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S went to visit the biochemical Lab. Here man would join here one hour later. She and her man had heard a lot about it from another couple of friends. Refreshing ideas they had called it. The relation of their friends was getting into an impasse and it blossomed totally this weekend after a short first meeting with this lab. There friends were so enthusiastic that S, after a good discussion with her man, also decided out of curiosity to visit the lab.

S was invited pleasantly into the guest room for an intake talk. She felt comfortable and trusted the people she was talking with. They promised a more dedicated and intense relationship for her and her husband, more then ever before. The only thing she had to do was take some new developed drink and after that the growing process of intensity would start.

To experience some of what would happen, they served her a small glass of blackish sort like lemonade with a light bitterly taste. She drunk it eagerly. After some minutes she started to feel a wonderful change in her breasts and stomach. Booth breast were getting more and more stiff and significantly bigger. The opposite to her stomach where mussels were contracting her size as if they became a corset. S became red and glossy in her face purely of this exotic feeling. She was a little bit ashamed for this sudden figure correction. The people from the lab smiled. It’s just the beginning, they said. Wait till your man sees you.

A short moment passed till her husband joined the meeting and noticed his wife changes. He was extremely enthusiastic about this figure correction and they all discussed how this was possible in such a short time. The people from the lab left S and her man after the discussion alone in the room to decide if they want to continue with the "intensivation? of their relation. As soon as the people left the room S started to touch her own, partly new shaped body. Bringing her man into more and more excitement with this. No doubt about it, they both agreed. "We’ll continue? was their answer when the people from the lab entered again, "and could it be as soon as possible?.

They agreed about a date next week and the price, which was unexpected low. They had a very pleasant weekend doing a lot of nice things with each other mainly based on sex. Visit some friends which the told enthusiastic about the lab and couldn’t wait till they had the meeting at the lab again.

Finally, both excited, they entered the lab again. They both would become special clothes and all the things they would need. The people from the lab told them to split up during the "growing process? and that they will meet each other again after the treatment. S was ashamed a bit because she had to wear a very tight latex suit which covered her entirely body as a second skin. At a glimpse out of the room next door she saw that here husband had to do the same. She laughed a bit about it, and thought "Him to, ha!?. Latex gloves, tight latex boots were add to her in latex covered body.

Well this was closing in herself quite well, she thought. It felled pleasant, a bit strange, but also exiting. Almost totally covered with tight latex and still feeling more naked then ever before, she was anxious of what would follow. Feeling so good in this new skin she was accepting the last part of the suit: a tight latex mask with holes to breath for her nose and a hole for her mouth. She couldn’t see a thing, but the pleasant feeling of the tight latex against here skin compensated more then enough this slide inconvenience. This was really causing her pusy to get seriously wet.

After an hour or two waiting in her special clothes she was brought into another room. The room she last saw her man in a very tight latex suit. The moment they told her to drink the special fluid coming out of a sort of latex, penislike tube, felt almost to be seduced again by her own man. She felt his present so nearby and with each big glo of the fluid she needed him more and more and drunk more and more.

S felt her body to start changing and that feeling to drink, to suck the fluid inside. She touched herself and felt her stomach shrinking and shrinking. Her breast’s became full size and hard. Oh, never been so good, and in a glow of sex she let herself taken away by the people from the lab into another room. Still wanting to drink more from the fluid. No, they said, you have had enough of your latexhusbands fluid. She thought she didn’t understand it right, she felt to horney.

During the hours passing by she felt herself changing and changing. First her hands and feet were undressed by the people from the lab so that they could adapt into the new hard coverings she felt growing around her hands. In the meantime every hour she was brought to the "drinking place? and with utmost passion she drank. Indeed they were right, she felt to need her husband more then ever before and the feeling grow stronger and stronger hours past by.

Evening came and she didn’t understand what happened to herself. Her arms and legs felt like insectoid legs and her butt was feeling like the back of a wasp prumming out with her vagina. Out of her back there where insectlike wings coming and her head felled so strange. It seems like she was transformed into an wasp like insect. But she couldn’t get it clear anymore. The only thought which was getting stronger and stronger was to be part of a bigger group and have here own easy small responsibility, here own little task and of course to drink as often as possible it was allowed at that nice latex penis shaped tube which she felled so strongly connected with.

When the night started she felled confused and intense happy also. Now here mask was also removed. The transformation was complete. Released from her daily problems with only one new task to focus on: being part of the hive, where she could drink every hour at that warm tube. That nice warm tube. She never felt so close to him before.

Feeling so good every time he felled her presence so nearby in that ecstatic sexual feeling once every hour, that the only thing he wants to do forever is to be there for her. He felt nice and warm, he felt as if he was purely made of that tight fitting latex suit they dressed him in with his penis transformed like a big latex tube. That tube which was handled so carefully and released every hour. He never felt so close to her before.

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