Eine Geschichte von Plastic Woman zu Bild Nr. 11101


©2001 by Plastic Woman

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I had always fancied my neighbour Mark for the 4 years that we’d lived besides each other, but he had never seen to notice me. All the time I was around him, being with him and what did I get? Nothing. That’s what. I had never even been invited over to his house on my own no matter how many times I’d tried to get myself invited. I’d always been there with the group of friends we shared. I knew that he was a cartoonist, but beyond that, I didn’t know much about it ? he didn’t like talking about his work.

How I had fantasised about being laid by him. I was on the verge of giving up when I came upon an old bookshop. You know the types, they sell everything, including new age magic books. The ones with ‘Find Power in your life today!? - or something equally uninspiring- written all over the front of them.

Well, I was at my wits end and I took one of them. I was certain that it wasn’t going to do anything for me, but I had to try. What was one more failure amongst the other attempts I had put together?

That night I read through it and found the spell that I was going to cast ?

"To become your desires sexual fantasy". I figured out that once I had cast the spell " assuming that it worked, which was unlikely " Mark would find me irresistible. It was worth an attempt. I read through it ? it seemed simple enough. There were a few things that were a bit hard to get hold of, but once I had the chalk circle on the floor and the 3 candles lit, everything seemed to be in place.

I followed the instructions like it said, I chanted the words to the North, the South and the West and then I stepped, naked, into the circle, feeling really really stupid. My feeling of stupidity vanished as soon as I entered the circle.

There was a rippling sensation that passed through me. Almost as if a pulse of liquid started in my toes and surged through every vein in my body working its way up towards my head. I screamed with delight. It was, for that second, as if every part of my body was having an orgasm at the same time.

The rippling sensation stopped in my legs and moved up to my stomach. Mouth open in delight, I stared at my legs, in amazement and utter pleasure. They weren’t my legs anymore, but were silky black, almost oily, like tight skin-tight plastic on my body. But I knew that it wasn’t plastic ? it was my flesh. Looking down I saw that my entire lower body was encased in oily-blackness. I could see that my flesh had been morphed into semi-human hooves, with 6 inch stiletto heels on them. I felt smooth to the touch and smelt slightly ? rubbery.

I could see the ripple working it’s way up my chest ? transforming my breasts into curvaceous plastic mountains and making my nipples sprout into 6-inch long tubes. I had never seen my tits so, so, sexy. They were hard to the touch and proudly erect. That kinky bastard! No wonder he’d never even noticed me! All he was interested in was tight-arsed women in PVC. Well, I thought with a sly grin to myself, I’d show him. OK It wasn’t exactly what I’d expected, but if I had to walk next door dressed like a whore to get a fuck out of him, that was fine with me.

At this point, the ripple reached my neck and started working on my face, my vision blurred and then came back. Reaching up, I could tell that I was different, but I couldn’t tell how, exactly. I tried groping around with my oily fingers and I could tell that I had no hair, but I really needed a mirror to see what I had become. Then, after a second of two, the ripple stopped. I let out a shuddering gasp and felt my new body respond. I could feel that I wasn’t quite solid, as I could feel my insides still moving inside me, but I stepped out of the circle.

That step was an experience that I could never really describe. I could feel my liquid body moving with a fluid grace and echo of the rippling sensation.

I could feel my legs and body still liquid inside me. I don’t know what was holding me together, but I needed to get a mirror. Even so, it was such a delicious sensation. I could feel my liquid crotch being sloshed about by every step I took. After a few steps, I was nearly delirious with pleasure, but I kept on going. I walked over to the mirror nearby, my long slick legs slicing through the air as though they were scissors. By the time I was there, I was nearly coming again. I looked in the mirror. I was...


I had long sleek legs that were almost 2 meters long, I was living liquid latex from head to toe and I looked fantastic. I had an arse that I would have died to have had before I had cast that spell. My arms were long and slender and ended in black PVC fingers that were so long they could almost be described as tentacles. I was bald, but where my hair should have been, I seemed to have a plastic skullcap. Just touching that with my hand almost made me come with the raw sensation. I had to draw a deep shuddery breath to calm myself down. And the best thing of all about it was that I still had my own face. He did fancy me then. Oh thank god.

