Eine Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 31303 und 31224


©2001 by Plastic Woman

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It had been some time now, since Mark had captured me. I’d been his sex slave in every way – becoming whatever he desired, doing whatever he wanted.
Some of the shapes he’d had me be were bizarre, but as sex with him was always wonderful if I had to have a cockroaches head, or lie there with tentacles to get a fuck out of him – that was fine with me.

I can’t remember exactly how long it’s been since I became plastic as it is hard to tell the passage of time when I’m in the bottle – but I know that the police were around some time ago enquiring as to Elli, one of his neighbours. We laughed and screwed each other senseless that night. He had me become Elli and I acted out being changed by the spell I had cast – then he had me change, as I had at first, reluctantly filling the bottle he carried me home in. Later that night we tried some really perverse forms – me half snake, or melting into viscid black plastic when I orgasmed.

Each night, I’d melt myself back down into my liquid form and sleep in the bottle – Mark was quite strict about that, but I always knew that, come tomorrow, I’d be stretching my sleek plastic body over his and causing him to loose it again and again.

Then? it stopped. It’s hard to tell the passage of time when you’re inside, but I was aware that I was moved on a few occasions. All I was really aware of was that he didn’t call my name and tell me to come out.

When he finally called me out, he didn’t look at me like he used to – he’d grown a beard! How long had passed? It wasn’t important and I stretched myself out, growing the long sinuous plastic legs that always drove him insane with desire and then I noticed something in the corner. A bra. A white bra. Not sexy, or frilly, or shiny, like I knew that my Mark liked,
but an ordinary bra. What the hell?

I felt like Mark had turned me into ice. For a second I just froze and stared at it.

No, it’s a mistake. I’m jumping to conclusions here. It must be some sore of sex game?mmm. Kinky. I could play the part of his horny wife, I suppose. I might even get to stay out of the bottle for a while. Without waiting for a word, I reached out to the bra and slipped it on. Not a bad fit, but, of course, when you can stretch your tits into any shape at all, any bra’s a perfect fit.

I smiled my sultry smile. ?Thanks for the present, Master. Who am I to be? How would you like me?? I knew that the liquid-honeyed voice always turned him on and I could see that this was no exception. He opened his mouth to say something, when there was a voice from the other room. A womans voice.

He looked at me with a brief moment of panic. "Quickly, get back in the bottle". Before I could say anything I felt the familiar stretching and pouring sensation as I melted myself down. Al I caught was a womans voice saying "Mark, darling, have you?" and then I was inside the bottle.

I remember when I first became Marks slave, I churned and boiled inside the bottle, until Mark had screwed me a few times. This time I swirled and boiled with anger and rage that I had scarcely imagined possible. Another woman. Another WOMAN?? How dare he? How could he? I’m HIS fantasy, that bitch had better watch her step, because I want my Master back?

It seemed like only a few seconds had passed as I lay swirling and seething in my bottle and then I was being called back in the room with Mark. The rest of the house was silent, so I was fairly sure that the woman had gone away.

Mark looked at me. "Plastique, before you start, I want you to know that I still adore you. You are still my every desire, but I want you to do something for me. I want you to become a living plastic body suit for my fiancée, Maria".

I was aghast. "Your fiancée" But, I thought that I was your every desire, your every dream? I want you, deep inside me, I need you, you must know that?. I noticed that I was crying, slippery black fluid coming from my eyes. And why a bodysuit? I could simply grow her face and you could screw me like you used to master? I looked at him, pleading.

As he started to talk, I started to change, becoming the form that he used to lust me being: the woman partially transformed into an insect. Mark looked on with adoration, but he continued "you’re slippery and slick and beautiful as hell, but I fancy her now".

I felt like someone had burned me alive.

I looked at him and then I bowed my head in defeat "alright Master, I’ll do it. I’ll need to be able to touch her so that I can get a perfect fit. Just promise me that I won’t have to be aware when she’s wearing me. Call me tonight and then I’ll fit myself over her, when you’re all asleep". At this point, I flowed myself back into my bottle, without waiting to be told.

When in there, I noticed something strange had happened. I still had the bra on me. I never knew that I could absorb things. I also realised that Mark had not told me to get into the bottle. I waited until he had gone and I flowed out, into my long-legged form – the one I had originally become made of liquid plastic. I looked at the bra. It had been absorbed into me and transformed when I transformed. I rapidly went through some changes – stretching and melting. Each time the bra stayed with me, absorbed into part of my body.

I caught sight of myself in the mirror and I saw an evil gleam in my eye. I had a plan for this Maria – and my unfaithful Master. They’d never forget tonight, that I could promise. With a slight laugh, I turned my breasts into flesh and took the bra from my body. I threw it on the ground and watched it as I gradually melted back into my bottle, thinking. Planning.

