Eine Geschichte von anonymous zu Bild Nr. 11103

2005 by anonymous
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I was just getting home from work it was late. I was going in when I found a package on the door step. I picked it up and went in the house put it on the table and sat down. My feet were killing me so I took my shoes off and started rubbing my feet. The package what was in it I wondered. I picked it up it was addressed to me but didn't have a return address. I opened it up and found a pair of black latex thigh high boots. With 6 in metal heels. Black latex stockings matching latex gloves bra and crotch less panties. Also there was a bottle of latex shine spray and bottle of talcum powder. I thought this was odd cause I hadn't order anything. Plus I would never order anything like this for me. I was to shy to ever wear anything like this. I looked again at the box for a return address but didn't found one. I wondered who had sent this to me and why.

I looked at the boots they were my size. I was dying to try the outfit on. I had always been to shy to wear anything as sexy as this but I thought no one would see me so what could it hurt. So I hurried to get undressed I had to try it on. I went to put the stockings on but was having trouble getting them on cause of how tight the fit That's when I figured out what the talcum powder was for. I poured some of the powder in the legs of the stockings. They were still tight but went on a lot easier. Then I put some in the panty's bra then the gloves and put them on also. I loved the way the latex felt on my skin how snug it felt and smoothed. It was dull looking so I got the bottle of latex shine opened it and sprayed it all over the latex and rubbed it in with a dry cloth. Then I got the boots I wondered if I could walk in such a high heel. I looked at the metal heels I just loved the way they looked. I had never wore a heel over a 4 in before. I had to try them on. I wondered if I could even walk in such high heels. I went to put them on but had trouble getting them on with the latex so I grabed the powder and put some in each boot just like the latex and found them much easier to put on that way. I couldn't wait to try and walk in the heels. I got up and walked around the room with them on. I could walk in them I couldn't believe it I was in heaven.

I had to see what I look like in my new outfit. So I walked into the bedroom and looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just stood there looking at myself. I just loveed how tight it was and how sexy I looked in it. I could't believe someone sent me this but forget to put a return address on it. I wondered who sent me the package so I could thank them for the outfit. I just loved it. I turned the radio on and started dancing in my new outfit I thought how sexy I must look. After a while I started getting hot so I went and sat down and turn the ceiling fan on. I noticed the latex was starting to get a little tight and sticking to my skin but I thought this was normal. After all I had never wore latex before. Plus I was sweating from all the dancing.

The phone ring it was Donna from work. I told her about the package and it having no address. I told about the outfit and the boots. She asked if I had tried it on I said yes she said she wanted to come over and see what I look like in it. I told her no way I be to embarrassed for her or anyone to see me like this. She joked and said I should wear it to work. I said yeah right I can see that and laugh. I told her I would see her in the morning at work and hung the phone up.

I decided it was time to get undressed. I went to take the boots off. I tried the right one first but it wouldn't come off then I tried the left one. I pulled as hard as I could but they were not come off. Oh no there stuck! I tried to take the gloves off then the bra and panty's. They wouldnt come off. The latex was stuck to my skin. I started freaking out someone had put glue on everything I was wearing. Oh no its stuck no it can be stuck! It just cant be. Why would someone do this to me? I started trying to get the latex off my body but the glue was to strong I stoop my feet on the floor and tried to push the boots off. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. Why did I put it on to start with? Without knowing who sent it to me. Why would someone do this to me?

I thought if I went and took a shower maybe that would make the glue loosen where I could get off. I went and took a long hot shower but it was like it just made it tighter. I went back in living room and sat down. How did they get the glue in everything without me noticing it or seeing it? Then I remembered the talcum powder I had put it in everything even the boots. It must have been heat activated all the dancing I did I got it hot. How was I going to get off? I pick the box up to see if I could find a clue as to who did this.

I looked in the bottom of the box hidden was a note. You have 24 hours to figure out who and why I did this before it becomes permeant. Im the only one who can take it off you. If you don't find me within 24 hours I wont even be able to get it off. The glue and the latex is something I made just for you it becomes permeant after 24 hours. I have away to free you before then. Tell no one what has happen to you or you will be stuck like this forever.

