Eine Geschichte von Latex Lorraine zu Bild Nr. 31378

©2005 by Latex Lorraine

Leandra had initially been very nervous about the suggested nanotechnology. Her doctor assured her it was safe, and, really was the only cure for the widespread, life-threatening virus that she had contracted. Leandra even had reservations as to the actual threat of the virus, perhaps it was some bio-engineered scheme to promote the spread of the nanotechnology.

Still, she had no choice but to go ahead with the implantation. Her doctor gave her a list of beneficial side effects; indeed, bio-design had redirected the problem of side effects to be beneficial rather than harmful.

Before long, Leandra began to feel better and life went back to normal. The virus had gone into a remission of sorts, and the nano-organisms maintained a steady state of perfect health. After the prerequisite year’s waiting period to stay off all other medications of any type, she discovered that the Botox and Collagen treatments she had once depended on to keep her looks, were no longer required, and all the aches and pains, stiff joints and wrinkles had disappeared..

Forgetting completely about her former reservations, Leandra eagerly went back for nano-upgrades. The results were thrilling. Her breasts firmed and lost their middle-age sag, regaining her once youthful looks. High heels were once again fashionable, reaching unprecedented heights, and she discovered she could once again wear the extreme spikes she wore in her youth, her feet seemed more naturally arched to the steep footed of the new shoes. Admiring herself in the mirror one morning, she noticed that her waist had become quite slim, and were her legs not more shapely and her breasts a little larger? She began to feel positively sexy, even perhaps, a little on the erotic side. Leandra blushed and realized that, looking at her image in the mirror, she found herself quite aroused. Sensations of extreme pleasure gave way to a pulsing tingle, electric-current-like, mysteriously bringing her to orgasm.

Leandra found herself shopping for the more erotic fashions. She loved the rubber corsets, latex stockings, gloves and skirts that were all the rage in the clubs these days. She loved these clubs, too. Everyone wore similar outfits and she did not feel at all out of place. She mingled, danced, and heard the latest gossip. The dancing was hot and close, rubber against rubber, heels clicking on the dance floor, strange odours and scents in the air, weirdly intoxicating liquids served at the bar.

Upon hearing of an exotic resort offering special discounts to this particular club’s patrons, she prepared for a vacation. Her regular doctor was away when she went in for a pre-trip check-up, but the fill-in doctor recommended a special nano-upgrade for while Leandra was traveling abroad. Therefore, while she found the new doctor a little odd, she nevertheless craved the results of the latest upgrades, threw caution to the wind and upgraded.

The resort, while exotic, was nothing like she expected. Nearly everything appeared to be made of, or coated in, shiny latex rubber, which was okay but a little over-the-top. The staff seemed distant, as if in a trance. Not much was happening, other than the resort’s guests lying out in the sun, which seemed rather intense. There was no nightlife to speak of, and the food and drink, tasteless and bland. The entire resort seemed to be overgrown by the surrounding jungle. What was worse, were all manner of shiny, crawling and slithering insects and bugs, but she was assured they were harmless.

She purchased a new sunbathing suit in the resort boutique, changed into it and made her way atop extreme heels to the sunning area, picked a chaise and lay herself out to catch some rays and get a tan. Finding herself rather drowsy, she drifted off into a deep slumber, dreaming lucid and arousing dreams. The sun warmed her body and sweat glistened on her skin. She felt in her dream, warm caresses all over her body. Moaning and writhing in the chaise, she suddenly awoke in terror to discover the insects and bugs swarming all over her. She ran to her room where she showered to rinse off their disgusting slime, then quickly dressed and packed up. She protested vehemently at the front desk for a refund and asked for the first available flight home. The desk clerk was happy to oblige, though advising that she might get used it the bugs and come to like them. However, Leandra would have nothing further to do with the place. The desk clerk smiled a knowing smile; the stay had been long enough for the process to begin….

Weeks later, Leandra, her grief and disgust long forgotten, found herself once again admiring herself in the mirror. Her regular doctor, back from her vacation had recommended a minor nano-upgrade after the resort experience, just in case. Naked excepting her bedroom slippers, which she had to wear whenever out of her shoes because her feet would no longer go flat, she noticed a sheen on her skin and that the tan had faded to the colour of natural latex, with some darkening around her waist. She had not done this mirror-thing since before the trip to the resort, but today, Leandra was more aroused than ever by the image in her mirror. The tingling sensations were overwhelming, debilitating, but she could not help herself and soon her hand was caressing her sex, feeling its moistness and warmth and … she spread her legs apart and stared in the mirror … her labial lips and vulva were extremely swollen. The tingling electric pulses were too much and, stumbling to the bed, she passed out….

Leandra dreamt of shiny insects and slithering bugs, nanomites and other nano-organisms, but instead of being nightmarish, it was all quite erotic.

An intense rubber-like smell awakened her. Her vision was cloudy, obscured and somewhat darkened, like very dark sunglasses, yet she found she could sense the room around her somehow as she stood up from the bed. Leandra swayed for a moment, then found her balance, but could not step forward for some reason, until she discovered if she wiggled her toes on one foot enough, that leg could then move ahead, followed by wiggling the toes on her other foot to bring that leg ahead. It was quite a slow process at first, but with a little practice, Leandra was soon scurrying one foot ahead of the other. This walking movement was accompanied by metallic clicking sounds, like multiple high heels and not unlike the scurrying nano-sects of her dreams, a thought that now she found quite pleasant, pleasurable and even somewhat erotic, though she no longer knew of her previous distaste for the insects at the resort.

Leandra’s vision was sharpening, but two immense round orbs seemed to block her view. She quickly realized her breasts had reached enormous proportions, and judging from the shadowed profile, her nipples had likewise extended preposterously and were now virtually on top of her breasts.

Fairly strutting down the hallway to the front room (why did she know that?) she was startled by a sound. Yes, a muffled sound, though she could not determine what or where. Yet if she moved something just so, the sound sharpened and then faded and Leandra realized that she had some form of ears by which she could detect sound. Communication seemed impossible for the moment, though she could sense something was going on in the front room. Past her enormous breasts, she thought she saw another being and the sound seemed to be coming from it. Garbled clicking chatter, but no language she could make out. Something tugged at her rear side, and the tip of something, perhaps a tail, felt warm and moist. Something strange, yet familiar coursed through her body, her vision cleared some more and the sounds sharpened …

" I’ve installed your new NanoPort, ma’am, everything should be working fine now. I’ll let myself out? "

Leandra understood now, strutted back to the bedroom, and stood in front of her mirror. As she peered past the enormous breasts, she saw the glistening rubber skin, the chrome-like boots with clawed insect feet, and the tight corseted wasp-like waist atop an insect abdomen, the long tail and the bug-like head of the perfect nanobot. Her shoes scurried her off to the front room where she inserted her tail into the new NanoPort and uploaded the latest nanotechnology….