A story together with drawing Nr. 31462

©2008 by Latex Circle

Typical how your life can change because of a diet.


My wife read about a new diet based on purely natural products on the internet. It looked trustful and the rating by other users was high. She is always a bit experimental and ordered a starters package with a simple mouse click.


Already the next day a package arrived. Isn’t the internet a great tool. Just one simple “Click” and the next day you have your product. Enthusiastic she opened it and both of us looked into the box. What a surprise. Only a big pot of honey was inside and a manual for the pot of honey. How simple can it be. We laughed about it and started to read the honey “manual”. Basic principle was that bees only have a food input and no droppings. Very efficient and nothing is spilled. Because of the pure food, the honey, they only need a very small stomach, and nothing else. With a diet of this honey product you should get all food you need just by eating a few spoons a day.


There was a lot more interesting text to read but who reads anyway the manual. She wanted to start with it. When she put the first spoon in her mouth she looked to my belly and frowned. The next spoon was for me.

The taste wasn’t to bad and it was really pure stuff. The next days we could skip the toilet, because there wasn’t simply any need for it. The honey stuff had a very nice side effect on our sexual behaviour. We just adored each other.

One week later, at the beginning of the weekend, we both felt strange contractions in our stomachs. The pot was half empty and our bellies really decreased substantial in size. We took our daily portion of honey and went to bed were we had a marvellous  time together enjoying each other bodies. After this we both felt into a deep sleep.


When I woke up I felt great and my hand slowly moved towards my wife her legs, for a friendly touch. Strange, her skin was feeling like a sort of hard plastic. At the same time she also waked up because of my sudden movement away from her legs. Then we saw each other. Her whole belly was gone and her skin was more insect like then human. The most chocking point was that short tentacles were coming out of here body with a sort of antennas. Looking at her eyes, pointed towards me, I could conclude that the status of my body also wasn’t what she expected. Partly my body was changed in the same way as hers, except our genitals.

After the first shock, I noticed that the antennas on her body where touching my own ones, which were stimulating towards a new play of experiencing the sexual behaviour of the creatures we changed into. My really enormous penis with a nice add on started to get into position for a sexual encounter with her body and mind. We adored the hours which followed and felled great afterwards. Our reshaped bodies were not so bad, after you get used to it, they look great. We were very excited about the whole situation. We ended into another sexual experience of unbelievable happiness and we fell again into a sleep filled with strange dreams.


When we woke up I asked her “What about the future. We can’t be like this forever”. She laughed to me and asked “Why not”.  


She slipped out of the bed towards the computer. She looked great. She went to the internet site from the diet and rated it as high. A screen popped up : “If you liked the starters package please click on “next” to order the following diet package”. Her beautiful hand moved, the cursor followed, stopped above “Next”, just a small move of her finger and “Click”…


Indeed, why not


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