That night, I was called out by Mark again. "Plastique, Maria and I are going to bed. Wait until we’re asleep and then do it". When he left, I stayed in the bottle, stretching my legs and slipping into comfortable forms. Occasionally I would try some of the forms that I knew that Mark liked me to be in – like the melting woman. Besides, flowing from solid to liquid and back again caused ripples of pleasure in me. I hadn’t really been able to experiment since I was usually being fucked by my master.

At about 3am, I left the room, and silently walked into their bedroom. I had forgotten how nice it was to have legs that were so long as I was normally semi liquid when I was out of my bottle. I only hope that Maria appreciates them. I opened the door to their bedroom (MY bedroom) and there was my Master and Maria in bed besides each other.

I slid up to the bed, melted myself down and went to work. I flowed all over her and got her precise measurements. She could stand to loose a few pounds, but I could take care of that. I would make sure that she’d remember tonight – I’d also make her pay for stealing my Master. I flowed over her body, enveloping it gently and easily – stretching up past her clit, then along the sides of her breasts and body. Finally I got to her head.

Technically, this was part of the orders that my Master had given to me, so I could justify it to myself. I made myself really fine and flowed all over her face and hair. When I had finished, I stretched my face out and looked back at her - she looked like a wrapped plastic doll. I had the measurements I needed.

Then I set to work….

The following morning, I was awoken by a shout from Marks bedroom. Within seconds I was being tipped out of my bottle and onto the floor. Mark was there and there was a patch of shiny plastic skin on his face and another on his arm, and another on his leg.

"Plastique, change her back – change me back. I can feel it inside me."As he stood there, I could see that his torso was softening, drooping slightly, becoming less solid. As he talked, his arms started to lengthen and drip to the floor.

"I can’t master. I’m not doing it." I sad, with a smile on my face.

"What have you done to us..? You bitch, I trusted you?" were his last words before his face fell to the floor and spread out, like shiny PVC. His arm slapped against me and I felt both it and myself ripple gently.

"But Master", I said – my voice sarcastic "I followed your instructions to the letter – I changed her skin into living plastic and it’s that that is absorbing you. Not me - I’m not actually her body suit". I flowed away from his expanding body. "Do you like that Master? Or should I say Mark? You left me you bastard, you left this"

As I said this, I changed, stretching almost 3 meters tall, dressed in perfect slippery black PVC. I pointed my tits out and threw my nipples out. Then, as he looked at me, I stretched my tongue out and licked my teats – feeling the long caress of plastic on plastic. "You didn’t want this, Master. You wanted Her instead, when I became this for you"

Mark reached up to me with the remains of his strength and touched my leg. I could feel his plastic coating trying to absorb me to, but I easily dealt with that. I was it’s creator after all. I looked at Mark, on the floor, his body spreading out in gentle pools of shiny blackness. I smiled to him and said "But it’s not too late. I can take you with me, if you like. Do you want to be with me? – I can absorb you and we can be together in the same body, but you’ll be under my control, Mark. You’ll be my slave. Seeing everything I see, doing everything that I do, but you’ll be under my control"

I took the few stray ripples of plastic coming from the remains of his face to be a yes. Actually, I didn't care - I just wanted to have him inside me and feel what I felt, but be powerless at the same time - like I was when he hurt me, or first captured me. I stepped into his body, causing ripples on the floor and absorbed down, sucking him into me. For the first time since I transformed, I was totally free. I could feel Mark inside me – no longer my master, but now my slave. I could feel him behind my eyes and in my arms and legs, trying to control me, but not having a chance.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "That’s better Mark, now for the bitch" I stood back up and caressed my army – I could feel Mark inside me pleading and knowing what ecstasy it was to be able to turn myself on, simply by touching myself. I grew my legs and strode into my bedroom.

I could hear a bubbling sound coming from the floor. The bitch was obviously having some fun trying to create legs, or a mouth, or something. Not that it mattered. I lay on the bed and looked down at a shiny plastic shape on the floor, looking at me with monumental tits.

I stretched myself up to my full height – 2-meter long legs, with high stilettos, tits that men would sell their souls for and long sleek arms.
"Still having trouble with the body?" I asked sweetly. "Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it, just as I did"

I paused, savouring the moment of utter power. I held out my old bottle. "That used to be my bottle, bitch" Maria looked at me, feeling the orgasms as she transformed and pulsed and stretched again and again uncontrollably.
"I’m going to teach you how to use your body – but not yet. I’m first going to punish you for stealing my master. You can call me Mistress." I looked at her, savouring the possibilities of sex between two plastic shape changers.
But not now.

"Get in that bottle aand don’t come out until I tell you to"