Oh no I talked to Donna I just told her I tried the outfit on but I didn't say it was stuck. Who would do this to me. I cant let anyone see me like this. There has to be away to it off. I started trying again to get the boots off but they wouldn't come off. I laid down on the couch and try to get the gloves off. Then the panty's off but they were stuck. I found myself very turn on by all this. I was scared of the thought of being stuck like this. At the same time I found it very erotic for some reason. I was so turn on by the latex being stucked to my skin and not coming off. I was trying to get the panty's off.

When I found my fingers on my clit and I started rubbing my pussy. My other hand was rubbing my body and the latex. My nipples were so hard in the tight latex bra I started playing with them. I was so wet I couldn't control myself. I started masturbating the idea of the boots and latex being stuck forever had me so turn on. I cum harder then I had ever cam before. I was cuming so hard. I couldn't believe what I was doing but I couldn't control myself. I found myself screaming in excitement. I had always been so shy. After I got off I was laying there. I couldn't believe what had just happen. How turn on I was how I felt being stuck in the outfit. I tried to think of who would do this to me and why.

I must have felt asleep when I woke up it was morning. I looked at the time I was running late for work. I had been stuck in the outfit all night. I tried again to remove the latex and boots but there was no way I could get it off. I cant miss work and get fired I need the money. I went in the bedroom and looked for something to wear. I tried to put pants on but they wouldn't go over the boots. The heels were so high they stopped them.

I had to find something to wear but what. The only thing I could find to wear was a short black skirt and top. That I had bought to wear to the club but was to shy to ever wear. I could't go to work like this but I could't lose my job. I finished getting ready and left for work. I was very nervous.

On the drive to work I tried to think of who might have sent the package. I looked at the time I only had 11 hours to get it off. My heart was about to beat out of my chest when I pulled into the parking lot at work. I sat in my car I didn't want to go in but I had to. I put on a big smile and got out of the car and walk in the office. The first person to see me was Donna. She said she couldn't believe I wore the outfit to work. She knew how shy I was. She loved the metal heels on the boots and how long my legs looked with them on. Then she looked at the gloves and stockings. She asked if I had the bar and panty's on to. I told her yes she said she had to see them. I told her no we were at work but she talk me into going in the bathroom to show her.

On the way to the bathroom I couldn't help but to think if she was the one who had sent me the package. We got in the bathroom and I got undressed. She couldn't believe how sexy I looked. I just love the outfit. She asked if she could try the boots and gloves on my heart started beating fast. I couldn't let her know they were stuck. I told her we didn't have time. She asked if she could borrow the outfit one night to wear out. I told her yes wishing she only could knowing I was stuck wearing it. I went and sat down at my desk. It was hot wearing all that latex. I was looking around the office wondering if someone there had sent me the package. When my boss walk over and said how nice I looked today. He had never paid me any attention before. Everyone at work was looking at me and giving me complements the whole day. I looked at the clock all day knowing I had to find out who did this to me.

Finally it was time to get off. I left work and rushed home. I walked into the house I was smiling I couldnt believe all the attention I got at work from the men and woman and how sexy it made you feel. How exciting it was with the latex and boots being stuck on my body and no one else knowing it wouldnt come off but me. I took my skirt and top off. My feet were killing me. I sat down and went to take the boots off but I remembered they were stuck. I started rubbing my feet in the boots. I looked at the clock and to see the time. I had only an hour to get it off before its was permanent.

I looked at the table there was a note there also a neckless and a small box. I grabbed the note and started reading it. I see you have tried on the boots and outfit. You have also found out they cannot be remove without the glue remover. You may be wondering why I did this. I have loved you from a far for a very long time. Now Im giving you a choice in the box is the glue remover. If you use it you will be sit free or if you decide stay in the boots and outfit. You will be a keep woman loved and worshiped by me. I will make all your dreams come true. If I see the boots and gloves on you tomorrow I will know your answer.

I looked at the time I still have time to get it off. I sat there wondering what kind of life I would have with him. What he must be like. I grabbed the box and opened it and opened the bottle and walked in the bathroom. To take one last look in the mirror and sit the bottle down.

I looked at myself in the mirror how sexy I looked in the outfit. I had never felt so sexy and wanted in all life and turn on. My heart was beating faster then ever. I grabbed the bottle and went to use it. I stoped I couldnt do it. I closed my eyes and pour it out knowing from this day forward I would be his love slave a keep woman and a chance at love.