At that point, more than ever, I wanted a fuck. And not just from anyone ? Oh no, I wanted to be screwed by Mark and no-one else. Afterall, why should I be screwed by anyone else ? I was his fantasy, and no-one else’.

But how to get him? I knew that he was in, I could see the lights on in his room next door. Well, a little trick would probably manage that. I went over to the phone and called his number. It was so obvious. Why hadn’t I done this before?

"Mark, It’s me, Elli. Could you come over please, it’s urgent. Yes, it’s a bit of an emergency. I don’t think we need the ambulance, but I will need your help as soon as possible. Yes, please hurry. The door is open. I’ll be upstairs. Yes, Yes it is serious. Please hurry".

Perfect. He was on his way. I reached over to the door and left it on thelatch. I then went upstairs ? anticipating the best sex ever. There I waited, sat on the bed ? my long legs nearly stretching off the end of the bed.

Within minutes, he was there, calling my name. I’m up here, I replied. When he came in the room, he was struck dumb at the sight of me. He staggered back and grabbed an empty bottle ? holding it in front of him as a weapon.

I slid up from the bed and, with an erotic smile said, "Don’t worry", and reached out towards him with my long plastic arms.

He backed away stammering "Plastique, but? but?"

I put one of my long fingers over his lip and told him about the spell. About how I had become his sexual fantasy in every respect. I told him that I would do anything for him, but right now, more than anything I wanted to screw him, here and now. I could feel that I had to have him ? I was aching inside. I could feel my body tingle when he walked into the room and the liquid sensation become even more intense. At this point, I hooked his belt with my long fingers and began pulling him towards me.

Exactly what happened next I’ll never forget. He pointed at me and said "stop". In that second I stopped, utterly. I was unable to move, to breath, the speak, to blink anything. I sat there, my long arms nearly touching him, mere inches away from him. I could have screamed with desire, but I couldn’t move a muscle. Even my liquid interior had stopped moving. I could feel myself solidify, like a chunk of plastic. Mark stepped back. ‘If what you say is true, then you have the powers and form of a creation of mine.

You certainly have the body of one of the pictures I draw. A character named Plastique. Mute, I listened to him.

But if you are Plastique, then you must know that you are totally under my control. In the story I draw, Plastique is under the control of her creator.

"Let’s test this" he said with a sly grin. "You can move again, but I want you to stretch your left arm out towards the door, slowly". At this, my left arm stretched out, becoming a long sinuous snake that reached out towards the door. It felt so liberating. I looked at him with admiration and desire.

What a wonderful body. What we could do together. What sex we could have together.

Then I heard the words I am convinced, come back together again echo through me. In a second, I was whole, back in my form again. He looked at me. Oh Plastique. How I’ve longed for you. I want you, so much. I’ve always wanted a shape-shifting slave.

At this point, I protested. "I’m not a slave, I’m your fantasy. I ca?" He looked at me whilst holding the empty bottle and said ?be silent, get in and stay in the bottle?. Suddenly, I couldn’t speak. A rushing sensation engulfed me and, I could feel myself melt.

I looked down and saw my beautiful legs spread over the floor, in increasingly large pools of semi liquid latex. I could feel my eyes slide in different directions, showing me different views, whilst I felt my oh-so sleek arms merge into my torso, in a wide liquid expanse. Then I could feel myself stretching, pouring sensation as I filled the milk bottle.

I wanted to plead ? I would do anything for him, anything, but not his slave, that was so unfair, it wasn’t right. Hadn’t I always been in love with him? Always been there for him?, but as I formulated the words, I could feel my liquid body betraying me and the message came out as a series of bubbling gurgling sounds.

I could see in a distorted way out of the bottle that he carried me out of my house and back over to his place And so that is the story of what happened to me. I am his slave. I obey his every whim. I can’t do otherwise.

I am his, utterly. Forever.