even larger.  Then, without warning the man explodes in orgasm, dumping his seed into Anna.  She drives down onto him, making sure that it all stays contained.  Squeezing him harder as the man thrashes on the bed from the sudden explosion and her pulsating tight pussy.  The nubs on her spine quickly recede and her breasts return to their original size as she relaxes, still sitting on top of him.  All the changed seeming to go unnoticed in the very short encounter.

A moment passes and Anna suddenly jumps off of the man and off of the bed. “I’ve got to go!”  She says excitedly.  “I’m real sorry.” As she hurries to get her boots on.  Fumbling to find the side snaps to her skirt.  Running out the door as she’s still pulling her tight black satin shirt down over her head.

The soles of the 8 inch tall boots clomp loudly as she walks briskly down the city block heading home to her apartment.  She notices her shirt getting even tighter than it already was.  Looking down she notices her belly beginning to protrude.  She picks up the pace of her walk, not wanting anyone she knows to see this.

She flies through her front door, slamming and locking it behind her.  Inspecting her belly, which is now starting to push down the waist of her skirt.  She pulls the skirt off violently as the buttons pop.  The shirt is the next to go.  She doesn’t even have time to consider removing the boots as her body cramps and her body buckles down to her knees.  Anna moans as she squats down towards the floor.  A black goo beginning to drip from her vagina.  This is just the lubricant for what is about to follow.  She holds her breath as her body contracts and a black sphere begins to emerge.  She continues to work at forcing the strange object out of her.  Finally cresting, it pops out with a furry and makes a thud as it lands on the hard wood floor.  The black goo from the pre-birth now thick enough to keep the bizarre round object from rolling away.

Anna now lying on her side on the cold floor, exhausted for the ordeal starts to move again.  She glides her hand along her stomach, noticing that the bulge is now gone, replaced by her sexy ripped abs.  But her hand continues downward to find her pussy still dripping with the thick black liquid.  Just touching it begins to arouse her, exceptionally sensitive after being stretched to its limit.  She sits up to investigate the object that just forced its way out of her body, still touching herself.  The black sphere seems to have stabilized in the ever thickening ooze that it rests in, forming a solid base.  She witnesses a bulge beginning to form at the top of the ball.  It quickly elongates and takes a slight resemblance to a penis.  Anna’s already excited womanhood begins to drip feverishly with anticipation looking at this formation.  Even the oddity of her situation can’t squelch her physical desire.  She stands and positions herself over the strange object.  Sweet smelling liquid drips from her and down on top of phallic formation.  She slowly starts to bend he knees, lowering herself down onto the thick black dildo.  He vaginal lips wrap around the object and rides down the slippery shaft.  She yelps with pleasure as her clit makes contact with the base that has formed under her.

She can feel her heart racing in her chest as she puts more of her weight down onto the sphere and it drives into her, expanding inside of her.  The black nubs on her spine begin to reappear, growing faster this time.  The black ooze continues to run from underneath Anna. The slime moves like liquid metal, filling the space between her butt cheeks, filling her at the same time.  She moans heavily as she feels the magical liquid expand and solidify inside her.  The nubs along her spine taking their final shape and forming deadly spikes.

Hazy with ecstasy, Anna looks down to see three stems forming at the front of the object.  They quickly grow out like long tentacles, dancing in front of her.  The mesmerizing dance is broken as two of them lurch out and attach themselves to Anna’s stiff nipples.  She screams from the sucking action of the stems on her tender nipples.  The third presents itself to her as it buds like a flower.  Petals of latex with a shiny black center.  It slowly moves closer to her face and she can now smell the sweet nectar from it.  She leans in to gently smell the glistening black bulb at the center of the flower.  The honey like smell begs for her to taste it as she lightly flicks it with her tongue.  But just a taste isn’t enough.  She quickly takes the whole bud into her mouth, sucking ferociously on the sweet black nectar.  Unaware that the flower like fan has ever so gently wrapped around her face, insuring no nectar would be lost.

Anna’s body quivers as multiple orgasms pass through her body.  The whole time the nectar continuing to flow up her body.  It wraps around her torso forming a supportive shell holding her body upright.  The shell continues upward flowing around the sides of her firm breasts, completing itself by encompassing her neck.  Her body and neck now fully supported by the blacked case she lets her body go limp as the orb continues to have it’s way with her.

The transformation seeming to have completed, a small tail begins to form from the rear of the sphere.  The tip of the tail starts to swell as a new small black sphere makes its way out and rolls across the hard floor.  A few minutes pass when Anna’s body suddenly convulses and another sphere appears an rolls across the floor to join its twin.  This continues to happen for several hours as a multitude of spheres now cover the floor.  The silence in the room is broken by the sound of a creaking door opening.  A familiar doctor looks around and smirks, “Business will be good this month.”